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  1. McLeish as DOF and BF as 1st team coach? ...FFS , hopefully no EBTs this time! All we need is SDM to appear over the horizon and the set would be complete!
  2. He's been adhering to Saturn calendar days until the clocks go forward in 2087.
  3. Ever since SDM brought him on as Editor of the Sunday Scot and then closed the paper in a matter of weeks,BL has shown his bitterness to RFC consistently.
  4. Got him at 6/1 right away last night. Strong rumour him and John Spencer as assistant. Time shall tell.
  5. Cos I want to win some dosh! Not my pick as manager but is a strong contender with some board members backing. Anyway let's wait and see....
  6. Placed Sky bet on Davies at 6/1..... him with wee Spenny as his assistant. Davies been getting more airtime on Rangers games last few weeks and John Spencer has returned from the US.
  7. That would knacker my SKY bet put on 30 mins ago for Davies at 6/1 .....
  8. We have a team void of winners, KM aside. No mental or physical strength and the defeatest mantra of saying "finishing second is ok" is surely throwing the towel in!
  9. who will the Emperor appoint in to Chair SPFL?
  10. Like two in the 2010 LC final where he got to referee his boyhood idols (St Mirren)!We stiil had KM that day to win with 9 men. Also think it was around 2009 or 10 when he actually came out and apologised to Sellick for not awarding them a penalty at Ibrox when Maloney went down in the box. Same ref who awarded a penalty in 2011 LC Final to us then changed his decision and booked Nicka Jelavic for diving.
  11. Ask Chick Young!
  12. The same guy who took the Green pound in 2014 by leasing them St Mirren's stadium for a friendlly as well as allowing them to even put in Sellick shop? Funny how he is vocal now but stood against us in 2012.
  13. Chris Sutton will be beeling! Was it the 6-1 "they lay down to Rangers" game in 2003?
  14. Merry Christmas to all the Rangers family.