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  1. That won't bother big Rob. He only does half a medical,then goes,awol, like when he headed up to us. Hopefully this time he manages the full stint and passes.
  2. More impressive considering these championship clubs had 23 matches vs our 19.
  3. Maybe McCoist should have offered the money himself from the quizillions he had milked from the club in salary and oenny shares. You know, being a Rangers man and all that! Oops , sorry Iforgot, he didn't know what his salary was or his enormous compensatiion if he wasn't made manager in the first place. 😁
  4. Important that he likes the area too as it is not only about the money.
  5. Hope you all have a great night! Sad for wee Stuart but good luck for next season.
  6. Cue bid from Septic.Would not surprise me as it would get one over us and BR would maybe think he could add consistency to his play. Then they flog him in 3 years for a massive profit!
  7. Probably get the boot like happened to the young reporter at the DR a couple of months ago for doing the story on Liewell running Scottish football. I always remember back then with the Walter's incident at Parkhead Billy McNeil saying something along the lines that it was tongue & cheek stuff from the Jungle , protesting about our supposef signing policy of anyone but a catholic! Seriously.Any older bears,out there remember those kind of deflection comments fom him. Also I do hope our PR team are now working for their money with balancing the stories told about us.....egg benedict taken off menu,sash shaped pitch, unsafe stadium , fans putting children in front of police vans etc... we need to fight fire with fire.
  8. Back in time for post-season training!
  9. He also looks greedy from a food intake perpsective!
  10. Came over the motorway bridge to Bellahouston Academy and a few good samaritans were helping the person. Sad to hear they never made it home.RIP.
  11. The current King of Spain is the Honorary President of Athletico.
  12. That's Pedro strengthened the squad immediately!
  13. Still think there is player in there....... 😄