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  1. Questionable to say the least I'd say

    This story iis up there with the Sellick supporter and his Selllick top wearing Boxer dog that was allegedly exposed to sectarian abuse on a Glasgow bus!
  2. Scottish Club win v PSG

    We did the same. Originally flying Buzz airlines to Paris via Stansted. ATC strike meant no option but sudden change of plan and we drove through the night from Glasgow to Paris. Left at 8pm and goto our hotel out a CDG Airport around 12.30pm next day. Sure around 12K bears made that trip even with a ATC strike!
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Still the Invinceables though, as Euro pumpings don't count!
  4. Bheast FC: Statement

    Should there not be a review and investigation on the relationship between SPFL's CEO and one specific club's CEO? Full transparency etc..
  5. Hibs: Statement

    Wonder what Thommo at Dundee Hivs has to say, although he and his club are a bit of an irrelevance, with his power trip and 15 mins of fame welll and truly gone!
  6. Hibs: Statement

    If it is transparency they want, then lets delve into how Doncaster and Regan both got recruited. What agency was used, who worked there, why that agency was recommended and by whom. Think the dots can be joined easily.
  7. John Motson

    I am sure when he retired he or a family member admitted he was actually partial to ra Sellick. Never came across mind you on commentary.
  8. Suit thread?

  9. How to build bridges

    Cringeyness of the nth order! !😁
  10. Ibrox anti terrorism measures

    We have the Armed Forces day and for a few years now , have thought Ibrox could be a soft target at this time or due to our support of the armed forces. Even that Subway I find myself like an MI5 guy watching anyone making a sudden move and who has a bag, rucksack or god forbid a body warmer! Seriously, all bears and family need to be vigilant at the game or on public transport. Even when the booze bravado effect kicks in. Some fanatical nutters out there.
  11. When You Know Our History.

    Looks like Helenvale Park.
  12. Klaxon Jackson is hurting

    Me thinks the blue pound not going their way as often or as much now is driving them mental.
  13. Orihuela bars?

    I thought it was new chocolate bar based on Oreos
  14. Glasgow City Council

    £100K spent of which £92K was at CP. Purely coincidental 😁
  15. Dream introduction.

    He likes a podger on the IVF ps. good luck mate and hope you get to add to the Rangers family soon!