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  1. Support_The_Troops

    Us vs the sheep shaggers

    Fair enough mate.
  2. Support_The_Troops

    Us vs the sheep shaggers

    We don't have a striker.
  3. Support_The_Troops

    Mcgregor Kick

    Did one of there players not kick out first half ?
  4. Support_The_Troops

    Kai Kennedy

    True, always says he's been treated brilliant at Rangers no need to leave.
  5. Support_The_Troops

    Kai Kennedy

  6. Support_The_Troops

    Kai Kennedy

  7. Support_The_Troops

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Lawwells son works at Man City guessing that's something to do with it.
  8. Support_The_Troops

    Charity Auction

    Noel Gallagher is a tarrier bastard !
  9. Support_The_Troops

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Confirmed Rangers twitter
  10. Support_The_Troops

    ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Ah thanks knew i heard something about him missing a game.
  11. Support_The_Troops

    ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Thought holt was suspended due to yellow cards.
  12. Support_The_Troops

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

  13. Support_The_Troops

    Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    Louden in Dennistoun says everything ???
  14. Support_The_Troops

    Absolutely gutted

    If someone offered me a draw before kickoff a would have took it 100% after the first 10 mins if someone asked me would you be happy with a draw a would have said am a fuck these tarier bastards are here for the taking !