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  1. Sorry to tell you mate the board don't play football, they supplied a manager that everyone loved at one point last season with the second highest wage in Scotland and he fucked up the board sacked him after he failed but the board is not to blame the blame lies at the players
  2. And killie are beating the sheep win win lee lee super lee
  3. Aaron niguez
  4. Barry can't beat a man Macky bet his man every time against the scum wish everyone els wasn't a shite bag
  5. Got 11/2 for Rangers or the draw at 2-0
  6. Will go to arsenal.
  7. Maybe getting in touch with Jim Hannah could be a good start.
  8. Scottish cup Facebook page showing it live 6:35
  9. GW2 is that where the away fans sit just now ?
  10. The amount of people saying fods done nothing wrong he let in fucking 5 against the scum
  11. You're biting after about 3 replies Internet forums aren't for you mate.
  12. And rossiter didn't have the best a games people just like him so marking higher than he actually deserved didn't do much at all
  13. Don't get this tav had a solid performance the first goal was his fault you could see a mile away the the guy was going to cut inside left tav for dead and he put the ball in the box that created there goal.
  14. Getting16/1 for Barton spfl player of the year
  15. It's true really £3,50 a pint is over the top and getting beat in last min they play songs like that because the people who are behind the bar don't know