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  1. OzzieBear

    Steven G respects football in general.

    The main thing o have noticed is how journalists, have a bit more respect. Probably because they don’t want to make twats of themselves to a wider audience.
  2. OzzieBear

    UB March

    Looked like harmless fun. What’s with the green smoke though?
  3. OzzieBear

    UB March V St Mirren

    Made me laugh
  4. OzzieBear

    Battle Fever Management

    That explains it. as an apprentice my journeyman would sort you right out when you were being a dick head, not putting in an effort etc. I had more respect for him than I did for some of the other pussy’s that influenced my career .tough love springs to mind. No wonder we have a nation of snowflakes.....
  5. OzzieBear

    Battle Fever Management

    Why would Warburton even mention it? a manager from 30 years before is of no relevance to him.
  6. OzzieBear

    Battle Fever Management

    At 14 years old I lost a watch at a home game, it was advertised in the lost and found section of the Rangers news, I phoned the number and was told to come to ibrox to pick it up. I dodged school and headed up to ibrox, on arriving at the main doors, I am pretty sure there was a small window (ticket window). I told them why I was here. i was promptly brought inside, and sent up the marble staircase and told to go in a room at the top, on entering the room I was stunned to see big Jock with my watch and Davy Cooper (my two hero’s), big jock said “is this your watch” and handed it to me. After getting there autographs I left and floated along Edmiston drive, only to see the reserves coming back from training at the Albion. A few autographs later I headed home. Couldnt believe what had happened. to Top it off the next game was at love street, I was in the corner near the main stand, and coop comes up to take the corner. I yell out Davy (as if he is my mate), he looks up and gives me a nod. They were the days when the players attended supporters club POTY on a Saturday, we as junior members were allowed to go at beginning of night and get autographs. yes things have changed...
  7. OzzieBear

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Australain host of World Cup show https://www.google.com.au/search?client=safari&hl=en-gb&biw=375&bih=544&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=xw0jW8K7CIS18QW48IrIBw&q=lucy+zelic+world+cup&oq=lucy+zelic+world+cup&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.3...53945.59242..59767...0....418.2822.2-6j3j1......0....1.........0j0i67j0i24j30i10.0Hj9FGCATHk%3D#imgrc=2oJOe93CTCYEHM:
  8. OzzieBear

    All the fouls from Yesterday

    How much would this cost? Surely the extra cost would be worth the investment, by raising the standard of the league.
  9. OzzieBear

    Scott Arfield signs

    So how does this director of football position work? surely the manager needs to have a say in who is signed.
  10. OzzieBear

    Realistic Expectation Next Season

    Not a bad guess. So what’s your thoughts on next year.
  11. OzzieBear

    Andy devlin

    I was sceptical about the prospect of the appointment, now it’s done it gets my full support, their is many positives including exposure for the club and players that he will attract. Rangers may not be their final destination, but if they can perform and get exposure it’s a win win.
  12. OzzieBear

    Behind the scenes with Stevie G

    Why is traynor still at the club?
  13. OzzieBear

    POTY awards tonight?

    No just curious
  14. OzzieBear

    POTY awards tonight?

    Why is our POTY, the same night as the PFA POTY?
  15. OzzieBear

    Our fans

    Sadly, that’s what’s needed. Withdraw the support, sadly it’s changed days and the supporters are held to ransom / conned into buying a season ticket. Pre season tickets, if the team / product was pish the supporters didn’t show. The board soon got the message. with that said the fans have been tremendous.