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  1. Made me laugh...
  2. Unfortunately my first viewing of the goals. I usually don't watch and would rather move on, although I am concerned about where we are at (so I watched it), I was hoping that the players had become lazy/ un motivated under warbarton and would improve with new manager. Abviously not..... a defeat from them is never good, however I am glad we did not end the year with a 1-1 draw at the dump....... This video highlights, the lack of effort, helplessness we have in the team. Thanks for posting OP (tin hat on, fire away).
  3. As a lad, I had a load of programs mostly from 60s 70s 80s including Programs from 67, and 72 euro run (SF), got in touch with a "dealer" who asked me to bring them to next home game, I carted them to ibrox with help of mates, and met him at school across road. He said he would go through them during the game and would make me an offer after the game. Got offered next to nothing, took it (as I couldn't be arsed carrying them back). I don't reckon he even looked at them.
  4. Brilliant tackle.....over the ball ffs. Can't believe we need to listen to this pish. There was a "nutmeg" on Tavernier later in the game and I am sure that the delusional prick said "nutmeg inside the box" it was clearly outside the box. absolute tool.
  5. My first visit to the dump as well first OF game was DCF 79?? cooper and Jardine classics
  6. Don't know mate, had never heard of the guy until he got the Caretakers gig. Maybe that was in the newspaper that I read. Glad I am not the only one. i would be more worried if he was a "legend" that I idolised, and I don't think he will reach that status.
  7. Sounds like two good reasons 👍🏼 Delete away.
  8. Why
  9. The video I seen was a loop / gif. I thought that has been doctored
  10. Did that actually happen?
  11. With the mwell badge placed where they couldn't be arsed photoshopping the picture. Thought the picture looked strange, after seeing the video, BS confirmed. Where were the mwell fans anyway.
  12. Just listened to the video/audio in DR, where he is interviewed by an female reporter (I think from Belfast). At the end he says, we won a Glasgow cup game against rangers 5 or 6 to 1, and said something like "we were on top of the world". Either it was out of context or a victory like that was good reason to get in the shower with boys. The whole interview was bizarre, he was flitting between "sorro" and justifying his actions. Its pretty clear the only reason that he has come forward is to "cleanse his soul", he will soon realise that "confessing your sins". Ain't a get out of jail card.....
  13. Probably not worth a mention (based on the fact he is a waste of space). I was sitting watching the game on bein with a mate (who is English and not familiar with Sutton's background), asks "who is the commentator, he is abviiously biased towards Celtic" Here was me starting to believe it was "us" suffering from a touch of paranoia, and "Sutton" and others "call it as they see it". Aye they probably do in their twisted heads. I guess if you are happy going on TV and being a knob, and claiming to be a "professional pundit" that's your choice.
  14. Can you mail to Australia?
  15. It's a bizarre sight.....,