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  1. Couldn't give two fucks if he wants to waste his personal time believing in nonsense.
  2. The Green Man on Essex Road is the only place to be for it down there. Last game, cunts were drinking carry outs and watching through the windows so get down early.
  3. Get there early mate - been rammed recently. Pub is open from 9 I believe.
  4. What the fuck are you talking about?
  5. Traynor is agency hired PR. He deals with spin and media relations and he’s not very good at it. He has literally no influence on stuff like this video. Digital content is headed up by Robert Boyle.
  6. Andy Scoulding. Head Scout at Ibrox. Him and Gerrard are good mates.
  7. Moved down to London last weekend so first home game I've missed in yonks. What do folk use for coughs these days?
  8. Fod Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Holt Barton Kranjcar Waghorn Dodoo McKay That's the team i'd like to see get a run out.
  9. Wes Tav Ball Wilson Wallace Zelalem Halliday Holt King O'Halloran McKay
  10. I fucking hate them. Rancid stinking manky cunts.
  11. There is no public sale for games against the filth at Ibrox. Everything goes to ST holders.
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