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  1. I genuinely don't know what to make of Dodoo. He's clearly very raw in terms of his play. Maybe he came to the game late, I am not sure. He should be given more chances though considering how many opportunities others have had, I.e mckay, Garner, waghorn. Although with his current role I don't see the point in signing him.
  2. He's a fucking lying bastard who conned enough Rangers fans to get into power. We need to get the lying fucker out of this club.
  3. Fucking shambles. BEat by a team who haven't won in fucking 4 months.
  4. You have to score there.
  5. Fucking abysmal. No guts, no craft, no one willing to take the game by the scruff of the next. Fucking down heartening to fuck
  6. Have to agree with this. In many ways Warburton has left these guys in the lurch. A guy that they would have viewed as a confidant, a mentor, hell maybe even somewhat of a father figure to, fucking off to leave them to face the music when things had hit a rock, will probably resonate with them and most likely they'll be fucking livid. Hopefully they channel this into performances on the pitch.
  7. Interesting development if true. Do think the idea of a Director of Football would work if we are trying to lay down the foundations for years to come. So with that you do need people of decent calibre which this guy does seem to bring. And I wouldn't be adverse to Park joining in some regard as well. Obviously investment is required from the board to put these plans into action.
  8. What a complete and utter clusterfuck.
  9. Weird fucking timing but it's clear that they must have something else to go to. The next appointment has got to be spot on.
  10. The first game I have made this season. Living down south (despite my username:lol:) and work means I don't get up home as much as I'd like. And after Wednesday I am hoping for a reaction from the team. Even after the result I still have that sense of excitement in my stomach that builds up every time I know I'm going to see a game at Ibrox.
  11. I smell shite
  12. Whilst you're at it, take yourselves with him
  13. He can get to fuck.
  14. Worse feeling than any game under McCoist. And they were fucking horrendous.
  15. Get to fuck the lot of you ya spineless pricks Shirts too fucking heavy for the lot of them and the manager is fucking clueless