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  1. Proper step up in quality.
  2. He can fuck off. Rat bastard that he is.
  3. What a round
  4. He's just as bad as any of the previous incumbents, just this time under the guise of a Rangers man. We are not progressing with this cunt in the boardroom. Sooner he fucks off the better.
  5. Bunch of spineless cunts
  6. Come on Sergio.
  7. Excellent tee shots there from both.
  8. Cracking shot there from garcia
  9. Fucking fantastic result. Good to finally get a result away from home as well.
  10. Fucking get in there
  11. Yasss Take that ya dirty scumbag sheep sh@gging fuckers
  12. Beerman looks decent. Other than that we have been abysmal.