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  1. Will there be zimmers laid on?
  2. What happened to the "Two players for every position" mantra ?
  3. I think he's alluding to our time out of the league.
  4. Sounds very simple mate but who would you bring in to start the revelution?
  5. Yes, he's still a cvnt.
  6. Does it still take two seasons to gain the full benefits from the buy back?
  7. You have a nice night now Worzel.😎
  8. I have the money and it's a rip off. Calvay Club for me 12 buds=£36+free pie at half time.😀
  9. You're ok with the club ripping off the fans then?
  10. Ers the macarooooon bars and yer speeeearmint chewing gum- only a tenner.😋
  11. £36 to watch the game on the 29th. One drink and a breakfast roll.
  12. I've been watching Rangers for a fair number of years now and I can categorically state it has never been as blatant or as bad as it is now.
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