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  1. 2nd half was absolutely shocking. Not sure ow we were able to regress so much. Flanagan must never wear our shirt again
  2. We have looked really good going forward. The only way they are scoring again is another mistake. Just get Alfie his hat-trick and I'll be content
  3. Such a soft goal to concede. Absolutely dominating as well. Just need to keep doing what we are doing and we'll hammer these shit c*nts
  4. Definitely a massive few weeks coming up. Could realistically shape our season. Can’t wait for next Sunday. Buzzing for the final, but as always let’s just take care of business one game at a time.
  5. Well this place is a lot more chirpier.... Fuckin get in Rangers! Go on Alfredo!
  6. These guys need an absolute rocket - that was awful. Get Ojo off man every time the ball goes near him it ends our 'attack'. They aren't even that good a team, so annoying!
  7. I don't think very much happened in the centre of the pitch...... long ball after long ball
  8. Seems like people just need to calm down with their knee-jerk reactions. It's October, we're joint top, it's a long season and believe it or not we are going to drop more points over the course of the season.
  9. The midfield wasn't even used today. Think it's bit harsh to be digging out Aribo and Kamara for today. Hearts brought us down to their level and we were shite all over
  10. Just to add, the meltdown on here will be fun. People thinking we can steamroller a league and not drop any points!
  11. That was pretty pish. Didn't deserve to win. Don't even remember us creating a chance from open play. But yet again coming up against a team who just lump it, and fannybaws Craigan creams himself over a guy that just throws himself about. A hard watch for the most part
  12. Have to agree that The Athletic is worth the money. Really good stuff on The Gers and just about any other Team\Sport you want to follow. I find the NFL stuff excellent. I got a 40% off code for my first year. If you google it there's a few codes floating around. (I found a 50% that expired and it said here's 40 instead!)
  13. Hardly embarrassing. Very disappointing considering how the game panned out. Certainly naive at times. Embarrassing is getting gubbed 7-2 at home with £200m+ talent playing for you....
  14. I think H2H is shown after both games have been played. Until then it's GD in the league
  15. Fuckin gobsmacked after that 2nd half. Didn't think we could get worse than the 1st. Cheers Tav 👍
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