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  1. Excellent result. Brilliant 1st half, 2nd was much more even and we came out on top. Delighted. Morelos, Jack, Helander and McGregor were all outstanding.
  2. What a brilliant half of football from us, just needed that 2nd goal. 3 or 4 would not have flattered us. Just keep that press going and get the 2nd goal early in the 2nd half and we will be laughing
  3. Absolute car crash. Steelers should be commended for putting up with him so long!! wonder if the Patriots rumours are true....
  4. Has a similar feel to last years group. With Villarreal\Porto being touted as clear favourites and the rest of the teams evenly matched. Don't think we are going to get badly beaten by anyone and most games will be tight. Hoping we can get that bit more out of the team and qualify this time.
  5. Nothing wrong with that performance. Can see us taking a couple of goals off them next week when we are on the front foot. McGregor made the saves you would expect him to make, we were never under any pressure
  6. Henders82


    Seen something the other day saying he was the 5th (I think) Colombian to do so ­čĹŹ
  7. Yeah don't think it was a turn of phrase, seemed to be deliberate - his demeanour changed a bit when he said it. Good though, let's see who can do their talking on the pitch...
  8. Delightful Rangers - Morelos could be on double figures for the season by the time this game's done!
  9. Really feels like a wide-open season this year. Could maybe pick out 28 teams with a chance of have a winning season (double-figured). I am Seahawks, can see us getting playoffs but our Defence is getting weaker by the week at the moment so going to be relying heavy on the Offence to really go at teams - I think we will have a fair few shoot-outs this year! Watched the Panthers All or Nothing Season - can't help but like Cam Newton, bit eccentric but came across as a really good guy.
  10. Just thinking out loud really as watched Goldson's goal again - could have easily been 2 penalties there - Broadfoot on Goldson, quite brilliant he still managed to score despite being manhandled at the time and Katic was fouled, also. No Conspiracy Theory just both looked stonewallers , happy to get the win and move on from f'ing killie man!
  11. Joe 'as you know' Aribo
  12. I just seen it as he tried to go and finish Ruiz after putting him down and got caught by a couple of peaches, never recovered and Ruiz deservedly won. Has to get back to the drawing board and put on a show in the rematch, especially if he wants that "legacy". Can only hope this is a bit of a springboard for the Fury/Wilder/AJ fights to happen, and depending how the rematch goes, Ruiz getting involved too.
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