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  1. Pre-Season Games: 16th July v Lyon 18th July v Nice 22nd July v Motherwell @ Ibrox 25th July v Coventry @ Ibrox
  2. Am sure Hearts and PT and Falkirk are all wondering where the Sporting Integrity was when the leagues were called prematurely..... Scottish Football is just a joke
  3. To help the national team prepare for fixtures the week after
  4. Thought that was actually Bacary Sagna in the pic
  5. Genuinely have no memories of him playing for us. Only thing I can think of did he not score a winner v the scum for Dundee? But yeah, nothing for us!
  6. This is the one - my favourite Old Firm goal! Even better was the fact I had to watch the game in o'neills in York, just the 3 of us Gers fans!
  7. That's actually hilarious. Looking like even more of a knob now!
  8. That's right! Forgot about that, for pushing that fanny riseth I think it was!
  9. Was completely out of left-field when we signed him - don't think there had even been any rumours, and at the time was a bit underwhelming. He soon changed our minds though. Great wee player and scored important goals against the mhanks. As above, struggling for a direct comparison - maybe similar to Firminho with the way he plays in and around the box - aye/naw/maybe (without the brazilian flair...)
  10. Henders82


    I've always had the same recollection, Kahn went for ball, Mols hurdled and landed awkwardly. Can't believe we didn't beat Bayern that year in either game.
  11. Just read all 92 remaining games are to be shown on TV. Kinda feels like overkill, one extreme to the other
  12. I work with a couple of Romanians, oddly one of them is obsessed with Scotland, anyway he was telling me as soon as Hagi signed on loan one of the major channels started showing our games live. The exposure is good, just feel sorry for them watching how piss poor we were playing
  13. Jesus, where do you even start with that crap above..... Delighted when we get this over the line. Clearly loves it here and his dad seems to think it's a good fit so hopefully he can help us kick on!
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