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  1. Punditry at it's finest "it's never a penalty, but oh well...." Imagine Morelos had dived like that
  2. Henders82


    Not good enough - has not made the step up required. We are better with Flanagan at LB
  3. He is actually the worst referee in the league - atrocious!
  4. Like the home and the black one (my favourite actually) but the red one is a bit meh
  5. Motherwell resorting to type now that they're getting beat
  6. Superb - high press paying off lovely there! Great finish
  7. Helicopter Sunday was enjoyed in Kabul on BFBS TV!! Magic!
  8. Along the lines of reporter mentioned Gerrard unhappy with legomuncher being the antagoniser in all flashpoints but he cam back and said he should be unhappy about the provocation as his captain got elbowed and punched. In hindsight, knew exactly what he was saying, just the typical classless victim card.
  9. lennon clearly doesn't know what provocation means
  10. Aye Tav made a costly mistake but him and Kent were our 2 best players in that 2nd half
  11. Only one team was going to win that until that mistake. I'd fuckin hate my captain to be like that. prick of a man. Deserved more from that, they are shit. Also, liked Gerrard not giving yellateeth the chance to have a word.
  12. Final nail in the coffin as far as his Rangers career goes - just sell him to the highest bidder. Absolutely pathetic that he reacts to every little thing. 5 red cards in a season for a striker FFS
  13. Thanks sutton for yet again trying to stir shit up just before a game against them. Can't think why he would do that....
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