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  1. Gonna take Sams Profile in the first with the Sky Bet offer Got Champ as part of my lucky 15 though... Not long to go!
  2. Sack the manager, rebuild again in the summer and then do it all again in 2020 and so on! The summer window is massive now, Davis and Lafferty are the first 2 I'd get rid of, needs to bring in a couple of players who have a winners mentality and drive that into the rest of these powderpuff players!
  3. Had to be Beware the Bear!! Cheeky 5er free bet chucked on it @12s!
  4. Same - wasn't gonna do the sky bet one until i thought about it being a no risk bet and Boom! Also, had it 1st leg of my lucky 15!
  5. It's absolutely confirmed he came from the home end, there's no doubt about it. Just always got to leave level of doubt when it's something has happened to us. I take it that report came from bbc...
  6. It’s actually quite unbelievable how this has all unfolded. Well it’s probably believable in Scotland actually. And then our own chairman comes out with that shite. We can’t win, we are literally in everyone’s sight. Am at a loss to explain how singing a song is societies biggest evil when there are much worse things being done across the city. Then You’ve got ira sympathisers trying to lecture us on bigotry FFS. Am away for a pint man! Just bring on 55 and ram it down each and every single one of them!
  7. We score, yet the comments from craigan is about whether Candeias should still be on! Fud Wasn't even a bad tackle!
  8. Why must we have craigan on our games. Everything is big bad Rangers, or only sees positives in kilmarnock. Guys a prick
  9. Buzzing for this. Gonna be a cracker I reckon. Had the Rams on to win it since start of season so thats who I got tonight!
  10. Too true mate! Get that bus booked for the parade at the end of the season! 55iscoming!
  11. You see right through me!!
  12. lol not putting him at that level ffs but the way he plays reminds me of Kante, gets a foot in and gets the ball and passes it on.
  13. Looks likely he’ll be our Ngolo Kante type player. Looking forward to seeing him play. Welcome to Rangers!
  14. I just think we are struggling to get Arfield involved. Has been far too scrappy and it's kinda passing him by. No need to slag him off lol I'd maybe take him off at HT.
  15. Did we reject craigan as a boy or something. The hate pours out of him, can't stand listening to him
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