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  1. StewGer


    Got mine as well. Nice wee set.
  2. Haha. Made a million and qualified for Europe. What do you think?
  3. Just went full time and got a decent wage budget. I'm hopeful.
  4. Just got into the Championship. We'll see how it goes!
  5. I know man. Best defender at the club but.
  6. A nice wee cup win in my Queens Park save
  7. StewGer


    Mine keep going in my junk folder. Worth a check.
  8. I think they are paying us 5 million a year and we get 15% of shirt sales on top of that.
  9. Well I dug into my savings and renewed. Also signed up to the MyGers carry on. Reckon every penny I can manage just now is important. Not like I'm going on holiday with my savings this year anyway
  10. It looks so awkward 😂 That goal is one of my happiest memories.
  11. I have hit breaking point, the corruption in the game and the compliant press is disgusting. Not another penny spent outside Ibrox.
  12. My mate at this game was so pished he fell over and missed Lovenkrands goal and thought we had won 3-1 😂 Good times.
  13. Brilliant footage. Particularly enjoyed the boy with the bottle near the start 😅
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