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  1. Just out of work, turned on my phone and I have a new email from Rangers Football Club! It's about the fucking pools 😑
  2. South Stand! Finally I'm not up in the Gods behind a goal 😂
  3. Got the Gers to the Champions League Final in 2022. Lost 3-0 to PSG 😢
  4. Remember this being an excellent match.
  5. Some of the translations were interesting 😂
  6. I remember that. Kneecap around the wrong side. Guy seemed ok until he looked at it.
  7. Aye it didn't take long to see why Norwich always went straight back down. Nice to see us with so many good choices.
  8. Got the Gers to the semis of the Champions League. Got pumped 6-1 by Real Madrid 😓
  9. Odds on Davie Moyes as next head goblin have been slashed. Please let it be true 😅
  10. Enjoyed seeing it from their end 😁
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