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  1. Odds on Davie Moyes as next head goblin have been slashed. Please let it be true πŸ˜…
  2. Enjoyed seeing it from their end 😁
  3. I only done it once this season and once last. Somebody bought it both times. Guess I've been lucky.
  4. Missed yesterday's game due to the small matter of my wedding. Will be back from the honeymoon the day of the replay though
  5. It's been a long wait. I was very emotional at the end there. 7 years of frustration pouring out in one long, loud yassssssss.
  6. I stand corrected. Think I'm remembering Colin being the last to get 4 for Scotland until Fletcher recently... definitely confused ?
  7. I think McCoist in the 84 final is still the last Hatrick and Colin Stein in the league. Nevermind foreign players. Somebody better sort it soon, although I would take just beating them again first ?
  8. Middleton used to play as striker so for me is the obvious choice. But I'm sure the gaffer has a plan.
  9. South Stand Upper section Q4 for me. Good view for a change
  10. StewGer

    Club deck

    I am not your buddy, guy.
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