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  1. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by Copeland1983 in Europa Group D: The Table   
    Benfica are a top side, CL level - their pressing and aggression was tough to play against. Never felt comfortable at any point in the game, and no shame to come away unbeaten in two games having scored 5 goals against them. Obviously frustrating the way the games panned out but still in a strong position.
  2. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by GOAT in Kent - Alfie - Roofe   
    If we can keep that front three fit all season and wee Alfie starts banging them in again, wow man.  
  3. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by Malkytfp1 in Alfie ain’t the player he was last season   
    He was tremendous tonight for me. Really unselfish in dropping so deep to keep possession as well as tracking back a lot. Took so many hits for the team as well tonight.
  4. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by AlCapone in Alfie ain’t the player he was last season   
    Yip, he’s even better this season. No longer the isolated centre forward that the team shape depended on to be on top of his game and suffered if he wasn’t. Still got a bit to go to iron out his new style of play but his dropping deep, link up play and stamina combined with last seasons qualities he still has had made him an even better player. He now fits better into the overall game plan and become more of a team player.
    Another reason why this seasons team is much better, able to match the quality of Benfica over two games and be disappointed at not beating them. 
    Another pat on the back for the coaching team.
  5. Zetland liked a post in a topic by Bluepeter9 in *** RM Erskine Fund - Mid-Season Fundraiser ***   
  6. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by Zetland in *** RM Erskine Fund - Mid-Season Fundraiser ***   
    Don’t you let him take away from your victory! 
  7. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by govanblue in *** RM Erskine Fund - Mid-Season Fundraiser ***   
    I just do that to make you feel good.  Glad to see it's working! 
  8. dougie76 liked a post in a topic by Bluepeter9 in *** RM Erskine Fund - Mid-Season Fundraiser ***   
    @Zetland donation made - hopefully to the correct account this time (or should I say 'at last' ) 
    Well done again. Good job.
  9. Zetland liked a post in a topic by Bluepeter9 in *** RM Erskine Fund - Mid-Season Fundraiser ***   
    No matter how slow I am, how late, which account I sent the cash to - I’m always in afore ye! 
  10. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by Zetland in *** RM Erskine Fund - Mid-Season Fundraiser ***   
    Transferred to the Donated List:
    @Bluepeter9 @ianb1547 @Wee Bud   
  11. One Jock Wallace liked a post in a topic by Bluepeter9 in *** RM Erskine Fund - Mid-Season Fundraiser ***   
    @Zetland donation made - hopefully to the correct account this time (or should I say 'at last' ) 
    Well done again. Good job.
  12. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by Bristol loyal in Big Boydy today   
  13. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by DBBTB in Just leaving this here fellow PUL’ers   
    I’ve just cleaned this topic up and hidden loads of posts purely because the stats highlighted in the OP are still being overlooked so people can complain, moan and discuss how the topic was derailed rather than talking about the topic on hand.
    We had a superb result today so let’s keep it on topic from now and discuss how great our record is rather than get caught up in who is and isn’t acting like a prick eh?
  14. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by ForeverAndEver in Just leaving this here fellow PUL’ers   
    What if you're an athiest, not unionist or loyalist?
  15. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by 32Blue in The time has come for Rangers fans to rekindled their love for the national side   
    When I was a kid it was a no-brainer, you supported Scotland regardless of club loyalties.
    To me it wouldn't feel right not supporting the national team.
  16. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by LiverpoolBlue in Interesting DM article about Gerrard   
    Found this article from recent Daily Mail, haven't seen it mentioned here before;
    Rangers are top of the Scottish Premiership and lead rivals celtic by nine points 
    This season, celtic are in pursuit of an unprecedented 10th straight title triumph
    The Hoops have two games in hand but Rangers are in superb form 
    Halting that would cement Gerrard's status as a legendary boss at Rangers 
    Gerrard's tactical nous in Europe shows how much he learned from Rafa Benitez 
    It’s fair to say that some people worried for Steven Gerrard when he headed off to manage Rangers a few years back. 
    The team had just been eliminated from the Europa League by Luxembourg's fourth-best side, Progres Niederkorn, at the time – a humiliation which saw his predecessor, Pedro Caixinha, remonstrating with fans while standing in a bush.
    Gerrard was taking on a major weight of expectation and an even bigger fan-base. There were 9,000 in Ibrox simply to watch him being presented as manager. And if you think that celtic are the only obstacle - that an afternoon at Hamilton Academical is a literally a walk in a public park - then you’re forgetting the fact that beating the Old Firm sides is a matter of life or death for every other team.
    ‘It catches all the English managers out,’ observes one Scot who’s seen coaches come and go. ‘These teams want to kill you. They’re out to punch you in the face.
    Rangers had just finished 12 points adrift of celtic - and were financially way adrift of them – when Gerrard pulled on the navy blue suit he’d had ready for days, to greet the 9,000. But now, having significantly improved the side in each of the last two seasons, he has them sitting top of the Scottish Premiership - nine points clear of celtic, a side they justifiably beat 2-0 away, three weeks ago.
    The pressure is currently etched across the face of Neil Lennon, celtic’s manager, who is tasked with completing the fabled ‘ten-in-a-row’ - a 10th successive Scottish title - which has become his club’s daily obsession. Lennon will probably complete a treble with the delayed Scottish Cup final in December – yet can still expect the sack if Gerrard steals the hallowed crown. That’s the kind of madness you’re walking into in Glasgow.
    In part, the reeling in of celtic, whose £56m annual wages eclipse Rangers’ £34m - is a product of Gerrard buying and bringing the best out of players who were cheaper than theirs.
    Defender Connor Goldson has become outstanding. Midfielders Ryan Jack and Steve Davis have taken their games up a level. The general assumption was that Gerrard might struggle to deal with an incalcitrant player, after a professional lifetime of others telling him how good he is. 
    Yet he’s deftly handled the Colombian Alfredo Morelos, the most naturally talented individual in his ranks. He drops Morelos with impunity but still gets goals out of him.
    Little of all this seems to register in England, where the all-consuming Premier League narrative drowns everything out. But compare Gerrard’s foray into management with those of the contemporaries who have made the same leap – Frank Lampard, Mikel Arteta, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or, at a push, John Terry - and you have to say he’s achieved more than any one of them.
    Lampard took a Derby side who’d previously finished sixth in the Championship table to a finish of… sixth in the Championship table. Then he failed to win promotion through the play-offs. Then he landed the Chelsea job anyway. 
    Arteta won an FA Cup after leaving Pep Guardiola’s side but is yet to demonstrate that a hardly-impoverished Arsenal are that much better. Solskjaer took Cardiff City out of the Premier League and has taken Manchester United nowhere. Terry is yet to surface from the Aston Villa coaching staff.
    There’s been a psychological component to what Gerrard delivers and in this respect it is fascinating to observe him discussing Rafa Benitez in far warmer terms than ever before, in one new interview. 
    ‘I think at the time, when you’ve got this relationship with Rafa, you think he’s picking on you because he’s going into so much detail,’ Gerrard tells Champions Journal magazine. ‘Your ego gets in the way and you think he’s not liking you. Looking back, he was an absolute master of tough love.’ 
    The Benitez methodology evidently works. Where once Rangers would be mugged on some distant field and look surprised, now they look ready.
    But in the European setting, where supporters have been able to feel proud once again, Gerrard has also demonstrated a tactical intelligence. In wins over Porto, Feyenoord and Braga in last season’s Europa League, before eventual elimination by Bayer Leverkusen, he was all over the tactical challenge. 
    All those years at Liverpool helped him with that. Rangers were also 3-1 up with 13 minutes to play at Benfica, last month, before the wealthy Portuguese side brought things back level.
    ‘A lot of our performances, especially away from home, have got a percentage of what I learned from Rafa,’ Gerrard adds in the new Champions Journal interview. ‘In terms of structure, in terms of principles: out of possession, how aggressive we want to be. There’s a lot of Rafa Benitez in Rangers performances.’
    The Scottish writers who sit before Gerrard week-in, week-out, find him distinctly reluctant to engage in Liverpool talk. 
    But if he can bring the championship home to Ibrox after 10 years, and quash that ‘10-in-a-row’, a route to the manager’s office at his beloved Liverpool will seem a little more attainable. He’s taking the long way home. He’ll have earned it.
  17. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by graeme_4 in Players On International Duty Thread   
    All the who’s the staunchest chat aside, Ryan Jack has a terrific game last night. Shouldn’t be overlooked how he’s upped his game again this season. 
  18. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by TartanTeddy in Players On International Duty Thread   
    Thought Jack had a tremendous game last night and I think you can see the return to the International set up has really helped to develop his game. Middleton and Paterson also did well for U21's, who are one win away from qualification, and the age groups below that have Rangers players in significant numbers, so I do think the youth set up is starting to produce decent home talent
    I'm off the older generation where following Scotland was pretty typical of most Rangers fans, supporters clubs running buses to Wembley etc and I continue to travel to most games home and abroad (pre Covid). Not interested in an argument with people on here, but there are a significant number of Bears travelling to watch Scotland and I've never witnessed any of the supposed animosity towards our support on trips - probably the opposite in fact.
    Brilliant for the country that we are back at a major tournament, good for the co-efficient, and delighted for the Rangers lads representing Scotland at every level - and to the other players in the squad that are heading to the Euro's in the summer.
  19. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by Malkytfp1 in Players On International Duty Thread   
    It's more factual than opinion. Just don't be a wank to people who differ from your view. You are calling fellow bears for everything just because they have shown a bit of support towards their country. Nothing wrong with supporting or not supporting your country. That is down to personal choice but there is a lot wrong with calling fellow Rangers fans all sorts for their choice.
  20. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by KingKirk in Players On International Duty Thread   
    Whilst a Rangers player is the heartbeat of that side they'll have my support. 
    Ryan Jack is a hero 😂😂
  21. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by NorthernLights in Players On International Duty Thread   
    I lost a lot of interest in Scotland when they stopped picking our players but in an era when everybody says footballers are all mercenaries and don’t care it was actually pretty refreshing to see the emotion and how much it meant to them all. Still a bit of an indictment on our youth setup that we’re so poorly represented though. 
  22. HuistraHairDo liked a post in a topic by Bluepeter9 in Your best Rangers atmosphere   
    I’m not saying it was the best but Leeds United in EC at Ibrox is the game that leaps to mind - TBB as the teams came out was roof raising stuff! 
    McAllister scores in first minute to silence us briefly - we win 2-1 and the i Rox was at its best! 
    Many great days the other one that really stood out was the first time we had the troops march round the stadium at half time - outstanding! That should never have been allowed to be scaled back! 
  23. Bluepeter9 liked a post in a topic by Jimbeamjunior in Scott Arfield   
    Had his off field problems last season and it showed in his performances, people wanted him released, saying he's finished etc 
    Complete turnaround this season, getting games in his favoured position, playing with confidence, swagger and has fantastic energy as well, maybe goes slightly unnoticed compared to others but for me he is our best number ten by a mile, 
    Keep playing him centrally, he'll contribute a fucking barrowload towards title 55
    Sometimes asked to do a job he probably isnt comfortable with (playing wider ten in Europe) but never shys away, never hides
    Today he was tremendous imo, his movement in between hamiltons backline and midfield caused them havoc for the time he was on the pitch, and his goal is exactly the type of midfield running we missed for ages last season 
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