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  1. Thought the same mate, disgrace the 2 of the commentating on our games
  2. Don’t care where we win it , I’m going absolutely mental when we do
  3. Worked for me , no problem , great picture
  4. Just purchased the game, bargain for a tenner
  5. We have more to think about , ridiculous the focus on this guy.
  6. The roof cladding has been completed to the 3 stands, by the looks of this the underside soffit of the stands are being over cladded, this along with the new side screen cladding will modernise the stadium. A good external clean of the stands and main stand roof I believe are getting done on completion of the cladding works.
  7. Would be interested to know if the underside of the cladding will be done at some point , thankfully a lot cheaper than the roofing .
  8. Cladding above also replaced , from the pic looks very good
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/WhiskyQueen89
  10. Copland panels now replaced, on Twitter looks good
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