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Do England have the same quality of player as Spain?

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Ashley Cole and maybe Wayne Rooney aside, I wouldn't have any England player in that Spain team.

The laughable thing about Salako is that in his list of players were Joe Cole, Adam Johnson and Jack Wilshere. :lol:

It's a tough decision, both would certainly make the squad.

Capdevila never got the praise he deserved, was key to Spain at both Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010. His delivery was top drawer, and was very good defensively. Never went forward as much which allowed Ramos to bomb forward at every opportunity. Very similar to Abidal at Barcelona, both get underrated. A similar player to both would be Enrique....

Cole coming into LB could become a problem as he loves to attack and is not the best defensively, IMO, him and Evra over the last two years have been terrible on the defensive side of things at times. You need that balance and I'm not convinced it would improve Spain having Cole.

Rooney is a tricky one considering the formation Spain set up with, who drops out? Wouldn't drop Villa or Silva for Rooney.

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When will these arrogant English fucks realise that saying something doesn't make it true .

The sooner everyone in England realise that they are no where near the top sides in international football the better . When they realise they are a decent side possible of making the quarters of major tournaments , they might just get a sense of achievement if they make the semis .

But they won't , they will keep on spouting shite claiming they can win the world cup , and when they get pumped in the semis by the first quality side the meet there will be another year long depression throughout the country and multi million pound managerial appointment to try and solve the problem of just why they haven't been victorious .

Well here's the answer you bastards , YOU'RE NOT FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH !

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