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Barrie McKay.

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For a 17 year old he looks like the coolest guy on the park, Just strolls by people passing the ball into the net. He can also hit a ball aswell 1st goal was a belter.

:uk: :uk:

Full agreement with the above.........would add that the way he tucked away that second goal was every bit as good as that stunning shot.

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Queue all the calls for starting him now doh

I think Ally is working it perfectly for him to come on and shine against tired opposition. He will grow into a Rangers starter, but we have to give the boy the patience and support he needs to flourish.

And, what a fuckin goal! :drool:

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I think he has shown in flashes so far that he can become a top player...I would like Ally to interchange him and Aird and get them as much game time as possible....Im assuming the wee mans best position would be playing off a striker but with his pace he should be encouraged to play as a winger as well...width is definitely the way forward for us.

If you actually look at 90% of our players they are all tiny....makes you question the logic of playing direct because I think if you give the likes of Mckay, Aird and Crawford the chance to play football we will start to see the benefits of it like we did today.

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Good to see the youth players getting in amongst the goals, i think the most importaint signings we made this summer were McKay, Macleod and Crawfords new deals .

Have we signed McKay on a new deal yet?

Thought we had to wait till he was 18 cause we wanted to pin him down for 5 years?

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Would still be good to see him running past players and looking for the ball. A good few times I saw him just a few metres in front of the person with the ball looking for the pass, where he could have been making a run down the wing looking for it

Really good prospect and with the right guidance will go onto a great future. Amazing first goal and well mannered second.

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This kid Barry Mc kay and the canadian Aird plus young lewis in midfield

I have critisised murray park on here many times i admit- but the talent is there

these young boys dont need any coaching they have built in natural footballing ability

We are in our worst position in our history but there is a light at the end of this tunnel- and to have these youngsters in our ranks

I have real hope and if we progress the club need to keep these

players for the next ten years minimum

Barry Mc Kay has talent and his passing today outshone his goal for me

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Exciting times ahead with our youth players, I can't wait to see what they'll be like with a few years of experience under their belt.

The boy Macleods brilliant, he's probably been our most consistent player imo, Wee Barries goals were sheer class, Aird was really good also.

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Hoping they can continue to play and work with these young players and bring them through into the first team.....

If we can now create it as a conyer belt of talent coming out of Ibrox it would be good.

Anyone know what's in the next team down?

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The guy sitting next to me today was giving him dog's abuse at times today saying he wasn't tracking back, I said who do you want him to track back too, they have 10 players behind the ball. They left before the second goal went in.

3 very young lads in middfield today and played well.

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