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Has anyones view on Murray changed?


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No i have always thought he was placed in a difficult position by the LBG but i think he took the cowards way out. He didn't want the risk and threw our club on the fire as a sacrifice. He saved his own skin and let ours burn. A man of greater fortitude would have held his position and saved us a whole load of grief.

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Murray knew that he wouldn't shift us with BTC hanging over our heads, he couldn't afford to keep us going and we were operating at a loss. We had made drastic cutbacks and were making excellent progress of clearing our debt until LTSB decided they wanted their overdraft cleared. The sad part is the debt was manageable. Walter, Bain etc. had did a great job reducing the debt and in maybe 1-2 more years if would have been fully cleared.

But when he was told they wanted their money he knew that we would have to be put in to admin, he knew fine well that a CVA would be unlikely because of BTC and instead sold us to the first guy that came along to do it instead.

I honestly think that he thinks his name would be saved in our history if someone else did the dirty work instead. I would rather have had him doing it and knowing that alough he may not be the greatest guy in the world that he atleast had an affliation with the club and at some point it was a good part of his life. Yet he gave us to a guy no one knew or had a clue what he was about. It left everyone worried.

Rather the devil you know than the devil you don't.

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Can never forgive him for selling to White for two reasons;

1) to get Lloyds debt off his own back in order to secure a massive loan for MIH

2) If he was confident about the BTC he had another great reason for not selling.

Sorry David when the going got tough you fukked off. For that their is no forgiveness.

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I always argued with my auld Da about Murray and his positive or negative impact on the RANGERS.. He was and still is a fan but recognises that selling to whyte was a cowardly running away act of a desperado..(oops no sick joke intended there..honest!!).. I never really liked his look at me im no a fan but im gonnae be lord and master of my Ibrox kingdom attitude.. I objected to naming the training centre after him and his total disregard for any fans asking him uncomfortable questions.. The Albion..the edmiston club..the jjb deal.. Of course my auld man retorts with Laudrup & Gascoigne which is fair enough.. But when he started continuous credit card scheme and the very near "give us £30 a month so you can still call yourself a RANGERS FAN" Begging letters then he had "lost the plot" and he made as much out of us as he claims he lost.. So NO my thoughts on murray remain the same.. My auld man will give me a "thick ear" when i read him this post!! And im 41 next week...RANGERS THEN..NOW..FOREVER.. WATP.

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Murray has a great deal to answer for, and no one should be deceived by the favourable outcome to the BTC. Murray wil (quite rightly) revel in the successful conclusion to the case, but it will not obscure his maladministration and reckless management of our club.

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Getting involved heavily with a tax avoidance scheme was total recklessness.

Making payments with tax free 'loans' that don't have to be paid back..?

it doesn't take much common sense to realize it would come back and bite us in the arse at some point in the future.

Happy that we won the case, but to be honest..who really expected it...?

Craig Whyte certainly didn't - that's why he didn't bother to pay any more tax.

Murray should never have got us into this situation in the first place.

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He fucked up By selling to Whyte, but his hand was being forced by LLoyds at the time. And nobody should forget that after yesterday we were only 18million in debt not the reported 95million that the tax man wanted so we were in good finiacial health to be fair.

SDM made us the most prolific league winners in the world 54 and counting this should not be forgotten or the fact he brought us players like gaza, Laudrup, Albertz, Van bronchurst, Mols the list is huge. And after all that spending we were 18 million in debt.

I do think he knew that Whyte would take us into Liquadation, because Im not sure he new that we would be cleared in the EBT situation, because we were being witch hunted from all corners.

In the end his only crime was selling to that shyster Whyte

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How much can we blame Murray for selling to the wrong person? Murray was forced to sell with next to no ability to refuse an offer. Had Murray not been forced to sell to Whyte, I don't think he would have. I don't think he would have ignored the loud voices in his own camp if he didn't have a gun against his back by Lloyds being marched into the room to sign over.

Murray gave us some of the best years in our history, complete domestic dominance and signings we could only dream about. Still in this thread i see people saying this was overspending, I ask how? Yesterday that "overspending" was justified. When the screws began to turn, Murray and co reduced our spending to manageable levels while still delivering Domestic, and European successes and massively reducing our debts.

How much is the guy who sold Liverpool to Gilette and Hicks to blame for their troubles? Or the guy who sold Gretna and Milestone? or the guy who sold Portsmouth to Chainrai? Our club paid no tax. That is why we are where we are and the man responsible for that is Whyte, an unjustifiably rich business man who for whatever reason, decided to play chicken with HMRC.

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