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Living within our means


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From last seasons squad we have had 6 players out and 7 players in.

Those who bleat on and on about how our squad is too big and we can't afford this and that have no clue what they are talking about.

The key here is those same people won't believe what Mather is telling us.

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The official site is really putting some useful stuff out now. What a difference in the last few months.

We've all gone on about finances, a playing style from youth to first team and restructuring while we have the chance. The club is answering all these questions now and making it clear these issues are in hand.

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So there won't be any more of this losing £1million a month business? I didn't think the wage bill would be that lower considering we have our largest squad in some time now.

probs not just player wages, remember Green was on a hefty salary and hes now gone.

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No no no this can't be right....I read on rangersmedia it stated as a FACT.....by more than one poster.... we were living ABOVE our means and were heading for financial suicide....who to believe....the rangersmedia accountants or our CEO aka "the cretin" (as named on here????

Although I understand the need to get more out before we sign up any more I'm still hopeful we can get something sorted with big moshini as the longer it goes with him playing well the more the likelihood is someone else will offer him something!

It's very important that we continue to ask pertinent questions of the club and hope that we strive to build a sustainable and profitable business model however jumping to conclusions and hysterically overreacting to things whilst insulting our employees for no reason is just pointless and pathetic!

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Surprised Boca took anything when he had a club lined up the minute he left. Then again, that may have allowed him to accept a lower wage in the US.

We still do not know the details of their deals, I am sure Mathers would not have went ahead, unless it benefitted the club, cause he's a canny lad.
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Lol at some of the comments above, do the maths folks. Nowhere has he said we are paying less than we generate, our wage bill was too high last season. We are paying an incompetent management team EPL salaries and buying players we don't need to coach.

Where is the restructuring he mentions?

Walter Smith and McCoist were a big part of the problem before, all of a sudden they are in charge and they say its all ok and we take that as gospel? I will await the accounts being published before I start touching myself.

Bitches of the Bheast was in relation to them doing secret deals with the Cabal in comparison to backing up the SFL Clubs which Green was going to do.

Mather is merely doing what he is told by Walter and Ally, god help us.

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