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Wattie On Hand To Help New Manager According To Keech!

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Walter Smith: I helped new Rangers boss Mark Warburton be a coach.. now I'll help him become an Ibrox legend

06:00, 17 JUNE 2015


SMITH says he'll be happy to pass on his wisdom to the new man in charge at Ibrox - just a few years after their paths first crossed at a pro-licence course in England.

Walter Smith is backing Mark Warburton

WALTER SMITH is ready to help Mark Warburton settle into the Rangers hotseat - years after assisting the Englishman achieve his dream of becoming a big time manager.

Smith spoke exclusively to Record Sport yesterday just 24 hours after Warburton and former Ibrox skipper Davie Weir were unveiled as the clubs new management team.

Smith confirmed he would be willing to give new boy Warburton the benefit of his own experience of almost 17 years in the Rangers dugout - and revealed how the pair first spoke when the Englishman was studying to swap a career as a city trader for one in the professional game.

Smith said: The only contact Ive ever had with him was a few years ago, when he actually interviewed me. He was doing his pro-license in England and as part of the process you have to interview another manager to get his thoughts on coaching.

So I met him and straight away I could tell this was someone who wanted success, who wanted to do well. He came across very well.

If he wanted another chat then I would certainly oblige, just as I would with any other manager. If he thinks hed benefit from talking about Rangers to someone with a bit of experience then, yes, Id be happy to help out.

But at the end of the day it comes down to how he sees the situation and what he thinks is the best way to go about it. You can talk to all number of people but any manager in a new job wants to put his own stamp on it. Thats the way it should be.

I think he will be a good appointment for Rangers. Although Mark has only been a manager for a couple of years, hes been involved in different aspects of the game for a while now and I thatll be a big factor for them.

But, more than anything else, he has shown that being a successful football manager is what he wants to do. Thats whats driving him on at the present moment, considering that he came into the game a wee bit later than a lot of people are doing currently. The current trend seems to be to appoint managers who are hardly out of short trousers. I know Im getting older but they are definitely getting younger at the same time.

Mark has only had two years as a manager at Brentford but I think, at his age, he is ready for this kind of step up. His age, experience and maturity will help him to deal with the situation hes coming into at Rangers. Its not an ordinary job.

Warburton now has little more than month in which to rebuild an entire squad ahead of his first competitive match as Rangers boss.

And Smith has urged him to keep it simple.

He continued: The first objective is to build a team. I keep hearing that objective one is to win the Championship but right now he hardly has enough players to win a five-a-side league. Theyve not got a team, only five or six players with any kind of experience, so the priority right now has to be player recruitment so they can get a team together.

It was a similar story three years ago when Ally McCoist was going into a new season with five players just five days before the first competitive game.

So its now up to Mark and Davie to use what time they have left this summer to bring in the right players. After that it becomes very simple - they need to win. Thats the bottom line.

Never mind any other aspect of the job, dont try to over complicate it. When you have your players in place then you have to find a way to win football matches because Rangers dont accept anything else. It doesnt matter what division you are in or who you are up against, a Rangers managers first priority is to make sure his team is a winning one.

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Think MW will do just fine without help from Walter.

Headline misleading but nothing unusual there then.

Mark seems very focused on what he needs to do to turn us into a modern / forward thinking club with an emphasis on youth development whilst Walter is slightly "old school" tbh.

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Did everyone just ignore the actual content of the article and jump to conclusions then aye?

I read the last part and having difficulty squaring it with the most craven 90 minutes of football, it has ever been my misfortune to watch, in Manchester 2008

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Every manager has their own methods. Some play to excite and win and others line up to avoid defeat and win. We've been brutal to watch for years now and although we won under Walter we played a hell of a lot worse than some league one teams. With tickets becoming more expensive fans need to justify the prices and seeing 90 mins of crap but winning 2-0 is not entertaining at all.

You like to see your team boss matches and not worry about what the opposition are doing- something smith never adopted much. The only advice warburton should take from smith is living in the old firm bubble. After all he's managed in a far tougher league than any in Scotland and considering the resources he had, did pretty well.

The blue order and the rest gave mccoist years in patience and I hope they do the same with this manager

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Its a nice offer but I think Mark and Davie have this covered Walter.

Davie knows the club inside out while Mark is an exciting manager with fresh ideas and philosophy, Im sure they dont need any help from the outside but if they do they will know who to call.

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Aye typical courageous stuff from keech and the rhebel sutton tellin Wilson not to sign for Rangers at the top of the page and "Wattie exclusive" nonsense main story ! Why do Rangers men get involved wae this shite!


Heard that wanker on TalkSport last Sunday night. Still greeting about being cheated out of the two last day titles we won! :D:wanker:

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