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Sir Alex Ferguson On Rangers


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Sir Alex Ferguson was interviewed on Clyde SSB last night and was only too happy to talk about Rangers, whom he says, along with Scotland, are the teams he is enjoying watching in his retirement (strangely he didn't mention Man U).

I typed a transcript of the interview while I was listening as I thought it would be of interest for the forum to read the opinion and viewpoint of such a legend of the game (who also happens to be a fellow fan and ex-player):


How do you think the current Rangers team are performing under new management?

"I don't know Mark Warburton but he came with a great resumé with the job he did at Brentford.
He has the experience of having David Weir alongside him at Ibrox and I think it's a good combination and they've had a fantastic start...
But y'know, there's a lot of criticism pointed towards Ally McCoist for his time at Rangers. Do y'know something? I thought Ally McCoist did a fantastic job under undue pressure and NO-ONE, unless they have been in that position, knows exactly how hard it was. So I wouldn't have any criticism about Ally McCoist.
But I am pleased that Rangers are now looking to step forward from the bad experiences of the last few years."
Do you think the current Rangers team can challenge for the top division?
"I wouldn't have thought so.
There will be a team to get out of that division. There will be a team to challenge for the Premier League. It's a stepping stone.
Obviously, what they've achieving at the moment can only get them into the Premier division.
Being in the Premier division is an entirely different aspect altogether and I am sure the Rangers board will recognise the need to invest and make sure they are a team who CAN challenge Celtic and possibly even WIN the division."
He finished off by saying, "there's your dinner, RangersMedia."
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Nothing but mischief making from Clyde 1. Everyone knows McCoist was shite, but the 'inner circle' of Scottish football won't widely criticise a well liked guy (by them) for it.

We're past him now. We have Warburton who in a handful of games has shown he's far superior to anything McCoist did.

The Celtic driven media are desperate to have us in uproar, but we're concentrating on Rangers and the team now, and we are loving it.

There's nothing they can do to stop it.

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It looks to me that Sir Alex is sticking up for a friend in the way friends do even if they know their friend is in the wrong.Fergie probably wants Ally to be able to get another job in management and people take notice of what Fergie says.Unless there is animosity managers rarely slate other managers.I think Sir Alex is wrong and is buying into the off field and boardroom stuff too much but he is welcome to his opinion.

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I can see why if they're friends, Sir Alex might simply refuse to criticise Ally or maybe even say something along the lines of "He operated in a difficult situation". But to say he was "fantastic"? That is ridiculous and everyone can see what a shambles he left us.

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Just one wee question Fergie ........ After vouching for Moyes, would you like to tell us who (In their right mind), would now employ AM ....... would you employ or even vouch for him?

During the period of duress AM had the whole backing of all The Rangers support, but his inability to coach eventually caught up with him ....... how difficult is that to understand?


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We all know that he is the worst manager in our history, but his pals will always defend him. Let them say what they like, but us fans know the truth, and the main thing is we are heading back to where we belong, and the good times will soon be back again.

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It is worth reinforcing the point that he offered the opinion on Ally McCoist without being prompted at all and sounded very passionate in his defence.

Roger Hannah was of the opinion that Sir Alex has spoken to Ally and is privy to more of what was happening behind the scenes.

He also claimed that he knows for a fact that Alex Ferguson very much admired the courage and fortitude (words you don't read very often during RM Super Ally Bingo) that Ally showed during the hard times (read: shitstorm) at Rangers.

Sir Alex wanted to go on record as a voice of support at a time when Ally McCoist is still getting stick in 'certain quarters.'

Hopefully the fact that such a legend isn't afraid to put his head above the parapet (on his own accord) will encourage more fans to be able to express their support for Ally McCoist (despite his faults) while all around people are putting the boot in, Bears and Tims alike.

Hopefully in time it may also put an end to the ridicule and abuse of RM members who have the temerity to continue to back an undoubted Rangers legend.

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I so wanted it to work for McCoist as manager, after all, he was my hero, he sent me into work with the biggest smile on my face during his time as a player, what he did as a player for this club will never be surpassed "ever".

I can't agree with SAF on what McCoist achieved as a manager, however I won't forget what he and Sandy Jardine did in our battles with the SPL and SFA and that fucking 5 way agreement ..... got to remember all that shit going on was bound to affect him.

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