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Could We/should We Go 3-4-3?


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First things first, we're playing great football, and remain unbeaten. All is going great just now, so probably shouldn't change something that's not broken.

I'm just thinking that, with Tav in our team, I think he'd be better utilised as a right midfielder. There's no doubt with him getting forward so much, it leaves us open at the back. Now we have Zelalem in the team, we have someone who can pick a pass for players running the line. Would mean probably using Wallace as a CB, something he's not renouned for....but he has the capability to do it. I just think it would make us tighter at the back, while still having an excellent attack?

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We finally have a fantastic, attacking Right Full back to compliment our attacking Left Full back, and you want to turn them into wingers or centre halfs?


That's exactly the kind of attitude we should be moving away from IMHO. We have a system that doesn't change, a style of play that allows all of our players to get on the ball and play a part in a functioning attacking team.

Tav is a threat going forward because he's a talented player, not because he's a winger masquerading as a fullback.

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3-6-1 (or 3-5-1-1)


I prefer it the way it is. We need a couple of tricky players on the wing whilst having 2 powerful fullbacks bombing forward as well. You have to remember that our team hasnt been together for long.. Teams take a long time to get used to new systems and we are no exception. Give it time :)

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the whole point in having this system played from top to bottom is so that everyone knows their roles and it establishes a clear path into the first team, granted there will be tweaks but it won't be completely changing the roles of the defenders, wing backs and midfield

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Can see why you'd try it but IMO there is no need for us to change.

For the first time in ages we have a standard formation with players being played in their correct positions and it makes such a difference.

Also, by having all our teams play the same formation if their are injuries etc players can come in and immediately do a job.

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the only reason id play 3 at the back is covering for wilson and kiernan who look decidedly dodgy when the ball is played in behind them

other than that a wee tweak during games to counter things like a 4-5-1 is all thats needed (like our wingers dropping 5 yards to give the midfield 3 an easier pass etc)

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When we have the ball it's basically a 2-5-3, the width is so important to the way we seem to play

I guess any system can work well, but 3-5-2 often lack width so I don't think it'd be considered

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