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Walter Smith


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Just now, smitzer007 said:

is a magnificent looking man. Looks healthy, relaxed and seems to be enjoying life. True Rangers legend who fully deserves the utmost out of his retirement. Still oozes class!  :bow:

Couldn't agree more. Love the man :love:

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3 minutes ago, cushynumber said:

give my left bollock for him and mccann to be announced as manager and assistant.

It would give us back the fear factor straight away but to be honest, in our current position, I wouldn't wish us on the great man!

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4 minutes ago, Drumloyal said:

Said the same when he appeared, looking well and a well deserved retirement.  

Guy just has an aura of experience and more than that, an aura of absolute authority. 

totally. You could still see wee McCann looking for his approval when he said some stuff himself.


Gravitas. You cant buy it.

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17 minutes ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

And looks and acts like a Proddy :bow:

Therein lies his greatness.my favourite  Rangers manager.true blue Proddy who got every players respect., and no supporter would cross him  either .him and big jock Wallace honoured to be mentioned  in the same breath.wish he was 8n charge next week.that stare man.ha ha ha.that must have put the fear into every non trier in that dressing room.love him.


No Surrender


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