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Willie Vass Training Pics from today


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I may be old and a bit unrealistic but I find it uncomfortable looking at our players laughing together less than a week after we were severely humiliated by our oldest rivals...

It's just not right!!

And dont  get me started on the player of the year ceremony!

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Just now, pcbear said:

Ive got that look myself atm, roll on the end of the season as that fuckin shambles spoiled a few days for me.

Beats me why footballers are unhappy, they get loads of money for playing a game they love Fanny on tap and treated like Gods.

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Just now, Reformation Bear said:

Was that Senderos in one of the pics?  I'd forgotten about him.   Maybe he'll get a game on Saturday (just joking).

I thought he was getting a Director of football gig somewhere.

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2 minutes ago, Reformation Bear said:

So did I, some club in Geneva wasn't it?    Presumably after his contract at Ibrox is up next month.  

Yep i think it was probably just hanging about like you say till he picks up his last Cheque.

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