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Gerrard seems to want a medal for 2014


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6 minutes ago, MacBoyd said:

If city are stripped of the title. Pretty disappointed and surprised he would even consider it.

That’s his prerogative. If he feels cheated then that’s fine. 

Doesn't change our situation and he shouldn’t be spouting lies to suit. Would rather he was honest. 

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2 hours ago, Tiger Shaw said:

Couldn’t give a fuck really but stripping titles over shity financial rules is poor show 


financial rules are way more important than over 100 kids being abused.
UEFA are a fuckin bunch of thieving shameless bastards.
If there is a bung in it they will be wetting themselves.

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2 hours ago, The Dude said:

He was asked a question about the Premier League investigation (which has a points deduction as a possible penalty). He said he was interested to see the outcome of it.

Moaning for fuck all.

 Almost every post he's made or liked recently has been anti-Gerrard in some way or another. Guy's an idiot. 

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