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How Enjoyable We Are to Watch...

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Right now there is an extra layer of anxiety about our games.  Often you'll hear 'just get the win Rangers' due to the extreme circumstances of needing to win the League. But, if you strip t

The management team have took the shackles off. Kilmarnock away and today we’ve started with Jack sitting and Arfield and Aribo supporting front three. Last season that would have been Davis

Best football at Rangers since Dick Advocaat - and long may it continue.

2 minutes ago, Colin Traive said:

Don’t know how he’s done it but Gerrard has revitalised Davis and Arfield, two players who looked done last season but have a real spring in their step this year.

Just keep winning the next game, nothing else matters.

Jock Wallace was the first person I ever heard say “take one game at a time”

Smart man, Jock. Hope he was watching today.


The football and movement off the ball is a joy to watch. Was actually embarrassing how easy it was today. 

It may have took Stevie G two years but he's  pieced the "Jigsaw" together. Meaning, all the players fit into the system we're playing effortlessly now. If we make subs it's like for like and doesn't disrupt our pattern of play. 

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There’s little moments when we start playing one touch stuff that is of the highest level.  It’s something you would expect to see at Arsenal under Wenger.  We weren’t capable of that during the last two seasons but we’re doing it now.  I don’t think it’s something you can start doing overnight and it’s taken years to get here but we’re seeing glimpses of brilliance at times.  If this team keeps developing the way it has been under Gerrard who knows how far we can go.  Next season we could be champions, playing champions league football.  

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When Gerrard said recently that ‘teams/players have been enjoying themselves too much against us at Ibrox recently’ I think he’s struck a chord   

Currently teams are not getting the opportunities to enjoy themselves & it’s us who are quite rightly enjoying the games.

Keep it going plz Rangers. 


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Our pressing must make it so tough on the other teams. They just get surrounded immediately and then once we win it back, we’ll just play our own game and it’s so good to watch. 

The best parts of football under Warburton while being solid as fuck at the back.

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15 minutes ago, Rfc52 said:

Imho I don't think we were that great today.

Which should scare the life out of the reat of the league we are making this look far too easy.

I don't think domestically weve got higher than 3rd gear this season. We played better in spells last year imo, but there's now a steel about this side and they are basically just steamrollering teams and barely conceding a chance never mind goals.

Some of the football we play in patches and the goals we score are incredible 

I agree, we showed flashes of the possession based control that we are capable of but much of the game was more direct. 

Also Barasic had the quietest game for a long time with most of the moves coming from the right side. I can barely think of one cross he made from open play.

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1 hour ago, GabrielTomato said:

Right now there is an extra layer of anxiety about our games. 

Often you'll hear 'just get the win Rangers' due to the extreme circumstances of needing to win the League.

But, if you strip that back..

How good is the football we're playing right now? The squad depth. How seamlessly they interchange when substitutions are made. The philosophy. 

We all know it'll mean nothing if we don't win the League, but right now we're playing incredible football. Let's hope it keeps up as much as the victories. :rangers:

Totally agree. The extra layer of anxiety is actually a great feeling, because, it means you have something to play for for a change.

Usually Old Firm games past 10 years against them, the Old Firm nerves aren't even there because you just know if you beat them then great, but ultimately it means little (in relative terms)

That's why this is different. Every game literally means the world.

I've never been nervous in my life at home to Hamilton, but I was bricking it 2 weeks ago. 

As I keep saying - keep disciplined and focus and we have nothing to worry about.

We will drop points this season, absolutely - but provided we don't lose the head, regroup and continue on at the point before we started we will be sound. 

Our attitude, talent and (now, this season eventually) leadership is superb.

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1 hour ago, GabrielTomato said:

How seamlessly they interchange when substitutions are made.


15 minutes ago, Leftpegcoopz11 said:

If we make subs it's like for like and doesn't disrupt our pattern of play. 

I agree we are a joy to watch and our depth, I think, will be the difference this season. All players need to work to keep themselves in the team and competition for places is healthy.

But, today the game petered out after the subs  were made and it's not the first time it has happened either this season. Itten has the chance to grab a brace but is slow to react at one and should do better with the header from Tav's cross.

That's me being hyper critical, I know that, but Gerrard himself has done the same this season. Good position to be in if that's all we have to complain about I suppose.

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27 minutes ago, GabrielTomato said:

They obviously realised the reliance on Morelos was too much. Asking him to come deep and upset the defence and letting Kent, Tav, Arfield, Barisic, Roofe, Hagi etc in that space has worked wonders too.

We showed the jobbers far too much respect for past two years.

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Extremely enjoyable.

Playing with one holder has made such a difference. How do you keep tabs on any combination of Aribo, Arfield, Hagi, Kent, Morelos, Roofe, Morelos, Defoe & Itten? That's before you take into consideration Tav and Barisic bombing up and down the wings.

The movement of our front 5 today was superb. I'd love to see the heat map for Arfield and Aribo because they were everywhere today. Makes such a difference from the whole Jack and Kamara fiasco at Livi.

I feel like we're starting to become a team who can win anyway. You want to play and open game? We'll beat you. You want to sit in deep? We'll beat you. Play 4 at the back? we'll beat you. Play 5 at the back? We'll beat you.

This has been helped no end by the upgrades we've made in the summer. We needed more creativity so we signed Hagi. We needed more goals, we signed Roofe and Itten. It's worked a treat for us.

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Said in the matchday thread we had a few gears to spare today. 

Not our greatest performance, but by fuck we do look strong in every department and well organised 

Great spirit amongst the team and a great attitude. That mental toughness we lacked in previous seasons, is coming to the fore.

Seeing it was the sheep, I am a bit disappointed it was only the four.


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39 minutes ago, STEPPS BOY said:

Last season that would have been Davis, Kamara and Jack.

I think this is a big factor, we were too negative in games last season and the midfield balance was off. Pretty sure those 3 have not played together domestically this season?

Another factor is that Ojo, Stewart, Polster, Flanagan, Edmundson, Halliday, Jones and Kamberi had 31 starts between them last season and many other appearances. This season we dont have players not good enough bar maybe Barker getting minutes.

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