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  1. Very Sad News

    Terrible news. Thoughts and prayers with his friends and family. R.I.P.
  2. Kenny Miller Medical Tomorrow

    Not to get involved in this, but Maurice Johnston was never a Ranger and is certainly still not. Might have been a footballer but not a Ranger in the sense of what that word means.
  3. I'm sure the GPB will be looking to do something special. I'd bet they'll be out playing a set on the maid of the mist actually
  4. Never got this one, must not have been chosen
  5. ***The Bears Den Rangers Book Club***

    Currently reading blue thunder, brilliant book. Sure any bear would thoroughly enjoy it
  6. Barry Giving Praise To The Bigot

    Hope he burned the couch that manky cunt was sitting on when they filmed that message from his front room.
  7. DJ: King should Murray Park and ride

    That is the most sense I think I have ever heard DJ speak. Agree completely, King would then have a major say in the running of Rangers if he, or the fans, owned the training complex. I'm not saying it is for sale btw Just that this could be a compromise to out all this shite behind us and everyone can save some face if this is in the best interests of the club.
  8. Would love a midfield pairing of MacLeod and Allan
  9. Is this New?

    I just mean that I would never write all that out on a mobile as they do my head in just writing texts with autocorrrect and a wee tiny keyboard and stuff
  10. Is this New?

    Anyway, as if someone wrote all that and sent such an important email from "their IPhone"
  11. Bournemouth friendly

    Yeeeeeooowwwww I'm down south with a Bournemouth fan right now so it's a fucking great time to teach him some tunes
  12. Yep, usual. Ignore all facts, don't think about and just get your pitchfork sharpened.
  13. Look, it's my views just as your airing yours. I can see where people are coming from, like yourself, as we have been treated disgracefully in the past few years. What people seem to forget though is that it is not this current boards fault at the state of the football side. I've said plenty of times that I believe we went about it all wrong when we went down to the 3rd division. We should have invested heavily in youth and scouting and given the youngsters, supplemented by a few experienced pros, a year or two to develop by playing first team football and save our money so that by the time we hit the top league we had a war chest as well as talented young players who know what it means to play for us. 28% of the turnover of a club our size should easily be enough to assemble a team who should be capable of winning the leagues we have just own and the league we are going into, don't you agree? I don't disagree that we should have a much higher standard of player, but for where we are at the moment I don't think 28% of out turnover being spent on footballing operations is a bad thing! as long as the other 72% is accounted for, which it is. Would you not be more upset if we were paying whatever the wages were before admin, with a drastically reduced income stream, to win these leagues we are in currently? It would be a gross waste of money in my eyes as we are paying well above the standard wages for players we are competing against already, which should be able to attract players good enough to win these leagues? Hope I've made sense
  14. It states that in the article. I believe he was getting paid more in the run up to the AGM. Just by going from what the article is stating as fact and what I'm trying to recall was happening around November/December time.