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  1. Best Keeper Ever

    Goram free m my experience.  I challenge anyone go better Andy.  
  2. RST Statement on Herald Action Over Spiers

    Bang on the money
  3. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    Exactly. Only democratic when it suits the poor wee oppressed midden.
  4. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    Her blatant unbiased hatred of everything related with our club has been evident for far too long. "No place in a democratic Scotland" As we say in "democratic Scotland", get it right up Ye ya torn faced cow.
  5. Absolutely magic 🎩
  6. Could you PM the contact details you used mate? Going to fire in a complaint against him to the club as well.Well done mate.
  7. In fact thinking back, thank Fuck singing wasn't illegal when I was younger cause I'd have been fucked. Especially old firms when I was a steaming wee cunt shouting individual abuse at the tarriers from the west enclosure
  8. That's what I done with my mates when we first got our season tickets at 16 Half bottle in then straight to get a large coke and fire half in the urinal trough topped up with the voddie and drink that during the game
  9. Ladbrokes Bet At Ibrox In Club Europe

    I was under the impression that they had until the bet was closed to notify you? Otherwise it was binding? I had a similar argument with bet365 but they got out of it because they sent me a email before the match kicked off that stated it was an error and with the corrected odds. Hope you get it
  10. Scottish Cup Draw.

    6/7th Feb I think.
  11. Some Dodgy Song Choices Yesterday?
  12. Barry Douglas

    Just texted my mate that grew up down the road from his family and he says he hasn't really bothered with "supporting" a team in years but his family are bluenoses as you say mate. Turns out I was talking shite. He's a good yin.
  13. Barry Douglas

    I know he's from Pollok. Always got told he was a Tim.If not then he's awrite
  14. Barry Douglas

    Edited cause I was talking guff.
  15. We Will Never Forget.