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  1. Only way that could have been better is it had been signed off "Quis Seperabit".
  2. What a fucking statement.
  3. 80 year old was attacked by three men next to the salvation army club last night in govan about half five as well. Do t know if it's related but their all fucking scum.
  4. So will he be plane for us permanently?
  5. I wouldn't even mind that. We'd be making 5m clear and wouldn't have spent a penny apart from wages.
  6. When my daughter was born I took her in there so the bar staff could meet her. So even my one year old daughter has had a good time in there. Will be sad to see the place go but Shuggie fully deserves a rest. Probably speaks more about me though, taking the wean in to meet the bar staff 😂
  7. Fuck knows how to use the uploader. Just coming up as a link to nothing. image:35632
  8. We'll be with you?
  9. Rosevale, Windsor, Victoria and Tenement
  10. A kop style safe standing section at the Copland end. That's it. Should never change the main stand.
  11. Is that no the weekend of their Easter rising shite? Hopefully we put a right dampner on their terrorist love in.
  12. Goram free m my experience. I challenge anyone go better Andy.