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  1. It's hardly valuable game time. It will almost certainly be Law and Black in centre mid and they've just had an entire season to forge a partnership - whether you agree they did or not is immaterial as it is unlikely that a few pre-season games are going to change that. I'm not even going to respond to the last point.
  2. I can't see Jig being a permanent fixture in the starting line up this season, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I can't forsee any of our new players - Miller and Boyd especially - having any trouble fitting into plan A.
  3. They fuckin well do cream over negativity, you're one of the worst. People who lose their shit over pre-season kick abouts are not be taken seriously in my book, regardless of what has happened over the last 3 years.
  4. You STILL haven't worked out that I don't think he's much of a manager at all, have you? Maybe I should take one stock negative opinion on everything and throw in some name-calling while I'm at it. My point is that people cream over negativity on here, witness the ridiculous posts by people in the first half who suddenly disappeared when we went 2-1 up.
  5. What a load of nonsense, pre-season is about gaining match sharpness for the coming season, and to experiment with formations and players. People moan about us being too one dimensional with no plan B and then moan when we try something different in friendlies.
  6. Come on, this is what pre-season is for - to experiment with formations and players in positions, people who see us play a formation in a pre season friendly and get all upset about it need to learn to chill out a bit.
  7. Here's what McCoist said after this mornings match about the formation in the Ventura game: No, we’ll try it again. This is what preseason is all about – we’ve been working on it in training. To be honest with you in the last game we defended as poorly as we have in a long time but I actually felt we defended worse in the second half with the four in the back rather then the first half with the three & five defenders. So we’ll keep working on these things – that’s what preseason is all about. But we certainly looked better today but we still didn’t defend well in the first half with the four but it was miles better in the second half. We’ll keep working on it in the preseason & we’ll try the three, the four, the five in the back. It’s nice to have a couple of strings in your bow or you become too one dimensional. I like that answer, kind of makes a mockery of those who were adamant that he had decided on that as his formation for the season.
  8. What? Shut up. There are still another 3 pre-season games until we play Hibs. Too many Mystic Meg arseholes on here.
  9. I just looked through this thread. The 2nd half starts on page 17 or something and the disappointment when we went 2-1 up was palpable. There are certain posters on here who cream on negativity.
  10. I know you didn't, I thought you - and by extension everyone else - deserved to know what I think about it because, let's face it, that's the only reason anyone comes on here.
  11. I said both don't matter and anyone who reads anything into either is a bit of a mong.
  12. We've had 2 good perfromances and results and 2 bad performances and results seemingly with different formations each time. Which one am I supposed to read into most? I just can't bring myself to care about results in pre-season games. They mean nothing, they are glorified training exercises. The last time we won the SPL we had a horrendous pre-season - then went on and won the double and got to the last 16 of the Europa League. Nothing can be determined in these games, whether it's beating Fulham or losing to some yank mob.
  13. I just can't bring myself to care about pre-season games. They are glorified training exercise and anyone who reads anything into them is a bit of a muppet.
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