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  1. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by The Monk in SPFL Shambles   
    I really fucking hate that speccy melt Doncaster
  2. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in Premiership Fixtures 2020/2021   
    I'll bet that the old firm will be the last game in the first round of fixtures. 
    They'll be desperate for crowds to be available for it. Appease lawell again. 
  3. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by SuperLeeMcCulloch in Castore Kit Launch   
    surely could have took 5p for 'marketing purposes'
  4. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by The Moonlighter in The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. Tom Vallance.   
    We’re delighted to say that our Restoration team got back to work this weekend and have restored the stone of Rangers legend Tom Vallance. Tom rests in Hillfoot Cemetery in Glasgow.
    Tom Vallance.
    On the 27th May 1856 the Rangers great that was Tom Vallance was born.
    To quote his Rangers team-mates from the 1870’s‘’ The whole of Rangers loved him like a brother’’
    Tom was born at a small farmhouse known as Succoth near Renton in the parish of Cardross.When young he moved with his family to the Old Toll House at Shandon on the Gareloch. He came to Glasgow in the early 1870’s following the path taken by his friends whom he’d known since childhood the brothers McNeil and Campbell .
    Tom Vallance had an astonishing 60 year association with the Club,and his is an incredible CV. He was a master oarsman, a champion athlete (he set a Scottish long jump record of over 21 feet), he studied at the Glasgow School of Art, had paintings accepted by the Royal Scottish Academy and was Rangers Club Captain and President for many years.
    We have details of Tom Vallance being present at the ceremony held on 1st January 1929 which saw the opening of the Main Stand at Ibrox and also at a dinner which was held in the St.Enoch’s Hotel after a Rangers match in 1933 when we faced Sporting Club of Vienna. He was also a guest of the Club at the New Year’s Day fixture that season against celtic.
    So the lad who was present at Fleshers Haugh in 1872 is still attending Ibrox some 60 years later where the Club that he’d helped form and nurture were now playing in front of crowds in excess of 100,000.
    Tom was paid the ultimate accolade by the Club in May 1898 when he was made a life member.
    Tom Vallance was one of the originals, one of the greats.

  5. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by BlueKnight87 in SPFL Shambles   
    If we go down the route of folding the SPFL and starting a new. 
    Rangers need to push for a fully independent body. It needs to be made up of individuals with zero club interests. People actually wanting to take the game forward vs the idiots in charge now only concerned with keeping peter lawell happy. 
  6. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by SuperTav in Best Rangers goals from distance?   
    There’s Kontermannnn OH WHAT A GOAL!
    One of the standouts growing up.
  7. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by ricksen92 in Do you want the allocations back for Old Firms?   
    Quite happy the way it is. The less of them i see the happier i am.
  8. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by Inigo in Founders Trail Memories.Harry McNeil.   
    Brilliant work yet again.
  9. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by The Moonlighter in Founders Trail Memories.Harry McNeil.   
    Harry McNeil was the older brother of our Founders Moses and Peter.

    He has the distinction of having played for the Rangers in our first ever game v Callander in May 1872 on Fleshers Haugh.

    He would play for the Club again during the 1880's and was a member of the Rangers Ancients team, along with the likes of Tom Vallance,who played many exhibition and charitable matches.

    Harry would go into a business partnership with his brother Peter their H+ P McNeil sports good premises were a feature on both Union Street and Renfield Street Glasgow from the mid 1870's until 1896.

    Once he'd hung up his boots Harry was to run the Royal Hotel in Bangor County Down. He was still attending Ibrox cheering on his beloved Rangers during the early1920’s, Harry lived long enough to see us from day one on Fleshers Haugh,into Ibrox and Rangers playing in front of huge attendances.

    Harry McNeil passed in 1924.
    In 2015 our research led us to Harry’s Great Grandchildren Ann Law and Archie Stewart and sadly his unmarked grave in Rutherglen Cemetery, Also buried there are Harry’s Brother in Law Andrew Park and his daughter Annie Robertson McNeil Scott.
    The Club by way of supporting our Restoration of Rangers Graves Project agreed to purchase a stone for Harry McNeil’s final resting place,this was put in place at a dedication service in 2016. Ann and Archie were guests of the Club  at Ibrox and both remain good friends of the Founders Project.

  10. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by mrmojorisin in Daily Record/Sunday Mail   
    Dont buy it ..dont use their website..dont  post links..dont give these Rangers hating bastards nothing 
    Bleed them out 
    Fuck them 

  11. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by pollok-bear in BT SPORT 2   
    I still think if big cousin played the uefa cup final we would have had a better chance. 2 up front and played more attacking.
  12. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by B1872 in James Bisgrove - Project 2022 interview   
    Keppie is the company that are doing the refurbishment and leaked the stadium increase capacity photos.
    Long term would be unreal. 🙏🏻

  13. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by STEPPS BOY in Help needed folks   
    If the poster wants something from the club from his young boy, i will sort him something out 👍
  14. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by Burts91 in Fickle   
    We have the most fickle fanbase going. Some of the threads on here are an unbearable read, including this one. 
    players who 2 months ago were class etc are now being called shite because we have had a terrible run. 

    calling for Helander to be the saviour when a couple months ago people were calling him shite. So many keyboard tacticians who know minimal about the game or management and think players are robots. 
    We’ve been absolute dog shit for a number of reasons. We’ve stopped grinding out results but fuck me what’s the point in asking for the manager to be sacked to stop 10IAR when continuity for fucking once is the only thing that’s most likely gonna get us out of this. 
    Individual mistakes are costing us in these games, whether that be defensively or horrendous decision making in the final third. 
    celtic have literally dropped about 8 points all season. They are most likely going to finish on 100 points the way things are going. It was only a matter of time before before they pulled away when they are constantly winning games. 
    reality is they have a team of winners that know what must be done constantly. 
    confidence would also take a massive beating when referee decisions are influencing the outcome of certain games especially so many since the start of December. If a lot of us think referees are trying their best to stop us from winning how do you think the players feel constantly having to play twelve men. 
    the league season is quite clearly over but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been improvement this season once again. Continual improvement is better than continual change. Gerrard is not Warburton or Caixinha. He still needs time.
  15. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by TMB in Absolutely done with this country   
    It seems the referees have decided celtic are to win the title.  They’ll do everything they can to fuck us up.
  16. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by Hadron Collider in Gerrard and Katic Press Conference   
    When Niko talks I think of Arnold in The Terminator. 
  17. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by frenv in Five times Rangers waster Alfredo Morelos slouched around hating his job   
    Funny none of them have churned out "opinion pieces" on the child abuse scandals at celtic.
  18. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by TMB in Our plight and international depression?   
    Yes, we should've built a young exciting team playing a modern brand of attacking football that's what we all wanted.  But, McCoist absolutely fucked it and it was our club who suffered as a result of it.  That McCoist demanded a full years wage (something like £700k) rather than do the right thing and just walk was unforgivable.  The damage that guy done set us back years but we're coving old ground here.  
  19. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by SeparateEntityMyArse in Another Bear gone too soon.   
    Sory to hear this buddy. Condolences to you, family and friends. RIP Andrew.
  20. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by Bears r us in Another Bear gone too soon.   
    My brother in law Andrew,  who was a good Rangers man and only 56 years old, and had been battling a rare brain condition and dementia for the last few years passed away this afternoon. His kidneys failed last weekend and we were told this last Monday that he would only last a couple of days. When he was still with us this morning my wife insisted I should go to the game, which I did with a rather heavy heart. 
    I noticed a voice message at half time form my wife saying Andrew had passed away at about 3pm, I stayed a wee while but knew I had to get back home and to be honest it is the first game I have been to that somehow I did not feel right about being there. A very strange game for me, but all being well I will be back on Thursday night knowing Andrew is no longer suffering.
    Andrew had been in a Care Home since August 2017 because he needed 24 hr care, unfortunately he never really accepted his condition and that made caring for him much more difficult, we visited twice a week and took him out when the weather was OK in his wheelchair, but the last few weeks it seemed he was getting worse and while losing a close family member is very sad and especially at his age, but we know his suffering is over and that we did everything we could for him, and that is indeed a comfort at this time. 
    The last time we saw Andrew reasonably happy with his life was when the Care Home arranged a visit to Ibrox in May 2018 on one of the tours, we were concerned he might not cope with it and we both went along just in case we had to take him back, but he seemed to love it and that is one of the memories we will keep in our minds over the next few weeks and months. 
    Rest easy Andrew, your team did you proud today. 
  21. castlemilk bear liked a post in a topic by Bigsasasfloppyhair in Anyone else think Aribo will be our best transfer business ever?   
    No, our best transfer business ever was getting a player of Brian Laudrups quality to come to Scotland.
    He was and I’ve no doubt be the best player I’ll ever watch in a Rangers top.
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