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  1. Fredo and Docherty bust up?

    About time some of you clueless cunts realised you are part of the problem.
  2. Bates is off

    Mark Allen is fucking clueless. Anyone who thinks he matters is wrong.
  3. Bates is off

    Lol. 😂
  4. Bates is off

    No they aren't. They are going down.
  5. Bates is off

    Not at all. Wank club.
  6. Bates is off

    Hamburg are fucking shite and going down. Good.
  7. Bates is off

    Move will be a disaster and will be back with Raith next season.
  8. Windass Hits Back On Twitter

    Some fucking wankers support this club.
  9. Rossiter

    Spot on. It's pathetic and says everything about the people dishing it out.
  10. Halliday

    This place makes unbearable reading at times. Some absolute cunts on here.
  11. Halliday

    Some of you lot are fucking mental. Never fucking happy.
  12. Halliday

    Yeah let's single out Halliday when the new hero (based on what fuck only knows) was absolutely shite and the invisible man before being subbed off.
  13. The wife of lennon

    Fucking cunt
  14. "A Thank You"

    Good luck mate. Sounds like you are battling with huge bravery. We are all rooting for you. Take care.
  15. Rangers Observer On Wilson

    It's really not.