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  1. Tav

    Fantastic news.
  2. Hardie to Livingston

    Lol. I meant just at Rangers.
  3. Hardie to Livingston

    Sad to see but I guess if the man who knows him as well as anyone won't play him then his career is over.
  4. Could we see another of these?

    Any win will do. To be honest, I think days of double figures are long gone. Once teams get 5 up these days they revert to training session pace, keep ball, etc, instead of continuing to go for goals. Not ruthless enough.
  5. Best window since Walter returned?

    This thread is mental.
  6. Pubs in Manchester showing the Fraserburgh game?

    Pubs show live football?
  7. Welcome to Rangers Russell Martin

    Good, proven, signing, unlike the one yesterday.
  8. A bit of realism

    Totally agree with the OP.
  9. Our squad

  10. I'm mystified why suddenly this is a good window for us? A week ago, the signing of Goss attracted dogs abuse and the only other signing so far is Murphy. We haven't seen either of them play in anything resembling a football match but suddenly everything is ok. Dont get me wrong, I'm liking the optimism and positivity but the lurch from one opinion to another is mind boggling.
  11. Lee Wallace

  12. Lee Wallace

    It's a squad game.
  13. This place just gets worse.
  14. Easter Road

    Fucking shit hole. Shit club, shit fans, shit ground, just fucking shit.