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  1. He will be just fine. Has a very bright future ahead of him.
  2. Really really excited. First game since my illness and can't wait. 3-0
  3. Not for me. I follow Melbourne City and watch all their games on BT Sport. ??
  4. Never got a run in the side. Hope he does well at Gloomfield Road
  5. We do not have a divine right to be successful. The sooner some fans take this on board the more chance of success we have.
  6. I am in a good place and am optimistic about the future. However, I still feel that too many fans will as ever go into hyper hate mode as soon as a result goes against us so this type of thread is pointless.
  7. You are absolutely fucking clueless.
  8. I didn't want him and he's done little to dissuade me since.
  9. Good on you. You will get your reward. Eventually. ?
  10. Fucking hell, if Sket is happy I am fucking delirious
  11. Can only speak for myself but it is not about Gerrard the name. I didn't even like him as a player and I dislike scousers. Thing is, he is a big name and he has had the courage to step out of a safe sleepy job to take on a club at it's lowest ebb. Sometimes you have to act on your instincts and my instinct is that this is going to fucking work big fucking time. Onwards and upwards.
  12. Give it a fucking rest and concentrate on us for fucking once.
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