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  1. Back to pitch an putt target golf next week somewhere roasting and wind free back in the US of A. for Holmes.
  2. Fleetwood really not getting close to lowry any time he gets back to within 4 he fucks it.
  3. No excuses this season, hammer these fukers every game we play them.
  4. Just go back to the 80’s and open the wee shop on the corner and we can all pile 5 deep shouting like fuk to get served!
  5. So, they value rogic at £19 mill, yet were happy with 9 for van dijk. van dijk is a fantastic player, everybody could see it, what makes them think rogic is worth twice? crazy bastards.
  6. A good player, and I think he would do well n England. Be excellent if he left.
  7. I mind when I got the original. There was no cr Smith sponsor on it, iirc you could buy the sponsor logo and iron it on to the top yourself at home. got my granny to do it(was living with her at the time) changed days indeed. 😂
  8. Talented girl, obviously loves football, but I think she should stick to women’s football. if they had carragher and Neville commentating on the women’s game, I couldn’t take them seriously. Wtf would they know about the women’s game? its the same game, yes, but it’s also different. not being sexist. I’d expect Alex Scott to know about the game at this level. dublin is now the token male it seems.
  9. I’m lucky, seen Rangers in the 80’s, 90’s 00’s and today. however, the 86 team..😲 1986-87 season. woods nicholl, McPherson, butcher, munro ferguson, durrant, souness, cooper mccoist, fleck,
  10. Think your right here. my nephew, he’s only 8, but plays for both Stenhousemuir 2010’s (local team)on a Saturday and also plays for Hearts on a Sunday, training at Riccarton on a Friday night. Been there for a year, and most of the kids that age are like him. they actually follow players, not clubs. my nephew likes the usual Messi, ronaldo, Dybala, mbappe etc. He cuts about in strips with these players on it, no interest in any clubs as such. a lot of young ones seem to be like that. Just seems different for youngsters now to me.
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