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  1. barrymorrison1

    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    Say what u want about jose, he can set up to get big results. usual Jose at the end mind you. 😃
  2. barrymorrison1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Was at hospitality at Stenhousemuir yesterday for an annual day out with family and friends (my local team) and one of the directors was in chatting to us yesterday,who was at a league meeting recently where celtic had put forward a motion for all grass length to no more than 30mm supposedly. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is correct. everything to suit themselves.
  3. barrymorrison1

    Daily Mail out the filth

    Maybe I’m old now, but why can’t, and why does nobody question these people on their views? they, (Walker, Sutton for example) have a platform to air their views, opinions week in and out, but nobody questions their ability to air their views or opinions impartially, and if you do,they are called racist, or a bigoted typical fan who can’t comment objectively. so, playing for a football club previously, having a job in the mainstream media, makes you an absolute expert on what, and what should not be discussed, and that their opinions and views are always right? i just can’t understand why these people are not questioned on their actual ability to air opinions fairly. ( I don’t particularly buy into the sky, bt are all biased etc mentality) im all for inpartial views, but these cretins, and others of the same ilk are just justifying their jobs, and position of favour within the support that used to pay their wages.
  4. barrymorrison1

    **** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

    I’ve said for a few years, coaching abilities and an eye for a player, he is pretty good at. Once he’s near a football pitch he becomes a total lunatic. He has no self control, hence why he always gets dogs. every manager will have an episode of unruly behaviour, he has one almost every game!
  5. barrymorrison1


    If you listen to Mcinnes yesterday, he says in corners they said to either get the ball in front of goldson, or behind him.. as they expected him to win every header. He also says their first few corners goldson won everything and only once, their goal, did they bypass him. not once did he mention McGregor, but I understand f people question his box positioning. he was like that 10 years ago, he won’t change.
  6. barrymorrison1

    Ryan Jack

    Ejaria doesn’t pass. He holds in to the ball too long.
  7. barrymorrison1

    Ryan kent

    Not disputing you, I agree, but every manager does it. Rogic gets hooked every game, as did ozil for years. It was just an opinion.
  8. barrymorrison1

    Ryan kent

    Might be because it was his first game since the tattie bowl, hitch was said before the game was 7.5 weeks ago. Possibly tired and keeping him for Sunday as well, if arfield still out.
  9. barrymorrison1

    Loan Manager

    Think I’d take Dodoo ahead of sadiq right now though.. although the club know better I’d assume.
  10. barrymorrison1

    8 years ago today

    I actually liked Davie provan. He was not just in old firm games, but in most games, he called it as he saw it, I think he’d be good back commentating on the big games in our league.
  11. barrymorrison1


    A workhorse. Tries his heart out normally but lacks in quality. If McKay had his desire to work he’d probably still be at Rangers. Imo of course.
  12. barrymorrison1


    Bit off topic to katic, but is this boy worrell better than mcauley? I’ve yet to see him play, I’m assuming he is injured, and if he is, did we sign him injured?
  13. barrymorrison1

    The Buffalo of Buchanan street

    L Lafferty will be tracking her down on social media soon.
  14. barrymorrison1

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Dropped or injured today? whats the score with this Gareth mcauley.. is he here to play or just a coach now?
  15. barrymorrison1

    Sir Bradley Wiggins

    Quiet funny.. Jim was waxing all morning about sir Bradley being in the studio, and how proud and honoured he was, meanwhile basically leaving bob mills, his every day pal, in the shadows, then asks brad your not just a Liverpool fan, your a Rangers fan, Brad says yeah, basically why he was ( all about Gazza in the 90’s,) then calls out Jim your a Rangers fan too Jim eh? Lot of spluttering and coughing., tupical. meanwhile back in 2008 my wife and son were on the flight to Barcelona for the return match against Barca in the cl, and the team were at the front, the press were amongst the rest and your man Jim was mortal with the flight singing Jim whyte sing us the sash.. today he’s an ambulance chaser, offended at everything embarrassed by nothing.., Sounds familiar that mentality..