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  1. Ok, fair play on that, You never specified getting rid of, by meaning selling, but even then, I’d bet it’ll cost more to replace they 2 than we would recoup from selling.
  2. Your aff yer heid. pick a better goalie than McGregor and a left back in Barisic , who we already have, and you sir have probably spunked the budget.
  3. I disagree. 8 players? to me, your saying celtic have 8 better players in their first team than our first team, at present. if that’s true, I can’t think of that many. id defo say McGregor, morelos and barisic would walk in their team, but not one other get in theirs ahead of what they have? im not so sure. End of the day it’s 3 games we blew up in, its consistency in mind set that’s required as well as a little fine tuning. Just my opinion mind you, and not a dig, just as I see it.
  4. Hammer throwers against hammer throwers. if true going away slightly from the European game we seem to be better at, at this time.
  5. Exactly, with mckay garner and miller up top? 😮😫
  6. I’ve said it from the minute I saw the team lines that day we went to the tattie bowl that although warburton was a nice guy, came across well, no cunt, and I’m including Walter in this would have went there just promoted, and had only jus beat them 4 month earlier in the scsf, Barton blowing his trumpet about him being best in the league, and Rodgers first old firm game. walter never took a team there on 4-3-3 when we were an outstanding team, far less an untried one in the top league. i was actually amazed that David weir let him do it, as I’ve been friendly with Davies wife for years as she is from my area, (as he is tbf) she used to be my hairdresser, and always said he was never a yes man, and I’m astounded he let warburton go like that, on that day. I do think Barton was right about what happened that day, but obviously he shouldn’t have went the way he did about the set up at that time.
  7. Watch the Gascoigne docu on Netflix if you have or, or haven’t seen it. he was incredible.. I’m of an age where he was the best player of our (British) era, and probably outwith 1 tackle would have become the best midfielder in Europe. I’m so glad he played for Rangers, his clubs are very, very impressive in his career, but if he had went to man united in 88, they would have won the league before 93. the English players and media still wank over him, we were lucky to get him.
  8. Thank god I got to see Davie Cooper then, cause Laudrup would be a brilliant sub when Davie ran out of gas.
  9. Steve mclaren was on a podcast yesterday on talkSPORT due to a tech glitch with hawksbee and Jacobs. its about his career basically, but his time at Man U was interesting says he got there (after being convinced to leave derby by his manager to actually go to Man U) on his first day he asked SAF what he wanted him to do, and fergie replied “well you should know what to That’s why your here.” he never asked him again, used to stay up till 3 in the morning devising the next days coaching drills, and only expected to last 2 years as Ferguson always evolved. thats why like them or loathe them United were incredible. It will always be about SAF.
  10. Denmark 86. remember it well. they had a very good team as well.
  11. He’s actually having a fly dig here imo. he knows that interview with him accusing Dunfermline of lying down was on the tv last night. At the best, he’s taking the piss out of himself, but most likely nodding to the tarriers that follow him that he still believes Dunfermline “lay down”.
  12. Timo Werner at Leipzig is only 24. could be outstanding for the next 8 years. I think he’ll move very soon to a very top club.
  13. New England patriots super bowl win v the falcons in 2017 comes to mind. arsenal needing to win by 2 clear goals, and beating Liverpool by 2-0 to win the league, at anfield I 1989 on goal difference in the last game of the season.
  14. Bryan Robson. a one man team for man united in the 80’s, and carried England at times.
  15. Youri djorkaeff nemanja Vidic. david platt. tbf, there are loads, it’s how an individual sees them as a player I suppose.
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