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    Not disagreeing with you, you could very well be right, but maybe the personnel available are not suited to what we were doing, the pitch may be a factor, Morelos is a different kind of player to Defoe, and I believe we miss tav when he didn’t play (although it’s not often) cant see why we didn’t stick with Flanagan at left back and try polster, at least to see what he can do. (I’m sure he’s a right back?) Hes been here since January he must be ready.
  2. No doubt we will be back at this shithole early next season. this shower and hibs results have fucked us this season. must learn for next season.
  3. Killie in 3rd because of negative football and a horrendous pitch.
  4. Great season. my first real season going to games. Was only 15. motherwell, celtic, hearts, Aberdeen away were brilliant days on the bus.
  5. Great player. Always plays and I can’t recall him getting injured much. tbf, great bit of business by warburton at the time.
  6. Exactly. Nobody has yet asked him to his face in a presser why he was sacked from hibs. Strange little country we are in. id love to blag my way into one of these things and ask him why he was sacked, were u fighting with your own players? probably removed right away, but I’d love to see somebody have the balls to do it. no, these wee jobs worth’s are too busy protecting their jobs instead of asking the difficult questions.
  7. Both players have strengths and weaknesses. robertson started at Queen’s Park, then Dundee hibs, then hull then Liverpool reserves, before Liverpool first team. TAA I’ve not got a back line on him, but as he’s only 20,I’d imagine he’s progressed through Liverpool’s academy. robertson is the defensive left back we all strive for.. pace, dig, desire, fitness. TAA is a bit flip side of that coin imo. cool, still fast, pass constructive, attack minded. perfect combination.
  8. Lukakus best first touch is not even as good as some of these players worst first touch.
  9. Valencia are a tidy team. couple good set plays there. they should have spanked the tarriers by a barrowload.
  10. Messi.- ronaldo Messi, greatest player that’s ever played the game. ronaldo. Phenomenal goal scorer.
  11. Bizarre game. liverpool well in it, yet 3 down.
  12. He never actually said it, he just gave the impression that he might be away. he was just going on about he’s not sure why’s he’s not in the team, just keep working hard etc. its maybe more of an impression I got from it tbf. it was after 2 hours of hospitality so, I may personally have read it wrong. did say he not getting any younger, wants to play, preferably at Rangers, but again, wants to play. he defo looked stunned and sad tbf. we all at our table all commented it quite strange that he was put in that position round the suite/s. we were in the argyle suite.
  13. Was at hospitality yesterday and lafferty was in doing some q&a. Basically hinted he’s off in the summer, although doesn’t want to leave. Looked gutted to be fair.
  14. I’m convinced he’ll be back at hertz.
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