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  1. Correct. Was well put in his place and had to back track about an hour later after i assume a lot of facts being presented. clown.
  2. Never saw the game till the last 10 mins, but the commentator said before the time went up there was going to be considerable injury time. were Dundee time wasting, as I’m sure refs add that on if they suspect teams are at it.
  3. I’ve said it before in here, this shit will win the league without playing a striker since December. 10 points clear and griffiths Not played since before Christmas. its sickening.
  4. 6 points in injury time won against killie hertz and Dundee. Sickening
  5. Messi v Ronaldo. one is the possibly greatest footballer ever, while the other is possibly the greatest goalscorer ever.
  6. Fully expect a severe tarrier love in at he tattie bowl to welcome back “Lenny” aberdeen will make it a right good day as well for the bassas.
  7. That’s 3 draws in a row against them Couple that with how we struggle against killie in the league and there’s 6-10 points right there.
  8. Probably lost that a few months ago. Not happy about certain things, but it was always going to be a tricky tie. Hioefully we turn up at Ibrox unlike the last time.
  9. Spent a lot of time In a Spanish jail honing his skills. he is a class a tarrier.. looks like one, acts like one, is one.. his next job if he actually gets one, is a ground worker laying tar.. obviously.
  10. Wonder if the thumb will be back before the end of the season. Doubt it tbf, as no mention of him getting back to training, but imagine him and popcorn teef in the same changing room? Ffs, that would be a sight, as both are one meltdown from the straight jacket.
  11. It will end when instead of steam rolling shite 4 and 5 nothing when we are on it, we sneak 2-1 wins when we are crap. thats4 points gained in injury time for they cunts when it should have been a draw both games. They always find a way. time Rangers found a way when they struggling in games.
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