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  1. Not sure about the handball. If it doesn’t get deflected by silvas hand, it doesn’t go near Alexander Arnold. so, can you give a pen for that, although it’s deflected by a hand by silva in the first place, I personally think play on was the correct call, but that’s just me as a neutral watching the game.
  2. Beat dykes every time in the air, won almost every tackle. Good positioning. just my opinion on it, but he was superb today.
  3. I don’t agree with you, Check his actual stats. scored big goals, against big teams, at big times. tarriers, home an away, Europe home an away, Cup finals, cup semi finals, national team goals v Italy Germany England to name a few. boyd is top scorer, flat track bully. walter picked miller every big fukin game Rangers played, Boyd hardly played big games, played mostly against the shite and hoovered up the the goals. funny how novo and miller have a great record against the tarriers and Boyd doesn’t.. yeah, Miller was guff, to average , as you say son.
  4. I’m sure a year or so before Ferguson signed for Rangers, there was a story about his Christmas wage, and it was only about £250 after fines and stuff, and he was the best young player at the club, possibly in the country at the time!
  5. No point smashing pish 4/5/6 nothing then drawing the next week. Every time we go top we blow it the next game.
  6. Another team that just lump it in the mixer most of the time.
  7. Mmmm.. my son is a policeman, he’s only 25, based in Alloa. That is a fuckin shithole. i can assure you, he, and a few others are good Rangers supporters, but down there, football loyalty means fuck all. i just hope he and his colleagues get home every day, youve no idea until your in the eye of the storm he tells me. these cunts in these areas are looking to harm/ kill the police officers. His mother and I are proud, and shit scared at the same time. only takes one lunatic..
  8. We all get like that. 90 seconds from a good draw against a decent team away from home on a poor pitch. not outplayed. Just a couple mistakes cost us. Gutting, but not a disaster. the fact we are gutted shows we are only a few tweaks away from where we strive to be
  9. Don’t apologise. You’ve cleared up your opinion. 👍
  10. I think your a bit emotional at the moment no mind the petrofuck it’s name cup final v raith? time for perspective I think, Disappointing night, yes, but calm down ffs.
  11. Any points.. at all, or away? What do you mean?
  12. Said at pre season, I think we will need to win 28-30 games this season to win it. IMO of course.
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