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  1. I agree, Year’s since I done the Ibrox tour, probably about 20,and was awe inspired at the time, also done a more personal tour of Barcelona 15 year ago, ( long story but my bro in law worked for Barca at the time as a translator, as he stayed there because he worked for the British council in Barca and free lanced to them). That was a great tour, and still is. im doing the spurs tour in November when I’m down for the tennis at the O2, and spurs are doing it multiple times s day, every day at the moment. Rangers really need to, as mentioned, get a steady daily stream of visitors through the stadium, generating new income, new fan base, and as the Americans always do, leave through the souvenir/club shop, once we get that shit in order too. hopefully this is a total goer and not just hot air.
  2. And tell him to tell Kent to stop bulking up, as s few were mentioning in the match thread how he’d beefed up a bit. obviously too many protein shakes, and leg squates taking it’s toll.
  3. Cardiff get the boy salah for 15 mill(not going into obviously what happened to him), who had s decent record in the French league. now, edouard, who blows a bit hot and cold, is worth twice the amount, although playing in a far weaker league. doesnt make sense, but typical of the overhype they players get. best team to have never won the CL the prices their players get touted at. Also, why’s Brenda no been back cherry picking the best undiscovered players in world football yet?
  4. Probably where we were at the time. today, same age? I’m not sure he’d have moved, although very hard to predict. remeber Lewis McLeod that went to Brentford for decent money, think about £900k, we were all a bit disappointed he left, but could understand the money on offer, and the step up, at the time. nothing against the boy, but where is he now? bo idea how things pan out when kids leave clubs. Robertson, for example from the tarriers.
  5. I’m happy to have him back, I really am. but, Liverpool have played a blinder here. theyve got 7million for a player they obviously thought was not good enough for them(mind you, not a lot of forward players could get in that team at the minute). His value is, to me, based on his record against them. If he keeps up his level against them, and upgrades performances against other sides, who tend to sit in a bit more, I’ll be more than happy. I know this is how the loan system works, but Liverpool have got £7 million for basically sending the boy away to us, in a weaker league, and got more than likely a higher fee, and done very nearly fuck all for it, if he had been at any other club in England. it is what it is, just hope he can deliver again, and more.
  6. Think I know what u mean on this, but since 2008 it seems to have worked for him, maybe it actually isn’t a gimmick after all?
  7. Heard Kevin Kyle on talkSPORT the day with mccoist.. joking and laughing all round. typical of those days.
  8. Not disagreeing with you, but if you look at Scotland’s midfield , he probably should get in. i think Clarke will choose him, but it looks like he’s now in direct competition with Mctomminey for that defensive role? which is unfortunate, as McGregor, McLean, Fraser prob will start games if fit in the rest of that midfield (as I see it tbf) bot bothered if he doesn’t play, but I’m sure as a player, he probably would love to be playing for his country.
  9. I’m old enough to remember from 87 onwards in European matches. dynamo Kiev, Bayern, steau, Leeds, then Marseille etc. some stellar names, ocasionally stellar performances. im convinced Walter in his heyday used to set up on a Wednesday against a juventus or an Ajax, with the same team from the Saturday against a Motherwell or a st Johnstone. it wasn’t till he went to Everton and Scotland he realised he couldn’t go toe to toe with these teams, even though he believed in Goram, gough, Steven, Mccoist, Hateley, gascoigne. In 2008 he realised, to me, the system worked better than the personnel, and look where we went. im convinced Gerrard has picked up those skills as a player in an above average Liverpool team, under a couple of outstanding managers, and spoke to Walter as well now he’s our Manager. Last 15 months we’ve actually looked and turned up like a Rangers team for years. and the green an grey know it.
  10. Broon, thumb, popcorn and now lurch.. what a group, 🤮😂🇬🇧
  11. Him McGregor Morelos tav Goldson and Katic should start every game if fit just now. the rest deserve to fight over the other 5 Slots.
  12. Said it before. from day 1 Gerrard said Jack is his go to guy. always plays the big games. Folk on here always question him. 😫. put it this way, he came here for nothing , so how much should we spend to get an “upgrade” then?
  13. Manager said yesterday the squad a bit heavy, or words tonyhst effect. ie, to me, far too many midfielders trying to tie down about 7 first team squad slots. Some good players in that list, who could do a job for a few good sides.
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