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  1. Bryan Robson. a one man team for man united in the 80’s, and carried England at times.
  2. Youri djorkaeff nemanja Vidic. david platt. tbf, there are loads, it’s how an individual sees them as a player I suppose.
  3. Stanley Mathews. Bobby Moore Zenidene Z idane. Kenny Dalglish. every one an icon for different reasons, not just as a footballer.
  4. I agree, although his best football was when candeias was playing in front of him imo.
  5. I agree with you on my memories of that time. I also recall Hateley was an absolute beast at that time, and had a great partnership with McCoist, limiting his chances of playing which wouldn’t have helped him. your right, given the same support at Rangers as he was at Everton, he’d surely have been a fantastic player for us.
  6. Yeah, your right, get another manager in, rip it up, sell 12.,bring in 20, struggle like fuck, 10 in a row by Xmas, rinse and repeat by December.
  7. These cunts are trying to see out the manager. i can’t believe players of Scottish football standard will se off Steven Gerrard. the only thing I’ll take from this is this is only chance they will have got, and had to play for a massive club, hope they realise, in the last 20 years, only van bronckhorst, Reyna, Ferguson, guttuso , laudrup and Gascoigne have played at this level or above. this is the it for most of these players.
  8. Hard to say, but you could be right. the trophy monkey would be off his and our backs, possibly making them more hungry. still hard to fathom we lost that game.
  9. Plus other teams will expect them to find a way, Making them nervous, where they know we can’t, making them confident. that comes from continuosly winning.
  10. Walter. the greatest I’ve ever seen.
  11. We are believe it or not good against better European teams than the dross in the spfl. its getting the balance that’s the key.
  12. Exactly what I was thinking.
  13. They have won treble treble. Its going for quadruple treble.
  14. Eh.. I disagree. he’s atmited responsibility would you prefer if he didn’t?
  15. A lot of upset people in here tonight like myself i said 6 months ago we will need 90+points to win this. we wil prob get 90 points, but might not be cc enough. thibk we need. 95 to win this! 😫
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