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  1. barrymorrison1

    Scott Allan to Hibs again.

    A decent player who made the mistake of his life joining the green and grey. hardly done anything of note since he joined them from Hibs. Last 4 years his career has stalled. if he’d actually came to Rangers who know where he’d be just now, but he would definitely got into the first team right away at the time. Is this to bolster Hibs squad or to replace Mallen, who looks like a decent player and could get more money else where.
  2. barrymorrison1

    Ryan Jack and Kevin Thomson

    I actually used to think Kevin Thomson reminded me of Jeremy Clement for the short time he was at the club. maybe because they were both left footed that reminded of him.
  3. barrymorrison1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Who actually comes up with these numbers? Do these experts actually have hard evidence clubs, in this instance, Liverpool would pay £24 million for a player who is talented, yes, but realistically improving Liverpool’s squad?
  4. barrymorrison1

    Andy Murray Retires

    Watch the Wimbledon victory from 2013 back. I’m no expert but he basically, imo of course just kept the ball in play saying I’m fitter than you, I’ll outrun you, you will make mistakes before me. That 12-18 month after the us open win he had his number big time.
  5. barrymorrison1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Hard games, on plastic. Shouldn’t be an excuse though. Full tilt every game should be enough to win these types of fixtures.
  6. barrymorrison1

    Frank Ribery and the gold steak.

    Huey Morgan fae Fun Lovin Criminals.
  7. barrymorrison1


    Trying to launder the funds for his wages
  8. barrymorrison1

    Which players will leave as a result of signings

    Add Jason holt to that. hope the thing with McCrorie is just paper talk.
  9. barrymorrison1

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    A couple of good games if he plays and he’ll be back in, typical Scotland.
  10. barrymorrison1

    Live stream Rangers youth v Schalke 1005 Sunday U.K. time

    My friend’s son is the goalie. Nicky Hogarth. know his mum well, Jennifer. her ex, the lads dad is myles Hogarth, former Falkirk and hearts keeper. Their other son jay is also a goalie at Rangers. 👍. glad to see him doing well. He was on loan at east Stirling last month for experience and they let him return early so he could travel with Rangers to this tourney.
  11. barrymorrison1

    Beaton calls in the police

    Terrible actions from the tarriers, but they’ve done it before. i have done work for Craig Thompson, been in his house loads of times, have dealt with him on numerous occasions. ive never ever felt the need to tell any cunt where he exactly stays, or post it on the net with his number, even after a bad game or decisions. these cunts are incredible. Rodgers never even mentioned the ref after the game, just going on about the best team won. imagine if he slated the ref. They’d be even worse the night. utter scum.
  12. barrymorrison1

    Murphy and Dorrans

    Rossiter, Murphy, dorrans, Docherty, Holt. ejaria and Kent. 7 midfielders/attacking midfielders, 5 of whom are our own who are injured or out on loan, and 2 who are not our own, and 1 of them sent back home. between that lot only Kent has, and will see any real football for us this season imo.
  13. I’ll be honestly amazed if anything is done to them ever. Nothing has happened for 40 years, I doubt it will change now. Nobody in power of the authorities wants a serious investigation as they are all tarriers themselves. Only something like when the FBI got involved with the World Cup/fifa fiasco, would maybe see some serious investigating getting done. Until then nothing will happen. nobody that I know that doesn’t support us or them even talk about it.
  14. barrymorrison1

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    9th minute at the tattie bowl the night no doubt.
  15. barrymorrison1

    Barcelona and Real Madrid not that good this season?

    I could be wrong, but is Isco not injured?