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  1. Liverpool should go for a straight swap with Tav with their equally suspect right back with those kind of stats, So TTA can come up here for experience, and learn how to be humiliated by your own support, treated like a failure by the country’s media, but then burst out crying the first sign of injury or interest elsewhere.
  2. Thought there were a load of posters in here want rid of our Captain? Or have I been seeing crazy hacked posts in the last couple years?
  3. I love talkSPORT, It’s not just a median for the epl, or Rangers and celtic, but this fool is on there regularly, giving his opinion, remember, it’s an opinion He claims to be a st mirren fan, stays in Falkirk (previously Larbert) so his only target for work is Rangers and celtic, though mostly recently Rangers. he is a cock. I met him in a pizza takeaway 10 year ago in Larbert (Stenhousemuir/Falkirk) he buying 4 big pizzas, chips etc.. nothing wrong with that , but sitting on his phone talking about Scottish football amongst total strangers in a pizza place, I’m amazed he’s still employed by a national tabloid. I hate this cunt, and I’m raging H and J in talkSPORT give this cunt oxygen, I know why they do, they are needing to dig deeper with these cunts 😡
  4. Don’t know how we can , unless it’s a home game? most games are away or a game v them on sky not sure what clout we have though.
  5. Some amazing answers. aleays hard to say. Game. Tight between sc sf v tarriers 2016 and rugby parl title win. Same emotions for 2 different reasons. goal. Prob McKay v the tarriers in the sf. Player. Always McGregor. broke ma heart when he left, as a 45 yo man when he resigned in 2018, i was acting like a teenager. love this guy almost as much as Davie Cooper, and coops is the greatest player I’ve ever seen in the flesh.
  6. Is that not an old pic from last season when he got hit by Dom ball at Aberdeen? seems the same to me.
  7. I’d say they knew it was coming and got him in for an op ASAP. to my knowledge nobody from them actually says Christie was injured, needing time off etc, till these 2 appear the day. a ban coming, let’s get him in for an op.
  8. Easy to say in hindsight, but see when Morelos got the ball to run throughout goal, I was shouting go to the corner flag and waste time. if only he done that, then no sending off and no gestures, possible extra ban etc. just a tim meltdown, and not the witch-hunt we will see ramped up over the coming days. sending off spoiled it, but I think it’s gonna get a lot worse over the next few days with them looking for Alfie to get an even longer ban. Hope I’m wrong though.
  9. Ok. Fair enough. I’m just hoping he comes home every night/day. it is a minefield out there, and he hates where he’s actually based. who’d be a polis? probably wouldn’t be one now if he knew the shit that goes on once in tbf.
  10. No idea, I’ll ask him, but it seems standard that one (anybody) can shout an bawl like fuck about getting lifted, then start on about human rights etc. i was at his passing out parade 13 months ago, what a dY that was, and what a speech by the current police Scotland commander. bsdically you’ll get treated like shit, spat on, swore at, abused, but the first people cunts phone when stuff goes south. 👊🏿🇬🇧
  11. You do have a bad rep of our police. tell u what son, my lad is a Policeman, he’s only 25, he’s fucking Rangers daft, as are most of his colleagues. See yezterday, he had to steam into a tarrier cesspit and calm the cunts down, without showing any bias. i won’t show or let on where he’s based. But on Xmas day we had dinner at half 12, cause he was back shift... taking over from the night shift looking after some stinking wee tarrier cow he and his shift had to lift on Xmas eve as she was full of bevvy knocking fuck out of her tarrier partner. shr tried to fight the guys calling them H** polis etc, funny she hit the meat wagon face first on the way in, and was in the cells to Friday 🇬🇧 yes, you can slag the police, but I’ve seen from my son first hand, and met a few of his colleagues, they are getting an unfair rep on a lot of occasions.
  12. I agree. Now killie no longer pay him, and he’s not a player at all, he can now call out things as he sees it, without getting into trouble from his employer, other clubs or the sfa.
  13. It was bad before 2014, it’s shambolic now. the natsi party and their drive for independence at all costs have driven a wedge so wide in the people of this country, add football rivalry to it, and your right. this country is a cesspit. best small country in the world? dont f&cking think so!
  14. He fits the system well with those players. coukd be a different player if they sold him on or one or not of the other 2, the guy that does the South American slot on talkSPORT on a Wednesday afternoon on h and j, says he often looks lost in the national team. maybe just very suited to Liverpool and English football.
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