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AEK Could Be Kicked Out Of Europe Today


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AEK ATHENS could this morning be kicked OUT of Europe.

A day of riots and mayhem in Greece could now see Peter Houston and his Dundee United side handed a walkover into the Europa League group stages.

SunSport revealed yesterday that the pitch at Athens' Olympic Stadium was ruled unplayable and the game would have to be staged elsewhere.

Yesterday AEK saw a host of options tumble before they finally struck a deal to stage the match at city rivals Panionios.

That decision sparked riots from seething Panionios fans and last night raging punters broke into the Nea Smyrni Stadium and trashed it.

Goalposts were destroyed, the pitch was left ruined and the dugouts were ripped apart.

Horrified Panionios president Kostantinos Takiris said: "This vandalism attack to our stadium goes beyond any logical reasoning.

"The people who have done this act are hooligans and they do not represent Panionios.

"We are against any act of hooliganism."

Last night AEK President Stavros Adamidis was making desperate calls to the Greek FA for help to avoid his side being booted out of the Europa League and handed a massive UEFA fine for this chaos.

AEK were facing a logistical nightmare before the attack on the ground.

They had sold 13,500 tickets to their own fans with 500 United fans expected on top of that, but Panionios' ground holds just 11,500.

That left United chairman Stephen Thompson concerned about fans' safety and after asking the SFA for advice, United's party will be accompanied to Greece by the SFA head of security Derek Kirkwood.

UEFA have also appointed Dutch official Harry Been - head of the Netherlands 2018 World Cup bid - to attend as an independent advisor.

Furious Thompson, who spent £50,000 upgrading Tannadice to UEFA standards, said: "I'm extremely unhappy but we will do as instructed by UEFA."

United boss Houston insists his players won't be affected by a late change to the venue.

He said: "We've done all our set plays, the team is picked and the players know what they've got to do."

Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/3110533/Pitch-battle.html#ixzz0xZnXWvNV

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Theres a video :lol: Totally crazy http://www.sport-fm.gr/videos/1783

13,000 tickets sold but a capacity of 11,500 :P My mates going tommorow on the official charter plane with dundee united players £650 for 2 nights. That would be weird going on a plane with the players :lol:

Also be good to get them in the group stages might get a bigish team in dundee :) I think sevilla are in it now :)

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Greeks are nutters. I loved how over Summer they were rioting over austerity measures but one of the reasons they had such a massive debt was because there is widespread tax evasion.

Aye.............................a fuckin married wan o them!

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Am I correct in assuming it would be an automatic 3-0 victory to Dundee Utd if the Greeks do not have a suable pitch to play on?

Yes :P they had until 4pm today then got it extended because they wanted to put it 300km away and UEFA didnt alow it, then the new ground in athens announced now its trashed i expect to see AEK booted out :)

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I remember once reading how a Panathanaikos fan tried to firebomb a coach load of fans from either AEK or Olympiacos. Anyway they caught him beat him with bats, iron bars and shoved a broomstick with deep heat on it up his arse, hog tied him and left him on the side of the road in a remote mountainous area...

Oh the banter!

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This is so wrong. Why would they kick them out, theres plenty of other stadiums in Athens. That swedish bastards AIK fans throwed stones and broke some of the windows of the Levski Sofia bus last week and yet they were not even punished doh.

Ah well, that prick Lennart Johansson is not from Greece (tu)

Pic of the Levski bus right after the game with AIK:


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AEK-Dundee at Karaiskaki

The die was cast on Wednesday for the troubled AEK Athens FC - Dundee United match on Thursday, as the Karaiskaki stadium in southern coastal Athens will serve as the long-sought venue for the second leg of the UEFA Europa League qualifier.

Although final UEFA approval is pending, both teams should breathe a sigh of relief, as the 33,500-seat Karaiskaki Stadium -- the home field for Olympiacos Piraeus -- is a purpose-built football venue constructed just ahead of the 2004 Olympic Games.

Additionally, only Dundee United supporters will be on hand, as AEK Athens' management has decided not to open the stands for its own fans. The popular Athens club can still bring along an unspecified number of team officials, sponsors and VIP guests, however.

Wednesday's development follows the unprecedented thrashing of another Athens field on Tuesday afternoon by hooligans bent on preventing the AEK-Dundee match from taking place there.

The 11,500-seat but sub-par Nea Smyrni field, home to mid-level Panionios Athens, would have served as the venue had it not been vandalised.

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