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***The Official Champions vs Motherwell Thread***


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Whole team never put a foot wrong, Jelavic motm, Weiss, Diouf, Bartley, Shagger honorable mentions. Thought Davis and naisy both had very good games as well, and Healy looked good whn he came on. But like I said, good performance all round.

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Very encouraged by Bartley's debut, looks like he will become a very important player for us in the next few months.

Great to finally give a team a bit of a doing aswell, its been a long time coming.

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Why could they not play like that against the lowlife last week? Fantastic performance, rotation of players and best of all eats right into the Bheggars goal difference after Aberdeen gave them 9 goals! Well done Rangers, pride restored!

because we NEVER set out to play football like this against them.

Surely today is just a wee kick up Walters arse to show how much better a team we are when we're keeping other teams on the back foot instead of sitting back ourselves.

so many positives from today, and Shagger once again sat about doing fuck all most of the game but still manages to throw himself infront of everything when required.

We should set out with this mentality that we can take anyone on for the rest of the season.

The taigs would shit themselves if we started with a team like that against them.

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A good performanceespecially from Diouf, Weiss and Jelavic.

Promising starts from Bartley and Healy who may prove my first thoughts of his signing wrong. I hope so as there were signs there of a partnership with Jelavic.

Still think that Davis can do a lot more though. Diouf and Weiss had great games today. Diouf never gets upset and really holds on to the ball and Weiss is beginning to have success with his final ball.

This should give WS something to think about.

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