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Where did Sandaza end up?


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Guessing he is still truing to take us to a tribunal?

He would have a very strong case to be honest. Would prob get a bigger settlement if he is still out of work at the outcome. Gamble, but prob worth it.

Actually.... he wouldn't.

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Actually.... he wouldn't.

Not so sure.

If he is looking for a reinstatement order, he would need to be unattached as to not break contract with the new employer.

A reinstatement or settlement based on a reinstatement order would be worth considerably more that the usual capped damages claim.

IMO anyway.

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Switch hitch for Sandaza



Last Updated: 26th June 2013

FRAN SANDAZA faces more uncertainty over when he’ll be able to resurrect his career — because of league changes.

The Spaniard is in the process of appealing against his sacking by Rangers after he was duped into revealing contract details by a hoaxer.

Sandaza has been told he has a strong case for unfair dismissal by the SPFA and his legal team but lost an internal Ibrox appeal.

His lawyers have turned their focus to the next level, which should be the SFL.

But with the game moving to one governing body, the 28-year-old will now have to wait on the new SPFL being formed before his case can be heard.

With the SPL and SFL set to be formally merged later this week, it could take months for Sandaza’s case to finally be heard.

Sandaza, who has returned to Spain, opened his heart to SunSport last week, telling of his anguish at not knowing when he’d kick a ball again.

He has been out of the game for over three months.

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If the SPFL are the judge and jury in his next appeal, we are fucked.

They will find in his favour and then fine us for something which they are currently writing in to the new rule book, which can be applied retrospectively.

Embargo's and title stripping will soon be back on the table!

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