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One Passage Of Play.


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Fifteen passes, one minute of possession and a single shot culminating in our second goal.

If anyone needs an example of the improvement under Warburton and Weir, after less than two months of stewardship, then that's it. :praise:

Creativity? We've got it in a fucking abundance.

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It's good to be watching us with a smile on my face. Been a long time since iv enjoyed watching us. Even under Walter alot of the games were dull but we got results. I can see us losing a few goals along the way but feel we will always get 2 or 3 ourselves.

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You know what really is missing? A big lump lying clutching his head, standing up eventually, being told by DJ that it takes a lot for him to go down... Rubs his head and does a hop, skip and a jump and the world is righted.

Excellent OP could not agree more.

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I didn't know much of Warburton, like most, until he started to get attention in the media in England by shocking them into reporting his attitude to the game and Soccer AM done a piece on him.

The Brentford fan who posted on here told us what to expect. He was absolutely bang on the money so far and I've no doubt his club are hurting by losing their manager. I wish them well in the future.

The way MW has stamped his approach to football is not just refreshing for Rangers fans, the possibilities are far reaching in the overall Scottish game. How many games do we all watch where teams "park the bus"? It's more important not to lose than to win! This attitude has been taken as the norm in Scottish football for too long, even though we are supposed to have the best of coaching facilities at Inverclyde with many high profile managers passing through! They may well be the current badge providers, but like all other things in this footballing nation, it's not cutting the cloth anymore.

"Refreshing" football just doesn't cover it!

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