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More abuse of children at the piggery?


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Children's commissioner warning on football 'child exploitation'

2 hours ago

Image caption Karamoko Dembele makes his under 20s debut against Hearts on Monday

Scotland's children's commissioner has called for regulation to stop the exploitation of children by professional football clubs.

Tam Baillie said a "wait and see" approach was no longer appropriate.

His comments follow the decision by Celtic to feature 13-year-old Karamoko Dembele in its under-20 side against Hearts on Monday.

Bookmaker Ladbrokes has since apologised for taking bets on the child's future prospects.

Dembele, who was born in London in 2003 and whose parents come from Ivory Coast, joined Celtic in July 2013.

Since then he has been fast-tracked to appear with players seven years his senior.

'Commodification of children'

Following his appearance on Monday, SPFL sponsor Ladbrokes began offering odds of 7/4 on him becoming the youngest Celtic player in history.

However, the firm has since apologised and written to Mr Baillie saying it has closed the book on him and taken no bets.

In a statement the bookmaker said: "We have written to the children's commissioner this morning, and informed the SPFL of our letter, confirming that no bets were taken on this market before it was removed and to reaffirm our commitment to responsible gambling.

We've still got examples of 15-year-olds being held on three-year contracts against their will in some instances

Tam Baillie, Children's commissioner

"We have also sought to clarify that there was no intention of encouraging the commodification of children in Scottish football and have apologised for any offence inadvertently caused."

On its website, Celtic FC said "the teenager didn't look out of place" on the pitch on Monday, despite his markedly smaller frame.

The club added: "What we need to remember, though, is that Karamoko is just 13-years-old. He was given a chance to play last night on merit... it is very important that we continue their development at a measured pace."

Baillie, the Children and Young People's Commissioner, told BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "There's very longstanding concern with regard to how a professional football clubs treat our children.

"We've still got examples of 15-year-olds being held on three-year contracts against their will in some instances.

Media captionChildren's Commissioner tells GMS that 'external regulation' of children in football is required

"You've got instances where those contracts pay a pound a week and I believe that HMRC, revenue and customs, have taken an interest in this, and you've got reports that talk about transfers of children, which is quite contrary to any SFA rules."

'Exert sufficient regulation'

Mr Baillie said there were too many youngsters involved in the club academy system who would never go on to make it as professionals.

He added: "Really the clubs, to some extent, are trading on the dreams and aspirations of those children and young people. But at the end of the day they are exploiting them for monetary gain."

Mr Baillie said the issue was currently the subject of a petition going through the Scottish Parliament.

He said the Scottish government had adopted a "wait and see" approach which was no longer appropriate.

He said: "I think that time has passed for waiting and seeing, and what we need is some action. I've suggested that it requires external regulation because it looks as if the football authorities are not capable of or not willing to exert sufficient regulation for the protection of our children involved at this very young age."

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2 hours ago, BRITNEY IS NOT FEELING IT said:


Not to worry , by the time the Scottish Government deal with this in parliament , He'll be 6 foot or taller 

That's fucking ridiculous. It puts the Hearts boys in a difficult position as well and isn't really fair on them. 

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One bad tackle could have ended the young boys career. Ridiculous decision from Celtic. 

Fair enough he's a talented wee player but he's just a kid up against boys that have played professionally, even a 50/50 with a big centre half could have snapped the wee guy in half 

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Poor judgement by them. 

You simply should not commit a 13 year old to that level of exposure (no pun intended) against fully grown men in a competitive game.  It's laughable to be honest, totally unjustifiable but unfortunately unsurprising.

You have to question their thinking behind the decision.

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8 hours ago, BRITNEY IS NOT FEELING IT said:


Not to worry , by the time the Scottish Government deal with this in parliament , He'll be 6 foot or taller 

That picture certainly shows this lad was not ready to play against men, it could have ended his career before it began. They are indeed strange people on the dark side. doh 

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15 hours ago, Gaz52 said:

It was all a publicity stunt anyway to advertise him. There's probably talented 13 year old players all over the world but their clubs aren't desperate money grabbers like Celtic are

If they want millions for him then putting him on display like this is the last thing they'd do to be honest, he can't sign a full time contract until he's 16 and until then all they'd be due is a compensation fee, likely around £100,000

The family apparently already knocked back Newcastle, who offered to buy them a newly built house if he went down to them, he'll never play a first team game for the tims

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