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Journalists - Provan on Gerrard


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Davie Provan writing a load of shite in the sun.

Why is journalism so poor? Why can't our journalists write a balanced article? I've copied the key points of this article and outlined why it's a load of shit underneath each point. This stuff really annoys me, I can't believe someone gets paid to write it. I'm unfortunately the mug that seed it online, ends up reading it and then realise I'll never get that time back again.

Klopp touting Gerrard as next Liverpool box, was the 'old pals act'.

Gerrard never played under klopp. He was appointed youth coach, a role he got because he impressed klopp with his knowledge and attitude. I'd hardly say they were best pals.

Gerrard could at least have found the decency to blush

I assume they mean when Gerrard was questioned on Klopp's comments. If so that's such an insulting statement to make to a legend of that club. He's a man not a 13 year old kid. I'd also question whether he heard Gerrard's response, because it certainly wasn't an arrogant one.

If klopp had named any other coach with one years experience in management, he'd have been carted off to the funny farm.

Chelsea staff better watch this space.

Either way, the German must have had managers throughout the country scratching their heads.

Strange comment, not seen any manager comment on it.

He bets Neil Lennon had a chuckle

Fairly confident Neil Lennon wouldn't care and doesn't spend his time thinking about Jürgen Klopp or Steven Gerrard.

When Neil left celtic five years ago he was a serial winner

Lennon won 3 league titles and 2 cups in his first spell at  celtic. From March 2010 to May 11 he hadn't won a league or cup. This is roughly the same time in charge as Gerrard has had at Rangers, if he's trying to compare those spells, why not give that information.. Not sure how this fits into Klopp's opinion anyway? Is anyone doubting that Neil Lennon's had some success at celtic. 

More on Lennon - he had time served and had a Barcelona scalp under his belt and could only get an offer from championship Bolton Wanderers.

Lennon's team beating Barcelona was an exceptional result. I can fault Gerrard's European performances thus far. The year before his appointment, Rangers were beaten by Progres, in one of Scottish football's worst ever European results. Since Gerrard's appointment he's taken Rangers to back to back group stages of the Europa League.

As for Lennon 'only' got an offer with Bolton. Do we know that was his only offer? As for Bolton's troubles, Lennon even went on record to say he didn't see Bolton being in the position they were in. At the time of joining, talk was on building for promotion. It didn't work out that way and Lennon left after having s difficult year.

Getting back to purpose, Lets not forget prior to that Lennon also got the celtic job, at least partially, based on his reputation at the club as a player and captain, on recommendations from previous managers and his coaching spell at the club. Seeing some similarities to an ex Liverpool player here 🤔

Gerrard has achieved nothing in the dugout to earn the Liverpool job

The real point of this article, this is what Provan really wants to write about. Has Gerrard won a league in his first year. No. Will there be other names linked to the liverpool job who have won more as a manager, yes. 

I would say experience and previous success isn't everything, Mourinho flopping at Manchester United for example. Or Di Matteo winning the champions League for Chelsea with no experience. Sometimes it's about finding the right man for the job. 

I'm not saying Gerrard is the right man, but Jurgen Klopp has said right now he believes, at this moment in time, Gerrard is the man he'd like to see replace him, whenever he moves on. He may or may not think the same in the future

Wee slight compliment for Gerrard now, he's handled himself brilliantly, seems intelligent and has proved to be a compelling individual.

Aww well that was nice, not sure whether compelling individual is a compliment though, but nice until then, maybe he's going to discuss some more positives now to give a bit of balance to his article....


I guess not.

If Klopp's Liverpool side folded the way gers did last year, klopp would have been in big bother.

Did Rangers fold last year, I thought inconsistency and discipline were the biggest issues? Not sure what he means with the latter part? Why are we talking about Klopp potentially being sacked? Klopps Liverpool and Gerrard's Rangers compete in different leagues and have different budgets and expectations. Maybe I'll read a bit further before commenting.

Yes, he was up against a celtic side with more spending power, but by the same logic Rangers shouldn't have been put out the cups by Aberdeen.

Ok, to come back to the previous point. Klopps Liverpool finished 2nd to a Man city side who have spent more, and were knocked out both domestic cups in the 3rd round, but of course won the champions league.

Sure Rangers could have done better in the domestic cups last year. In terms of what Gerrard's done. He finished 2nd to celtic. QF of the Scottish cup, SF of the league cup and won 4 European qualifiers to get to the Europa League group stages, where his side performed well against teams with much more spending power.

In his biggest test this season his team were steamrolled in the Glasgow derby.

Questions over whether this was a bigger test than Feyenoord or Legia Warsaw, but we'll move on from that. A two nil victory. Honours were even last year in these fixtures. Not sure why that's not been mentioned. The word steamrolled would have been more aptly applied to old for. results in the 2 seasons prior to Gerrard's arrival.

They might not have noticed down south but Steven has had more backing than any manager since Walter Smith.

He's also had the best record of any manager since Walter Smith. I don't believe there is a huge difference in terms of amounts spent in Gerrards first season compared to the one previous under Caixinha/Murty. Also not sure how backing is a bad thing?

Try telling that to the Liverpool fans who'd have him back tomorrow if Klopp stood down

Gerrard had a decent backing from the board. Second highest wage bill in the league and with that he finished second. What exactly do you want to tell them?

A top playing career doesn't make you a top coach

Nope, it doesn't, however Pep Guardiola has done alright at both. Not to say Gerrard will achieve anything like Pep as a manager, that would be silly. Pep is a one in a million type. 

Gerrard has only been a boss for a year and is popular with Rangers fans. Be silly to make any further judgement at this stage, let Gerrard continue learning and make that judgement at the end of his managerial career as to whether he made it as a top coach. He can only be judged on the level he is at and if he does well at Rangers, he may get an opportunity to test himself at a club who can compete in the champions league and one of the big leagues. For now he's at a big club in a small league and is the most popular manager there in some time.

Again feeling more and more that Provan has an agenda here.

Look at ole gunnar solskjaer as comparison to the above.

1. He got the job til the end of the season initially and did well so got the job permanently. Fans were calling for him to get jt permanent.

2. He may not have done it in English football (yet) but he does have a good record in Norway.

3. There are lots of different scenarios, of good players good manager, good players bad manager, bad player good manager etc... Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

This is starting to sound more like a campaign not to give him the Liverpool job, which isn't even available.

Frank Lampard has been overpromoted and how have Chelsea gone from hiddink, Mourinho, conte etc to him.

Time will tell with Lampard, but he got the Chesea job, after one season as a manager. The point made earlier, was that Klopp linking Gerrard, was merely an 'old pals act'.  Lampard and Solskjaer prove that experience and a list of awards and trophies isn't always what clubs look for.

If Gerrard goes to the premier League, Liverpool is an unlikely destination

Possibly, possibly not. There are a lot of factors in this, i.e. how his career goes at Rangers and what's available when he leaves. If you look at Lampard and Solskjaer, if the opportunity is there at Liverpool, then maybe it's not so unlikely.

Benitez and Klopp had years of experience as a manager before being given the Liverpool job.

That's true, but Klopp didn't say Gerrard will be appointed that's the boards choice if and when Klopp leaves, they will look for a replacement, Gerrard may have years of experience by that point. Also they have had other managers, like Brendan Rodgers who had less experience than Klopp and benitez.

You don't see John Henry "bowing to sentiment" when Klopp leaves.

I'm not sure anyone does. Klopp was asked for people he feels may be suitable when he leaves. Really strange comment to make.

May be no bad thing as Gerrard has much to learn

He does have a lot to learn, he knows Liverpool inside out and it's his club and I'm sure his dream is to learn what's needed and one day become Liverpool Manager. Which is pretty much what Klopp alluded to by saying he tries to help Gerrard and give advice when he can.

If he proves himself in the old firm cauldron, he'll have earnt a shot in England's big league.

Didn't he do that last year?


Overall a really strange article and I don't understand why they couldn't gather some informed opinions and wrote about those to give some balance.

Does anyone buy or read these tags? 

Would love to give this feedback directly too.

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He failed last year.

Lampard literally got the job due to the circumstances Chelsea found theirselves in and nobody ‘big’ would go near it.

Ole got the Man United job on the back of one result.

He really hasn’t done anything to be linked with the Liverpool job either.

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IBROX provided a Champions League setting for Feyenoord’s visit — but by 2021 Rangers won’t even be in the Europa League if they don’t win the title.

Instead, non-champion clubs from nations ranked below 15 in Uefa’s ratings will go straight into the new Conference League.

While the big five countries will hog the automatic Champions League places, former winners of major European trophies will be dumped into the Conference.

At least Uefa got the name right.


ERR and the same would also apply to celtic. what a fucking throbber of a journalist!

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Not everything Provan says there is shite, but there's little doubt that Gerrard is Liverpool manager in waiting. He will be a success as a manager, and I hope its with us, and then he goes with our blessing. 

There's no doubt that we are making steady progress under his guidance and he will leave the club in much better shape than he found it. 

I get Provan's point, but in Gerrard he picked a poor example to illustrate it. Look at Shearers (or Keegans) disastrous appointment at Newcastle, and what kind of lunatic would pay off Mourinho to eventually replace him with OGS? 

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In other news. all ex-footballer sports columns in tabloids are intended to encourage reaction by winding up fans using exagerated opinions, and are mostly written and manipulated by ghost journalists, many of whom in Scotland have highly biased agendas and hatred towards their preffered targets in football, and the sport of football itself. 

File under "written by tim journalists fronted by ex-cellic players who hate Rangers" or "printing this kind of shite sells newspapers to naive idiots who read the tabloids and take it seriously".

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