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Helander or Katic?


Helander or Katic?  

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Firstly, Goldson shouldn't and Katic is a mile ahead of both him and Helander, whom imo, whilst not bad, is the least best of the four options we have, due to his lack pf pace and more easily turned. Quick strikers do give him a bad time.

Down to the gaffer at the end of the day, so let's hope he isn't wrong.

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Great “problem” to have! Personally would’ve stuck with Goodson and katic but he lander has been good when required! Young edmundsson looks a great prospect and hopefully will be with us for a long time to come?! 🇬🇧 

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1 minute ago, jjbscotty12 said:

Katic is better than Goldson. Goldson starts games like a nervous wreck every time.

And ends them that way too. Against mince like Hearts his 4-5 balls he gives away and 2-3 slips per game arent punished. Against better opposition that gets punished. 
I just dont see what he offers us footballing wise the others dont.  

His passing is awful 
He always gets beaten in defensive headers 
His offensive headers from corners and free kicks are always a mile over. 
Helander, Edmundson and Katic are all better tacklers than him. 

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Feel sorry for Katic but he will have a role to play this season ........in the meantime - I'm happy to let our gaffer make the decision on who should play in any given game.


Just to add - we are blessed to have 4 such good centre backs at the club.Any pairing would do a good job imo.

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I think we have 4 decent centre halves and to be honest i'm not too fussed who plays. I also find the continued debate a little boring. Katic is very likeable and popular but IMO I don't think he is far superior to anyone else. I think they all have their strengths but none are without mistakes. If pushed, I'd probably start Katic but i'm not bothered if he doesn't. I think they are all more than capable (although i've seen a lot less of Edmundson) and all will be needed this season.

In fact, i'm now at the stage where I don't actually fear the starting line up because we have a really strong squad. Helander or Katic? Aribo or Kamara? Jones or Ojo? Then you have guys likes Defoe, Arfield, Stewart, King, Barker, Foderingham all fighting for game time.

The hardest part is keeping everyone happy, keeping everyone fresh, interested, on their toes, avoiding fatigue, injuries and picking personnel for certain games, certain opposition, tweaks to formations. So far Gerrard has managed it pretty incredibly overall. Probably doesn't get enough credit for it. You very often read he's got his starting line up and/or his subs wrong! So far, joint top of the league, league cup final, qualified for the Europa League group stages and sitting second is a pretty decent return.

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I think that Goldson is probably the best of the four  centre backs BUT he has hardly missed a match since he came here.

Always supported him but he seems to have become a bit error prone so, maybe, dropping him may actually be a good thing as it would take pressure off him and help him recover his reliable form !

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