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Absolute pleasure and privilege to have him commentating on Rangers TV. You can tell he does his research with scrutiny. Well worth the TV package.

here we fucking go, this week's 'outrage'. Can't believe we've got ten days without a game. Going to be hell. 

Massive difference having him on Rtv. Sounds so much more professional now.

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1 minute ago, Moody Blue said:

Doesn't seem to know any history of the club though, disappointed we didn't get a 'this day in ......' :whistle:.  Seriously, and finally, we get a proper commentator on our games. 

I'm oddly fascinated by the prospect of Tyldesley and Tom Miller commentating together.

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1 minute ago, MacBoyd said:

He's finish

What do you mean he's finished he's only 36?

I thought the entire presentation was excellent. Tyldesley is a real step up and it's tremendous to have an iconic voice commentating on our matches. The whole thing feels like a tv quality production. Great stuff.

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2 minutes ago, born a blue nose said:

Excellent first day on the job. 

few niggling issues like him being introduced as Clive tyldsdale and him saying Kent had done many good things for celtic. 

but other than that tremendous 

Hahaha. I spotted that as well mate. That aside. Not bad.

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