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Right, not sure if it’s been covered but came across a story that is heartbreaking for a bear, having met Veronika and her daughter we need to look after our own. So,


who has access I know (ibrox bar Benidorm would have) but possibly closer to home? Surely we can’t have this. If someone with access closer that I am can set up a fundraiser I would be all over that. 


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Apologies for my lunch receipt, 

Sorry because it's obv a serious issue but that receipt comment is amazing 

Ricksens poor misses is sitting there freezing and you are away spending £6.15 on a Mcdonalds. Disgusteng.

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 Not sure how to insert a photo now, extract 


FERNANDO Ricksen’s widow and daughter have abandoned their freezing home after red tape linked to the Rangers legend’s inheritance left her unable to pay a utility bill.

Veronika Ricksen, 34, and Isabella, eight, had to leave the tragic Ibrox hero’s pad as there was no heating or hot water.


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You are having a nightmare here mate.

Think what you are meaning is Ricksens wife and kid had to leave the home because of heating problems.

Simple solution is they get it fixed and stay else where for the time being. 

If they where homeless and had no money not a single Rangers fan would allow such a thing and would donate to make sure they are kept warm and safe.

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