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  1. he is though, along with the other scumbags that fucked off.
  2. that fucking pitch!
  3. wonder if he has anything to do with the e-mail yesterday to Davie
  4. Guivarch?
  5. you stay away from any Mcdonalds
  6. £410 in BF2 scum games included.
  7. just off the phone to a mate in Lisburn and his mate would be 100 pounds extra for moving the flight to the friday. its not the first time this season this has happened to them either.
  8. Chris Graham's brogues still need filling after his wonderful performance in the board.
  9. Ian Come join the dark side you can have more fun over here.
  10. So why go watch Celtic against Barcelona? why tell fans to bhoycott? Why run a "fans group" with a Celtic fan? And why abuse fans for going into rangers shops or not taking one of his flyers? That's not a Rangers fan to me, now all this shit about merchandise trying to get money off Rangers fans following this cretin. He is just a loser who has certain fans like yourself under his every single word.
  11. it summed his game up when he went charging into a challenge in the last minute winning the ball and then laying it off for Oduwa's run down the wing. everybody else was waiting for a tackle to be made but he went and won the ball.
  12. mine came off yesterday mate.
  13. witorski?
  14. Aye mate, he accused Rangers fans using the comments from the hibs fans as a point scoring exercise.
  15. he should've been first on the list imo.