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  1. Good choice, he has a good track record in English football... Seriously, he has to move on if he's to have any chance of success. However at this point I highly doubt he cares. He's earning a fortune and that's all that matters.
  2. Portugal, Italy and the likes is the kind of place he should be going. I'd be mind blown if he went to any of the mentioned English clubs.
  3. Just realised Strachan has called up Tony Watt ahead of Ross McCormack and Jordan Rhodes...
  4. Scott Burns Always been spot on about our transfers, going back 5+ years ago.
  5. Done deal.
  6. Waghorn... combined 43 goals/assists in 41 games. 5 goals in 4 games this season... aye, he's not that good anyway. Could replace him nae bother... You've got to laugh.
  7. They got £11million upfront, the deal is worth £15million. Finally, somebody who understands how fucked we'd be without him.
  8. I've text Strachan and told him where to stick it...
  9. According to them, Rhodes, McCarthy and Wilshere will all join before the close of the window. Delusion at its finest.
  10. 43 goals/assists in 40 games for us. Selling him would be signing away our title hopes. You get just less than £3million (2.8 odd) for winning the league, letting him go would be for financial purposes alone. I wouldn't let him go for any less than £5million, which nobody will/would offer but that's how much I think he's worth to us.
  11. Before the discovery of video, I spent many a day after school inspecting those beauties. Still remember it like it was yesterday.
  12. Nice Gemma Atkinson avatar. Always recognise a top rack
  13. We wouldn't be allowed to leave Scotland, never mind join England.
  14. There are no good central defenders in Scotland.
  15. Of course it's not over, far from it. There's still 4 Old Firms to play. I'm basing that assumption on our current form. We've been lucky with the amount of points we've picked up and just don't look like the team of last season vs Dundee and Celtic. We've improved in terms of the playing squad, but we seem to have regressed on the pitch. The slick attacking style of play from last season seems non-existent. We struggle to string a pass together at times, constantly going nowhere with the ball outside the box before losing possession.