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  1. It wasn't even close. An offside goal and an own goal. Man City will still qualify and they'll still finish bottom. Result really makes no difference.
  2. They'll still finish last...
  3. He's bitten off more than he can chew on this occasion.
  4. Fat Sam in being greedy shocker!
  5. If there's no difference then how's there never anybody in the box? Everybody was saying the same thing when Dodoo scored a tap-in at the far post, the fact that there was actually somebody there when the ball was played in. Whenever we get the ball in a wide area with the chance to cross, there's only ever really 1 player in the middle. Playing 3 behind the striker would allow there to always be players following up. At the minute they're just standing on the touchline and essentially being a waste of a man.
  6. Everybody can see that, bar Warburton. - Foderingham - - Hodson - Wilson - Hill - Wallace - Holt - Halliday* - - Windass - McKay - O'Halloran - - Waghorn - vs - Foderingham - - Tavernier - Wilson - Hill - Wallace - - Forrester - Halliday - Holt - - Waghorn - - McKay - - Garner - *Halliday replaceable with either Rossiter or Crooks as I know many dislike the way he slows the game. It's a no-brainer. The current formation is the problem, no support through the middle for the striker. Neither McKay or Waghorn are wingers. Tavernier was fucking shite today, could have cost us on more than the one occasion he did.
  7. There's no difference between 2nd and 10th. We're Rangers, and nothing less than 1st is acceptable. Fuck European football, if we can't be clinical in the SPL then I'd fucking hate to see how we'd be punished in Europe.
  8. What did I say. Wasn't even a free-kick
  9. SFA about to strike again...
  10. That was a great tackle wtf?
  11. For fuck sake please Miller pull us out a hole for the umpteenth time. Don't think I could handle a loss...
  12. A win would put us 2nd, a loss would put us 7th... What is it to be I wonder, I know what'd sum up our season.