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  1. Match Reaction From That Guy

    It was amusing the first time, now it's just embarrassing. If he's happy with that, then I'm speechless.
  2. Lee McCulloch Thanks...

    Lee McCulloch stunned after Rangers fans salute him on Ibrox return  
  3. Possession Football

    I don't care what anybody says, we're capable of hammering anyone in the country (if we play like we've shown we can) bar the top 3. The other 3 we're capable of beating. Wouldn't be surprised if we beat Kille 5 or 6-0 in the replay. However at the same time I equally known that if we don't convert our chances (like today) we could also lose an undeserved goal at the end. Zelalem is horrid, period. I wish we'd terminate his loan deal, done absolutely nothing impressive since he's came. Holt wasn't match fit, after just coming back from injury and missing a few games. We were without O'Halloran and King who could have had an impact. Couldn't possibly fathom why anybody would be worried about our situation at the moment.
  4. Possession Football

    Exactly, Man City's shooting accuracy is pish. Just like ours was today.
  5. Possession Football

    Nothing wrong with the way we played. Could and should have been 3 or 4-0, story of our season. Take our chances and we'll hammer everyone. 19 shots with 4 on target is very, very poor. As was said in the post-match interviews, it just wasn't our day. Nothing to worry about.
  6. goram v.hooijdonk or mcgregor v bremen

  7. Help required

  8. Gedi the good guy

    That grammar = 
  9. *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Co-commentator is quality!
  10. *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Another wee goal to finish it off and one for Morton will do nicely
  11. *****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Why the fuck do we keep taking short corners? Just get it in the box, shite.