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  1. All that diving and cheating, still behind Real and Sevilla.
  2. Oh but the fans... Imagine getting out sang by 3,000
  3. Pep Exceptional decision getting rid of Hart. Bravo has been really good since you brought him in
  4. 2, should be about 6 and that's with Gladbach missing their two first choice forwards. Never in any doubt. "Aye but weel pyoor hump them."
  5. Will just highlight how much we miss his distribution. Good shot-stopper, Wes is a much better all round keeper however. Don't think we could find another keeper so comfortable with the ball at his feet. Regardless of how many heart-stopping moments he gives us, he's outstanding and assured in what he does on the deck.
  6. Nope. He's a world class passer, never been denied. However he's still not capable of being acceptably fit.
  7. Wes Foderingham. Even with how shit our performances have been, he's prevented our position in the league from being worse.
  8. Stubbs with 6 points from 11 games...
  9. I love Zlatan, but when he can't be arsed it's like playing a man down. Martial, Rashford and Mkhitaryan have to start the next game for me. Rooney, Zlatan and Lingard did absolutely nothing.
  10. Pogba is honestly such a cunt. Bigged up his move after signing for United and when he's getting outclassed, he manhandles players to the ground. Man Utd will get nowhere without spending money on quality players, Pogba is not one of those. Rooney has been woeful.
  11. De Gea is dreadful.
  12. Pogba is the biggest waste of money in footballing history. Could have bought 3 or 4 world class players in place of him.