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  1. Pit yer phone on a selfie stick, record the game and watch it when ye get hame wae a carry oot.
  2. Don't really know how anybody could think that wasn't intentional. Technically sublime, wonderful player.
  3. Not good enough. Worse than what we've got. No thanks.
  4. http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-news/rangers-vs-stranraer-recap-take-8488226?#Ecb5ZLKtvzKwIzWj.97
  5. Fantastic move for the lad. With Waghorn, Miller and Dodoo ahead of him and the fact that we only play with one striker, it was unlikely he was going to feature much this season. Raith was a great experience for him, 6 goals in 10 league games. With Shankland, Walsh and Gallagher along side him, he should do well. As previously mentioned, hopefully keep both Hivs and Dundee Hivs down.
  6. 6-0, Holt first goal.
  7. No mention of it anywhere but I would guess so. Going by the area availability, I imagine the attendance will be around 25k.
  8. Hard to say. Laurie Elle most definitely is though.
  9. He was prolific in the 2 seasons before. Assuming we do make a move, I'll trust McParland and Warburton's judgement over yours.
  10. Waghorn scored 3 in 24 the season we signed him. Why? Because he was playing out wide. Goalscoring record doesn't give the full picture.
  11. Record the two seasons before last. Not long turned 28, potentially nearing his prime. Scored 2 against Oldham in a pre-season friendly the other day. Definitely sounds good, but unfortunately most likely pish. The club seem good at keeping moves under wraps, at least until they visit the stadium.