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  1. Jasper


    What’s “mind-boggingly moronic“ is how tav was given the fucking armband in the first place.
  2. Not been keeping track of things recently, is it def Fod in goals?
  3. Is there anywhere we would be able to watch a delayed viewing of the game in whole? EDIT- fuck uefa
  4. Don't suppose anyones bought the orange shorts in Large and finding them a bit too big and looking to swap for a Med? I bought them in Medium, and can imagine how long ill need to wait to get them exchanged
  5. Anyone know what the queue will be like at the ticket office?
  6. Aye but it’s never really been great when using one of the streaming sites. Got it set up now though, just playing the waiting game ??
  7. You done it before with RTV? Does it stream ok? Contemplating doing this myself before I decide to buy or not edit- I mean once it’s connected to the tv, does it run ok?
  8. Im sorry but it was a definite red. If it had been at the other end we would all have been screaming for him to be off.
  9. That top one is a cracker! Is that 86/87? Or where I can find it?
  10. Just out of curiosity, did you check the prices of those individual scores?
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