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  1. Not been keeping track of things recently, is it def Fod in goals?
  2. It’s already been asked here, what was the banner? Did anyone see the steward getting lifted off the polis for kicking grealish in the back of the legs because he couldn’t pull him away from the fans when celebrating? 😂😂
  3. Is there anywhere we would be able to watch a delayed viewing of the game in whole? EDIT- fuck uefa
  4. I think the most important thing here is that when he eventually does move on, there is a decent sell on clause included in the deal.
  5. Turns out it was both. Sheep in '00 and Well in '03.
  6. I cant remember that...what happened? Only team I can think of that that could apply to is Motherwell.
  7. Don't suppose anyones bought the orange shorts in Large and finding them a bit too big and looking to swap for a Med? I bought them in Medium, and can imagine how long ill need to wait to get them exchanged
  8. Anyone know what the queue will be like at the ticket office?
  9. Don't think its that bad tbh when you consider its only £90 more than Villarreal.
  10. I take it the Thomas Cook trips are open to travel club members only?
  11. Aye but it’s never really been great when using one of the streaming sites. Got it set up now though, just playing the waiting game ??
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