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  1. I understood that our old floodlights on the top of the old Main Stand roof were because of the proximity of Glasgow Airport (ie Lights on high pylons were not allowed / would cause issues for the airport) - can anyone confirm this?
  2. So it would be more than £10m as this figure would no doubt assume that we have income from all our games to the end of the season. I understand the sentiment re Aberdeen - but be careful what you wish for.
  3. Not sure about this - here's a left field suggestion - instead of a refund the club could issue shares up to the value of any refund (I do realise this has problems in certain circumstances) . The whole thing sits uneasy - part of me says why as a fan should I take the hit while players as far as we understand are still being paid in full (less win bonuses etc) I don't know what the answer is - or if there really is a correct answer!
  4. Has anyone HD their CCCS payment taken yet - I received the original email but no payment so far?
  5. You can only see the games going forward - I don't think there is a way to check games that have already taken place
  6. How do you know if your seat has been sold - i release mine back for the Killie game - but have no idea if it was sold on by the club?
  7. So my 25 years of having a season ticket , signing up for away games, euro games, semi finals, finals etc etc mean squat to you because my profile have fewer likes!!! Go dangle your shiny lure somewhere else - oh and for the record the tickets i got cost £70 a pop!! But you never know - I might get a cheaper one in in the CCCS ballot!!!
  8. Got 2 already (all be it slightly expensive ones) via my company's Hampden Debentures - result!!!!
  9. Correct - I suspect the Ross County pitch benefits from being low down , while drainage may be an issue it won't freeze so much given the proximity to the sea. I agree with the Motherwell sentiment - it is a vast improvement from before - it was like a sandpit at one time, although I understand the ecconomics of a plastic pitch - I hate to watch the football that is played on it. Top Flight should be grass - end off!
  10. You are a bit off re Motherwell - its about 85m above sea level! I think it was a long terms drainage issue they had! For the record Ross County's ground is about 6m - pretty close to sea level!
  11. How does the system work - haven't had one all season until last week's Hearts game - now got an email saying I got one for Livi - someone needs to explain how the system works please (if there is one!)
  12. Cheers - be interested to know if that trivia is true!
  13. I'm sure I remember reading that back in the day John Brown played with every shirt number from 1 -11 during his Rangers Career! Pretty sure I remember him in goal at some point.
  14. 1st one this year in the away allocation!
  15. I think it has been mentioned - if postponed the game would be played the 31st - the night of our Partick Away game
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