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  1. Cheers - be interested to know if that trivia is true!
  2. I'm sure I remember reading that back in the day John Brown played with every shirt number from 1 -11 during his Rangers Career! Pretty sure I remember him in goal at some point.
  3. 1st one this year in the away allocation!
  4. Given the name of the airport - I doubt it! The airport is not large - there is most def. not a sports bar in it!
  5. Well if you want play about with maps even more - check this out https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=16&lat=55.8547&lon=-4.3044&layers=168&b=1 You can use the slider to bring in today's aerial photography - you can see how much the pitch moved - you can also change the original map source! Hours of fun!!!
  6. It's an issue for me - sorry disagree - everyone is entitled to their opinion, you are within your right to have a different one!
  7. If had 3 yards more pace he be a good player!!! However he did give Broon a fair amount of verbals today!
  8. savenosouls


    Worrall playing - anything to do with playing a certain %age of games as a loanee (presumably there is some sort of financial implication if he doesn't?)
  9. I think it has been mentioned - if postponed the game would be played the 31st - the night of our Partick Away game
  10. Tell me - surely given the pool of players available - that this result came as no surprise - there are maybe 2 in the squad you would keep - that's it - sadly the current board does not have the financial clout (not will it ever) - a dark day in my 51 years of supporting the team - with little clear evidence of how to move forward.
  11. Cough Cough - http://cricfree.sx/football-live-stream
  12. Just back from the ticket office - dropped of the form so whatever you want to guess the number at add one - Support the team not the regime!
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