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  1. savenosouls

    Heads up CCCS

    Any idea whether our Sat home game will be moved to the Sunday?
  2. savenosouls

    **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    I think it has been mentioned - if postponed the game would be played the 31st - the night of our Partick Away game
  3. savenosouls

    Rangers Fanpic vs Aberdeen

    Good idea but pretty useless for the Govan Rear (unless you are in the prawn sandwich seats)
  4. savenosouls

    Confirmation of the away game ballot process

    I have only had 2 - Partick (cup) and Hearts - previous seasons in the top flight the allocations were done in advance - with an additional allocation after the split. Unusual to get 2 manky mob aways in a season as stated above - never had that scenario as far as I can remember.
  5. savenosouls

    Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    XX is near the back - Hampden is A at trackside rising to Z - then AA - ZZ (and at the corners I think there are a few AAA etc rows)
  6. savenosouls

    Ticket office queue now

    Was even longer when I left - I'd say at least an hour's wait - took me about 50mins
  7. savenosouls

    Ticket office queue now

    12.31 and it’s about 50yards outside the ticket office / shack!
  8. savenosouls

    Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    Don't quite understand what you are getting at mate - the 2 emails are identical!
  9. savenosouls

    Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    I recieved the same email twice about 2 hours appart - did anyone else on the CCCs experience the same thing?
  10. savenosouls

    Motherwell semi-final

    I think £30 is a bit steep - maybe 20-25 tops, I guess this is to prepare you for the £50 v Them Final ticket should we get there!
  11. savenosouls

    ***** Official Progrès Niederkorn Vs Rangers Thread *****

    Tell me how this is any better than under Warburton?
  12. savenosouls

    ***The Official St Johnstone V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Cough Cough - Cough
  13. savenosouls

    ***** The Official Rangers V Tarriers Match Thread *****

    Tell me - surely given the pool of players available - that this result came as no surprise - there are maybe 2 in the squad you would keep - that's it - sadly the current board does not have the financial clout (not will it ever) - a dark day in my 51 years of supporting the team - with little clear evidence of how to move forward.
  14. savenosouls

    *** The Official Alloa V Rangers Match Thread***

    Cough Cough - http://cricfree.sx/football-live-stream
  15. savenosouls

    *****the Official Hibs V Rangers Thread*****

    Andy Walker - what a bitter little rhat!