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  1. West_Side

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    Big fan of Cadden. One of the best players in the SPL outside of ourselves and them. Reckon he'd be a great signing.
  2. West_Side

    Ibrox refurbishment, the next stage

    I think those are load bearing tellies actually
  3. West_Side

    Dwight Pascal

    Just watch as he Blaises ever shot over the bar
  4. West_Side

    Gareth Mcaulley

    He's changed a lot as a player since he was at us though. Certainly lost a lot of his old pace but possibly a better all round player now. Been a regular in an Aston Villa side which reached the Championship playoff final as well, mostly playing at left back. We need more full backs anyway, and Hutton would provide an option on both flanks. At the moment Tavernier and John have pretty much no competition for their places so I reckon would be an astute signing. McAuley would have been a great signing a few years ago but I'm pretty skeptical as to how much he'd provide at 38. Said the same about Clint Hill though so who knows.
  5. West_Side

    Martin Bjornbak

    Apparently Glimt is Norwegian for flash and that's their original name but Bødo is the town they're from. So I guess they just stuck a forward slash in there. Also, I found this:
  6. West_Side

    Renewals Open

    Renewed mine on Thursday. Went up about £30 but happy enough with that.
  7. West_Side

    glasgow cup final

    Not the same Brian Gilmour that was a youth player at us in the mid 2000-s?
  8. Johnny Hubbard too obv
  9. Orjan Persson I believe was Swedish. Gerry Neef the German keeper too.
  10. West_Side

    James Tavernier

    I do agree with this, but i think this flaw gets exposed so often because of how poor Wallace is. Wallace has an absolutely dismal cross blockage percentage, which gives opposition teams free reign to launch crosses to the back post, taking advantage of Tav's weakness there.
  11. West_Side

    DOF Mark Allen

    What are you basing that on exactly?
  12. West_Side

    ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Am I the only one that this has linked to Osmanlıspor against Ottocool Karagümrük for? Osmanlispor are winning three nil btw
  13. West_Side

    Boab Malcream

    EXCLUSIVE: FORMER FOOTBALLER GETS JOB Honestly, how is this news?
  14. You must have got sick of the lights flashing and voices from heaven.
  15. West_Side

    3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    Was at the u-20s game the other night and have to say I wasn't that impressed with Hardie at all. Didn't think he stood out at all, unlike the likes of Atakayi and Barjonas.