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  1. How do you end up as a Rangers fan in Dublin? You're more than welcome at Ibrox anytime though.
  2. Anyone know of any clubs in the Glasgow area who'd be willing to take on someone with next to no playing experience? Was a keeper when I played football, so I can at least catch a ball. Always quite liked Cricket, and was thinking it might be a good thing to take up the sport. I'm 24 though, so not sure if that would be too old to start?
  3. Anyone got any idea of what sort of fee we'd be likely to get for him this Summer? Would it be a similar situation to Crooks/Windass where there wasn't much of a development fee?
  4. Can't wait to watch his second day.
  5. Yeah, I'm a big fan actually.
  6. Kiernan starting again On my way to Ibrox but part of me is honestly considering turning back.
  7. Voted for Rowett, would be happy with this Pedro fellow though.
  8. Bit of an odd thing to do, but really not a big deal in my eyes.
  9. Aye something like that Much more aggresive on the pitch than Barton though. Maybe more like a footballing Chopper Read?
  10. Don't remember much of him playing for us, but he was pretty notorious as a player for this sort of thing:
  11. You just don't get it fam
  12. Fantastic logic from OP here How could it be anyone but Jelavic?
  13. Frank De Boer, and failing that, Gary Rowett, and failing that, Tommy Wright.
  14. Unsure of the exact figures, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't an order of magnitude larger than most teams in the league.