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  1. My ST is in the Club Deck. According to the email I got it is open for the Dunfermline game.
  2. About time we had a Peña thread.
  3. Had a blissful few seconds after waking before I remembered. Just glad to be off work for the next 5 days. Aren't even many of them in my work, I just can't be fucked with it. I hate football sometimes.
  4. Pretty easy to criticise Wes after their second.
  5. On the bright side, they don't have to watch us play now.
  6. Imagine ever thinking that bringing Windass on was the correct decision.
  7. Two thirds of their European goals will have come against us
  8. Least we're not wearing green boots.
  9. 'Charlie Adams' still gets me to this day.
  10. Mine tore open the package and posted my Rob Kiernan t-shirts through the letterbox
  11. Amazing day out. It's a must for any Rangers fan. The guys do some fantastic work.
  12. And we all thought he was fantastic
  13. I bought one, as well as a Zelalem one for my wee brother. Still not really sure why.
  14. For big posts like that, write [sp oiler] before it and [/sp oiler] after it, without the spaces. Just so everyone doesn't spend hours scrolling. It hides most of the post,