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  1. Rangers have 54 Scottish league titles and 1 British basketball league title.
  2. I think they're still fuming about that actually.
  3. They should love him. Gives them a subject for them to spew their endless drivel about.
  4. I did think something would be lost when we cut that allocation, delighted to be proven wrong though. Ibrox was rocking. Phenomenal day.
  5. Copper Knox might be the greatest name I've ever seen.
  6. Sitting in @Shetland Bear's flat waiting for this to kick off... Mon the River!
  7. Got one for this. Second of the season after Livingston.
  8. Am I the only one that this has linked to Osmanlıspor against Ottocool Karagümrük for? Osmanlispor are winning three nil btw
  9. If he wants to go and support Scotland as well then that's his choice. It's not for me, but it shouldn't have a bearing on whether he's seen as a real Rangers fan or not.
  10. Imagine ever thinking that bringing Windass on was the correct decision.
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