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  1. For big posts like that, write [sp oiler] before it and [/sp oiler] after it, without the spaces. Just so everyone doesn't spend hours scrolling. It hides most of the post,
  2. The third kit out of stock now. Must be selling at some rate.
  3. Not sure why I find it so hilarious. Honestly might buy it.
  4. Midnight tomorrow I think. Either that or midnight tonight.
  5. I'm pretty much the same myself. All the weird Disney style backing instrumentals are pretty dreadful as well. He really did have a great voice though, especiallly in Gaidhlig.
  6. Have some pride!
  7. He certainly did. Was a nice surprise to see him singing the Rangers Chorus there, which is a song I'd never ever heard of before. Would be great to get these songs back at Ibrox. No idea how that could be achieved though.
  8. That's Calum Kennedy singing there, a gaidhlig singer from Lewis. Had no idea he was a Rangers fan, though it absolutely makes sense. He had an incredible voice, though not sure this song suits it as much. Pretty cool to hear though. As for the chords, I'm pretty crap at transcribing music, but Blue72 sounds about right.
  9. At this point it's just a case of damage limitation, take him to the Pollock games. Try to get him into the junior leagues. It's the only way.
  10. Surely that'll just make matters worse?
  11. Would have immediately agreed previously, but with us having just signed two centre halves I'd be worried about how he'd be fitting into the playing squad. That said, he was pretty great last year and £300k would be a steal. Alves won't play forever either, and a partnership of Lindsay's physicality and Cardoso's technique going forward could be fantastic for us. From the sound of it he's away to Barnsley though.
  12. This. Too many people on here's expectations are far beyond where we actually are. I agree we shouldn't ever settle for second place, but the fact is that it's extremely unlikely that we'll win the league this season coming.
  13. Would say about £20 is about right. Surely we'd have a good attendance for our first game back in Europe regardless of price though?
  14. Where is it he sells them? Only got 3 or 4 in my collection and need to build that up.
  15. CD2 here.