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  1. Johnny Hubbard too obv
  2. Orjan Persson I believe was Swedish. Gerry Neef the German keeper too.
  3. James Tavernier

    I do agree with this, but i think this flaw gets exposed so often because of how poor Wallace is. Wallace has an absolutely dismal cross blockage percentage, which gives opposition teams free reign to launch crosses to the back post, taking advantage of Tav's weakness there.
  4. DOF Mark Allen

    What are you basing that on exactly?
  5. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Am I the only one that this has linked to Osmanlıspor against Ottocool Karagümrük for? Osmanlispor are winning three nil btw
  6. Boab Malcream

    EXCLUSIVE: FORMER FOOTBALLER GETS JOB Honestly, how is this news?
  7. You must have got sick of the lights flashing and voices from heaven.
  8. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    Was at the u-20s game the other night and have to say I wasn't that impressed with Hardie at all. Didn't think he stood out at all, unlike the likes of Atakayi and Barjonas.
  9. U20's live V Brighton tomorrow night

    Atakayi looked very good. That McAdams looks like a talent as well though.
  10. U20's live V Brighton tomorrow night

    Been a pretty good game so far. McAdams made a couple of great saves too.
  11. U20's live V Brighton tomorrow night

    Think I'll head along to this. Should be good.
  12. If he wants to go and support Scotland as well then that's his choice. It's not for me, but it shouldn't have a bearing on whether he's seen as a real Rangers fan or not.
  13. Club deck Wednesday night

    My ST is in the Club Deck. According to the email I got it is open for the Dunfermline game.
  14. Pèna

    About time we had a Peña thread.
  15. The feeling this morning.

    Had a blissful few seconds after waking before I remembered. Just glad to be off work for the next 5 days. Aren't even many of them in my work, I just can't be fucked with it. I hate football sometimes.