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  1. We'd need 10 times that at the very least. You have to be fishing here.
  2. Because he'd be absurdly far beyond our price range
  3. I sincerely hope it is at least.
  4. Just any British manager?
  5. Aye, fuck winning, as long as we get to half a couple of their players.
  6. Wrong starting lineup, but was brave enough to make the change at half time, after which we improved significantly. Still not enough though. Would have been interesting to see how the game would have gone if we'd started with the team that came out in the second half.
  7. As I recall it could have cost us a goal. Why dive in there and leave the team exposed? Got to be more pragmatic than that.
  8. Yep. Beerman and Bates both did reasonably well I thought.
  9. I really don't think the back 4 were all that bad today. That game was lost in the midfield. After Halliday came off things improved markedly. Still a very poor performance though.
  10. Who's picking up his run? Fucking nobody. Disgraceful from the midfield.
  11. Contact the club, think you can get them reprinted. Also did someone just happen to pick that pocket? Seems more likely you dropped it.
  12. Has there been some proof of him being at the 5-1 game I've missed?
  13. Vladimir Weiss, Vladimir Weiss and Vladimir Weiss.
  14. Definitely worth bringing back in the Summer. Apparently been Scunthorpe's best player since he joined, and they're comfortably sitting in the League 1 playoff places. You'd have to be off your head not to at least give him a chance.
  15. I agree that Bates does seem to give possession away a lot and often dwells on the ball for too long, but I thought his defending was overall quite good today. Beerman looks like a quality prospect as well.