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  1. Is this story meant to hurt us? Fuck off BBC no-one cares.
  2. Awesome. I think I'm in love with Balotelli.
  3. Gid


    In every both of them?
  4. Hughes is the frontrunner according to the BBC. Hughes is a bit of a cock. Maybe he'll sign Wayne Bridge! Think MON would be a better shout though.
  5. I've yet to see examples of this wonderfull Barca-esque football Celtic play. They probably play better football than us but then so do St Mirren.
  6. Gid


    I've not seen last night's game so can't comment on that but surely the boy needs a run in the team. Give him 5/6 games playing behind Jela and see how he fares. If he doesn't do the business then get rid. I can't help but feel we could be looking at another Charlie Adam scenario if we offload him now without giving him a decent run.
  7. Will fluke their way through, I'm sure. Don't dare ask Slur Alex a decent question. Journos are only allowed to kiss his knighted arse you know!
  8. Yup. I was fancying an each way on kauto.
  9. Neil Lennon and Aidsridden McGayday stand in front of you. You have a gun with only one bullet and the gun is not powerful enough to go through one piece of vermin and then into the other. Who do you kill??? Thats the fucking $64,000 question.
  10. He's such a vile wee cunt. No great loss ya scumbag. If we ever need someone to beat two players then fall over his own feet then we'll give you a shout.
  11. I'd rather we got rid of the stars. Maybe for a season or two to mark the achievement but not now. Does anyone outside Scotland care that we have won our shitty league more than anyone else? *puts tin hat on*
  12. Sorry I didn't enjoy your article. That line was actually hvaing a go at the mongs that thought it was true. Don't be so touchy.
  13. Hello viewing tims. Yes it's true. Some Rangers fans can be just as retarded as you lot.
  14. I think this part gives it away.
  15. Without his goals they'd prolly have been 3rd or 4th. I don't think they could afford him now though. Unless lord Dermott reached into his own personal biscuit tin again. But RoY Keane and Robbie Keane worked out well for him in the past didn't they?
  16. Hart - an excellent shot stopper but prone to the odd error. Wouldn't rate him above Shagger. Terry - past it. Too slow and certainly not the defender he is made out to be. Don't think he's ever been in the same vicinity as "world class" Cole - underrated defensively IMO. A good solid left back, great going forward which possibly makes people underrate his defensive abilities. TBH I would struggle to think of a better left back as much as I don't like him as a person - "Arsenal's wage offer was an insult" not because he cheated on that fud Cheryl. Wilshere - very promising but likely to be ru
  17. For what it's worth I would love for him to come back to the vermin and finish as a runner up again. Didn't he fail to score against us last time he puuuure came an wun em tha leeeeg??? lol And if there's an area of their team that those twats need to strengthen it's their defence, not their attack.
  18. Not at all. You said that we sing "GSTQ" to get it up them and that they sing IRA tunes to get it up us. One of us must have started singing our songs first and then the other retaliated with their songs to annoy the other. Which came first was the rhetorical question.
  19. Rangers fans in sectarian singing ... what a disgrace. Celtic fans in "illicit" singing ... a business opportunity. Seriously what the fuck is going on up there???????????
  20. Teams in England weren't in such a rush to sign him in August so why January?
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