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  1. My knees are in some state with sliding on AstroTurf. I was well known for my bloody knees when I played for RM.
  2. Gid


    Best keeper I've ever seen and can't believe this discussion is even taking place.
  3. Scary that these are the idiots that run our game
  4. He'll never brush his teeth either the mhanky bastard.
  5. Didn't he just twist his knee on the plastic pitch at McDiarmid Park? If I remember correctly there was no tackle.
  6. What a great business idea. We should give it a go and call it Eauction.com
  7. If only there was some sort of website where you could sell goods that you didn't want.
  8. Correct. It's basically the same thing.
  9. Don't know where he is or care why but I know he'll be cracking one off tonight at the knowledge someone cared enough to start a thread about him.
  10. Over the last few years, mainly under Lawwells stewardship, Celtic have truly started acting like the lowest twisted little bigot element of their support. Tommy Burns must be turning in his grave. There was a man who had dignity, despite his misguided love of Celtic.
  11. Did this guy also happen to write the famous Al Pacino speech from Any Given Sunday? Awesome
  12. I sit next to a Hearts fan at work who today said Templeton "blows hot n cold" and "flatters to deceive". Said he wouldn't be gutted to see him go. Make of that what Yu will.
  13. Even Judy Murray could have predicted he would choke FFS. Doesn't exactly make you Nostradamos!
  14. Question for the older bears. When I was a kid and started watching Rangers, Bett was an Aberdeen player n there always seemed to be a real hatred towards him from our support. What was the reason for this or was it just because he was with the sheep?
  15. I think it says all you need to know about BP that, although he has posted in this thread after this Adoniram post was made, he has chosen to ignore it.
  16. I love it when they do this. Makes it all the more sweeter when we lift the trophy.
  17. Spurs last 9 results (Spurs score first): Wolves (H) 1-1 4 home games in a row! Everton (H) 2-0 Cheltenham (H) 3-0 West Brom (H) 1-0 Swansea (A) 1-1 Norwich (A) 2-0 Chelsea (H) 1-1 Sunderland (H) 1-0 pre-Martin O'Neil Shamrock (H) 4-0 Apart from the home draw against a stuttering Chelsea, they've hardly faced the top teams in the league.
  18. Can someone please explain the difference between Mancini waving an imaginary card and any other manager (Fergie, Wenger - two of the biggest culprits) screaming at the ref/4th official to send a player off? I don't disagree that he was being a hypocrite btw.
  19. A pre-injury Michael Mols. Just the creative spark we need upfront.
  20. Pathetic from St Johnstone. The old "It's no fair. We wurnae ready" excuse.
  21. I honestly don't think I would last 10mins on a pitch these days. 50 per cent of my game is about tackling and I love a good slide tackle. Most of my tackles are similar to the one Bocanegra got booked for at Arbroath. I'd never see half time in any match nowadays! lol
  22. Why do we always have to suffer rampant tims commentating on Rangers games? If it's not Burley it's Andy Walker. If it's not Walker it's Davie Provan. If it's not Provan it's that bitter wee rhat Gerry from STV and now Sky. My fave one though is when Sky send Walker and the self-proclaimed "biggest tim in Newarthill" Bitter Martin. But aye the fuckers are repressed.
  23. So the Hearts fan is offended by a chain even though he doesn't know what was on it?
  24. I can't believe Ray is getting such a hard time from a Rangers fan. I could listen to Razor all day. An absolute gentlemen - and a knowledgable one at that.
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