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Bill Ng speaks to Singapore press about Rangers takeover

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Hougang United chief a key figure in Rangers FC bid

He is among S'porean group in financial sector to seek club ownership

Hougang United chairman Bill Ng has emerged as one of the key figures behind an audacious Singapore bid to take over Scottish football giants Rangers FC.

The 52-year-old, who is a director at private equity firm Financial Frontiers, told The Straits Times on Thursday that he is one of a 'handful of Singaporeans from the financial industry' to table a bid for the debt-stricken club.

The Singaporeans are one of four parties who have submitted offers for the reigning Scottish champions. The other bidders are the Blue Knights group led by former Rangers director Paul Murray, Chicago-based Club 9 Sports and an unknown German firm.



Mr Bill Ng, speaking from London, where he met administrators of the debt-stricken club

'This is a chance to put Singapore on the world football map... We're not just doing this for financial reasons. If we take over Rangers, we've got plans that will positively impact Singapore football in the long run... Our population size is quite similar to Scotland's so there's plenty for us to learn from them in terms of football development.'

The famed Glasgow outfit, which has won the Scottish league a record 54 times, entered administration last month following tax disputes.


Least we know he is involved with a few other investors from Singapore.

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How does lose-lose grab you?; because we can't rule that out.

I agree that there could be a number of permutations of win and lose but I'm guessing that a guy with his apparent business accumen would be playing to win.

If he hopes to use the Rangers brand and experience to improve football and it's profile in his homeland then a negative outcome for Rangers would surely undermine that objective...

Conversely his bid may not be successful anyway... 10310.gif

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Personally I favour this bid. He wants to show the footballing world what his homeland brings to the game. I expect a decent cash injection wi some tours and mega commercial opportunities to bring our cashflow up just like the scum thought they would get wi the dog eater

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Nothing particulary shocking in that interview imho.

Could well be that we sign a few players from Singapore and have new shirt sponsers and maybe have have to play a few games across in Asia other than that i can't see any real danger certainly no more than we are in at the minute. Could anyone else really run the club any worse than Whyte or Murray?

Also if these guys want to promote Singapore on the world football stage then they have to run Rangers well, this could be the start of a few of these types coming over to buy British clubs.

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His plan is sound.

Equivalent of 20p in the pound which is the level everyone seems to be operating at.

The difference is this mob appear to have an excellent development plan that will add value to the club.

I'd be stunned if this wasn't the front runner.

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