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Ian Black's socks

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For a nice change, there seems to be lots of good news/PR around the club for a change....31K ST sales, new PUMA gear in megastore, Airport shop, youtube channel, Pre-season in Brora etc, so without wishing to put a damper on things.

I came across one isolated post, on one of the Brora threads stating Black 'adjusted' his socks again, in the same manner he did against Linfield.

Now, I'm at work and most photos/pics are blocked by the firewall, so firstly can anyone else confirm that he actually did do it again, as I haven't noticed it mentioned elsewhere?

Secondly, assuming he has done it again for some reason, wtf is the score?

Why is he doing it, and why is he being allowed to, why aren't any of the Rangers men in the dressing room having a wee word in his ear pre-match about it?

Am I getting unduly worked up here, personally I see the 'black/red' socks as another stick they are now attempting to use against us with continual lies etc. We have lost TBB, they are now trying with WATP and 'The bouncy', both have had shameful sectarian lies attached to them by mhanky bhigoted bheasts and tey are trying the same with our traditional socks. Does Black believe this pish, is he attempting to be 'politically correct' here by hiding he red/fenian blood part?

Either way, imho the red/black socks are our socks and should never be altered and ALL players should be told (in no uncertain terms) to wear them proudly and correctly, if the don't, or won't, they should be fined and transfer listed imho.

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