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***** The Official Rangers v Forfar Thread *****


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I think this game is going to be played in a half empty stadium and will finally show the board and McCoist what they think of his style of football and managerial abilities.

He could play the youngsters but what's the point?

Nothing games in a half empty stadium where they will hear every moan and groan if they do something wrong.

As i said repeatedly over the weekend McNamara had faith in his youngsters to beat us and they delivered.

Souter is only 17 and played a pivotal role in central defence. Our young prospect Gasparotto who is 19 played a pivotal role in getting the pies and bovril in at half time.

The opportunity is gone now and to bring them in now would be nothing more than a patronising gesture to them and the fans.

The harsh reality is he doesn't trust them and doesn't have any real faith in them otherwise we may have seen Crawford or Gallagher getting the last 15 minutes. Instead we got route one shite and we are out another cup thanks to the "special" one.

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In keeping Ally on the board are risking attendances falling and folk losing interest.

The one positive from all our troubles has been the amazing attendance figures.

Our enemies have been predicting this would collapse since the start and will make a meal of this.

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if it was me i'd get rid of every player who played in the final/semi final of the last two weeks.

mcculloch. law. black. mohsni. aird. daly. shiels. ... all them. don't really want to see them wearing our famous badge anymore unless they get their shit together. make them have to earn their way back into the first team between now and next season (if any are still around by then...and if it were my choice not a lot of them would be).

fill the team with youngsters. let simonsen back in and maybe get a youth goalie on the bench. cammy's been great but i think he deserves a rest.

but unfortunately this isn't what ally will do. so we'll see the usual characters. the seasons over. get them tae fuck.

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I was going to give it a miss but have decided to go along. I think we will see a few of the younger players as Ally tries to appease the fans. Its too late as he should have been doing it over the course of the last two seasons. It also means nothing because no matter how well they perform they will not feature next season under Ally. Big Luca is proof of that.

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Sinnamon for Foster

Gasparotto and Halkett for Laurel and Hardy..

Gallagher for Daly.

Clark for Shiels..

Halkett, Gasparotto and Gallagher all played 120 mins for the under 20's yesterday, in light of this I can't see them getting any game time tommorrow
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The same players who are continually letting us down will play..

We'll scrape a win and Ally and his fanboys will shout about it being another step to going through season unbeaten...

Can seriously see us not winning again this season.

Everybody 's been running us close lately.

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Only those players carrying knocks will be benched. I don't reckon there will be many changes from the team that bombed on Saturday. As said the U20 players played yesterday so that effectively rules them out.

Only 2 i can see getting a sniff are Crawford and Gallagher but even then it may only be one of them as i doubt he will start both.

Peralta deserves another chance as i thought he was one of the plus points on Saturday but maybe just maybe we could play him in his natural position....in centre midfield protecting the back four.

I also wouldn't bet against the same team starting as Saturday but bombing big time proving they only turn up when it suits them.

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I don't know why everyone is worried about going the rest of the season unbeaten? If we can't win through in cup competitions with the players we've been using all season, it's difficult to see why any of them should be interested in that particular 'honour'. They've done enough in their eyes and they're probably more interested in planning their holidays now.

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