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Us offering more money ?

Not sure about that

Birmingham are pretty skint, their owner was convicted of money laundering about four years ago and had most of his assets frozen but they've been unable to get a takeover. So I wouldn't rule it out in their case, although the championship tv money is still significant.

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'He disappeared halfway through a medical!' The footballer who got away

Birmingham City manager Gary Rowett tells a bizarre story about a potential signing who had a change of heart and left halfway through his medical.

The player - who remains unnamed - had his head turned by another club offering more money.

"We had one (signing) that took about five weeks and we had a medical and he got through half of the medical and he disappeared," he recalled.

"I won't name the name but he ended up in Scotland two days later signing for another team. You've just got to take it on the chin and crack on."

This clip isoriginally from 5 live Sport, Tuesday 4th August 2015.

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Think he will be a bit gutted overall this year. Same with Wilson. They will do a great job at the back and be dependable and as he said himself defenders win leagues, attackers win matches. But the like of Tav and Waggy etc going forward will be the ones who excite the fans and be fans favourites, taking all the plaudits.

However this story coming out will generate him a bit of buzz and give him a wee lift amongst the fans

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