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Goodbye you hate-filled bastard.


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Always the fucking victim:




Over the past ten years of producing Scotzine I have worked with some amazing and talented people, who have brought quality to the website. They know who they are, but I would like to thank them for all their hard work over the years.

I was hoping to use the site's tenth anniversary to improve upon the work that so many had put in over the years, but with a new baby on the way and initially considering crowd funding '" then rejecting it '" any proposed plans I had were shelved.

Working full time and my personal commitments & responsibilities as a husband and especially a father, saw the coverage on the site drop to a level that I am disappointed with and know that the site is worse off for it. But it is only a website and there are more important things in my life.

And that is a major reason behind my decision to call time on Scotzine. I can no longer commit the same amount of time I have over the past ten years, but above all the main reason is the level of venemous abuse and threats aimed at my loved ones.

I have received many threats over the years directed at me personally, these I can handle. But threats and abuse aimed at my wife is the last straw. I would love to be able to get my hands on the scumbags who think they are hard men by bullying women, but given they hide behind their anonymity while sending out their poisonous hatred not much can be done about them '" even though I would have taken great pleasure in breaking their legs. 

Despite the threats and abuse aimed at my wife '" on more than one occasion, when she was pregnant with my son Ollie and now as she is pregnant with our second child '" the refusal of Police Scotland to do anything about the threats not once, not twice but four times is beyond a joke. An organisation which is supposed to protect innocent men, women and children tells you to 'lock your door' and 'don't open it unless you know who is knocking' '" if this is the level of policing in Scotland and how they deal with online threats then god help us all because they are as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Nothing matters more to me than my family, and that is why I am ending my time with Scotzine.

Of course, some scumbags will see this as some sort of victory '" my departure from writing about Scottish football '" and revel in the demise of Scotzine, but who really cares about the sad lil pricks of this world who hide their identities to spout hatred against others while they waste their lives doing nothing else.

My life does not revolve around football, unlike some knuckledraggers. My life does not revolve around a website or social media, unlike some knuckledraggers. My life is my wife, my son and my soon to be second child '" due in February '" and that is something I can be immensely proud of. And no amount of hatred will ruin that.

So what now for Scotzine? Well the site will remain live for a bit. Our social media accounts will be locked soon. And we will decide to either close it down permanently or pass the baton to someone else.

Either way I bid adieu to all those who have worked on the site over the years, our readership and those I have met at games whether they are journalists, bloggers or ordinary fans.

And what of the haters? We all know they will turn to some other target now as that is their way. They hate to read the truth, they hate to see people have opinions that differ from them and above all they hate it when you don't blink, when they target you for abuse and threats '" hence reason why they then move on to your loved ones.

Hopefully, Police Scotland pull their finger out and do their job before it is too late and someone is attacked or worse by one of these knuckledragging scumbags.

There is nothing more for me to say other than, Goodbye!

People in glass houses Andy....

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He might well break legs, but most likely his own by expecting them to carry his morbidly obese lard ass.

Pathetic attempt to justify himself. He can't see that if you spend all your time spreading hatred, some of it may occasionally splash back on you.

Laughable attempt to save his relationship with a munter, even making out that he's the father. :mutley:


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Oh poor little (that's a fucking joke) old me

Look how virile I am having fathered two sprogs, how amazing my social media accounts are and how persecuted i have been all this time.

Well boo fucking hoo.

Horrible, vile Rangers hating wank stain. Good riddance.

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28 minutes ago, The Monk said:

Tries to act the good guy then proceeds to threaten people with violence

Was thinking the same thing. There's a lot of suppressed rage and violence in that statement. Did nobody tell him that online threats to break people's legs are against the law in this country.

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38 minutes ago, Sam English Loyal said:

"My life does not revolve around football, unlike some knuckledraggers. My life does not revolve around a website or social media, unlike some knuckledraggers"

Grammatically he has implied that he is also a knuckledragger (sic). Schoolboy error ???

Yup, why did he create a football site that is actually a veiled attack vehicle directed at The Rangers and its Fans then ? These illiterate animals obviously don't understand irony do they! :sherlock:

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What's ironic is that FatBhoy has been bleating on for years about us not paying our bills, whilst Andys financial history is chequered to say the least with Andy also having an aversion to settling things:


The Curious Case of the 67Fanzine 

Yesterday, 8th October, a thread was started on a Celtic fan messageboard asking for information on the Celtic fanzine 67Fanzine. The person starting the thread was Joe from The Celtic Collector's Club. Joe runs the fantastic hobby websites http://www.celticcollectorsclub.co.uk/ and http://www.celticmatchprogrammes.co.uk. It's probable you've clicked on one or both of these websites before in your travels around Celtic cyberspace, they are fantastic for tracking down pieces of Celtic memorabilia. Joe collects every fanzine ever produced by the fanbase and was concerned that Issue 3, which he paid for, had never arrived at his door despite repeated promises it was printed and on its way.

In the first replies of the thread someone stated that the person who ran this fanzine was Andy Muirhead, of the website Scotzine. He's a well known figure in the Scottish football online world, his website is possibly the biggest of any blogger in Britain. On Twitter too he's a presence. I immediately thought to take myself to Twitter to see what he was saying about any allegation that may have been put to him. Sure enough he was in conversation with someone regarding the fanzine. He stated he had nothing to do with the fanzine and that he had only been involved initially, hosting their website and giving them a design template for the 'zine. He also went on to say he too is owed money by an 'Andy Lamont' and 'Padraig Fitzgerald' from 67Fanzine for hosting costs incurred by him since the website has been online.

Something immediately didn't seem right about this so I did a number of things in an effort to find out what was going on. I was hoping Joe, and presumably others, could get their money back if these people were tracked down. I got in touch privately with Joe and started a discussion with him about the different ways he'd been in touch with people from the fanzine. I also managed to speak to a writing contributor from the first couple of issues. I also asked Andy Muirhead to e-mail me to help clear up the rumours about him running this whole thing despite his claims it was two other people.

The writing contributor got in touch with information that the e-mail account 67fanzine@gmail.com had been in Muirhead's name for around five months before it was changed to 'Andy Lamont/Padraig Fitzgerald'. The first correspondence from the account in Andy L/Padraig F's name was August 5th, five months after initial contact from the account under Muirhead's name. Andy Muirhead's explanation for this is that he set up the account and later handed it over to Andy L and Padraig. Gmail's terms and conditions say: 6.2 You agree that you will be solely responsible to Google for all activities that occur under your account.


I received the e-mail I had requested from Andy M with his explanation of the situation. In it he explained that one of the people he had set up the fanzine with, Andy Lamont, was not contactable and the other, Padraig Fitzgerald, was in Dubai and had cut all ties with the fanzine. He claims he has been trying to get in touch with them for over a month yet doesn't have a phone number for either of them.

I received information from our friend Joe which showed that the recipient in his Paypal payment to 67Fanzine was named 'Andy Muirhead'. I managed to get in touch with another complainant, Stephen, who hadn't even received Issues One or Two despite paying for them. He too confirmed the recipient in his Paypal payment was the name 'Andy Muirhead'. Paypal's own terms and conditions say "1.4- Assignment. You are not permitted to transfer your Account to a third party." It was a verified account.


Before posting on the fan forum, in his efforts to track down the people who run the fanzine, Joe initially had e-mail contact with the address 67fanzine@gmail.com and then with two phone numbers. One of these phone numbers was given to Joe by the distributors who had agreed to sell the fanzine at their stalls on matchdays, the distributors had never seen Issue 3 either, seemingly it was never printed at all. The other number he found on the website of 67Fanzine and inside print copies of Issues Zero, One and Two. He phoned this second number a few times, the person on the other end answered as 'Andy' and assured him copies were being sent out on two occasions. They never arrived. This number was available on the fanzine website at noon on 9th October, it was removed once questions started to be asked online. These two numbers seem to belong to Mr. Andrew Muirhead and they are both listed in the print copy of 67fanzine under 'Editorial' and 'Enquiries'. My reasonsing behind why I think they belong to Muirhead is because one of the numbers appears in the e-mail footer of e-mails from the account editor@<No links to this website allowed> and when you google either, they both appear linked to Muirhead. The screenshots that follow show this. I have blacked out the full numbers to protect Andy from prank callers. You can click on the images to make them bigger.




I urged Joe and Stephen to e-mail Andy Muirhead direct at editor@<No links to this website allowed> and ask for their money back in light of this. He continued to deny he had anything to do with the fanzine beyond web hosting and initial template design. I decided that it was time to ask him some direct questions myself.

I asked:

1) Why is it when people donated money or subscribed to or paid for issues of the fanzine was the recipient's name on Paypal 'Andy Muirhead'?
2) Why is it that the number in the fanzine, the number on the 67Fanzine website until noon yesterday and the contact number a complainant used last week to speak to an 'Andy' about Issue 3 is the same number as yours? You had it in the footer of your e-mail to me yesterday.
3) How did you hand over the Gmail account details without any other form of contact with these people? The names on the account changed in July/August.
4) Why if you were not involved are two of your mobile telephone numbers in the editorial and contact sections of the fanzines?
As of now, I have still received no answers to these questions and the complainants involved have received no reasonable explanation for the evidence linking him to 67Fanzine. In fact myself and Joe were threatened with legal action should we go public with this information.

It was never my intention to publicly go down this route. I had only ever wished people receive money due to them and initially thought Andy Muirhead could put me in touch with those responsible as it was clear he had dealings with these two people. It seems strange to me that a man who is prepared to set up a paypal account, e-mail account and website (which continues to be paid on a monthly basis and which he/Scotzine legally owns) would have no way of contacting the people he was doing this for apart from the e-mail address he set up for them. This isn't an attack on Andy Muirhead or Scotzine, it's just an attempt to get to the bottom of Celtic fans' lost money. The Paypal account appears to be is in his name and his personal phone numbers are on the publication. The last known contact Joe had with the fanzine was through, what appears to be, his number last week. It may be that nothing the circumstantial evidence points to is true. I'm sure if Andy could answer these questions the matter could be cleared up, but he has avoided them. If Andy Lamont or Padraig Fitzgerald come forward then maybe they can deal with questions too. The amounts due to Joe and Stephen may be small but there's no way to tell how many people have ordered issues and not received them. I do not think it's ever been anyone's intention be it Andy Lamont, Padraig Fitzgerald or Andy Muirhead, to rip Celtic fans off. However, the 67Fanzine website is still online and the 'Donations' and 'Subscriptions' services are still running and accepting money through Paypal. I feel like I have to present this information to the online Celtic community and the online Scottish football blogging community as a whole because of this. There are only questions, no accusations... but they remain unanswered. 


Not forgetting the graphic designer he bumped off:



A graphic artist who did some work for Muirhead left the following message on a blog last September:

“Iwan Nazif said...

Hi Mike,

I got this blog from <No links to this website allowed>/staff. Sorry, this is nothing to do with your posting..but I need your help to get payment for a caricature that I had made for scotzine in May 2009. Your collegaue, Andrew Muirhead, hasn't paid me for that, instead he kept saying that he ran out of budget.

Once again, sorry to disturb your blog with this kind of request. I'm just almost desperate to find a way to get my money.

I just sent an email to mail@<No links to this website allowed> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and put all the details there. If you have access to the email, please do so and go through my email.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

7 September 2009 16:40 



...and more recently:




The Truth about Andy Muirhead of Scotzine

Many will remember when Muirhead's name appeared in The Gazette and his reaction to this paticular notice. People immediately pointed out to Muirhead that his name was mentioned and certainly not with anything with honour.

Muirhead's immediate reaction was to deny that the person mentioned was not him. In fact for two full days he denied that the Andrew Muirhead of 118 Crossmill Avenue, Barrhead, Glasgow (his previous address) was not him. In fact his denials were and became very vehement. In fact if you did not know this serial liar you would have believed that this was in fact an innocent man defending his integrity.

But most people know that Muirhead is a consistent liar, despite his claims that he only likes to deal in facts, and when confronted with a fact he actually denied the fact. While Muirhead was in the process of completely denying the truth, unknown to him some were already in possession of the truth. You see his wife was also named in the same Gazette and everybody knew that an Andrew and Lisa Muirhead was just to much of a coincidence not to be the intrepid ''journalast''

Here was the better half of Andrew Muirhead mentioned in The Gazette https://m.thegazette.co.uk/notice/E-27175-80

Despite this fact, Muirhead continued to deny that what was being claimed about his creditors was nothing but ''lies and smears''. 

Muirhead had entered into a Protected Trust Deed. Here is a definition of a Protected Trust Deedhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protected_trust_deed

Now I can tell you that The intrepid journalist entered into this Protected Trust Deed on the 12/11/2012.

Now the representatives for Muirhead in this trust were Iain C Forsyth CA from

Carrington Dean
Full Address
135 Buchanan Street, GLASGOW, G1 2JA

So far these are what Muirhead likes to describe the facts. But let me tell you a little bit more at this point. I confronted Muirhead on numerous occasions about what exactly this Protected Trust Deed consisted of. In fact I quoted him the amounts and what was included and Muirhead reacted with fury threatening that I would hear from his solicitor as he believed that I had broken the Data Protection Act. How that information was obtained will forever remain a secret and Muirhead will never know that information. 

The total amount of the Protected Trust deed that Muirhead entered into was £8540.00.

That amount included unpaid tax and he was also paid to much state benefit which he did not pay back. And also included was a quick quid loan of £750. 

Muirhead did pay his solicitor costs which amounted to £1250 and that was the last thing this intrepid journalist with no integrity paid.

Now what was agreed in the Protected Trust to repay his creditors was the sum of £150 per month. Muirhead failed to pay this. His creditors then agreed to reduce this sum to £100 per month and Muirhead again broke this arrangement and failed to repay his overpaid state benefits and tax and quick quid loans debts.

Finally his creditors sickened by his behaviour and even Mr Forsyth who was patiently acting on Muirhead's behalf lost patience and decided enough was enough. 

The Protected Trust Deed was broken and the creditors and Mr Forsyth knew that he had no intention of paying anything back. So what we had was this below


If you open this document up you will see Muirhead named. You will also see the date the Trust was set up which was 12/11/2012.

You will see another date. This is Trustee Discharge Date 18/06/2014. (Discharged only because it was broken by Muirhead and was no longer valid because agreement broken)

What you wont see is any date next to Debtor Discharge Date. This is because Muirhead broke that agreement and arrangement. 

Now all the above are facts and the truth right down to very amounts Muirhead owed his creditors and the agreed monthly arrangement.

What I find remarkable is the fact that included in the amounts was tax and state benefits from a man who constantly berets Rangers fans about such things.

Now if all the above is not the case I expect Muirhead to produce ''facts'' that he did not break his Trust Deed and that it did not consist of state benefits and tax. I also hear that charges are being added by his creditors and they are now looking Mr Muirhead no longer protected by the Protected Trust Deed.



Todays word is Schadenfreude :)

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