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Torbett in tomorrows Sun


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Deluded Celtic Boys’ Club sex beast Jim Torbett breaks his 18-year silence but STILL won’t admit abusing kids including ex-Scotland star Alan Brazil

The depraved monster has rarely ventured outside his home after he was jailed in 1998 for appalling sex attacks on trusting starlets



7th December 2016, 10:40 pm

SHAMELESS paedophile Jim Torbett denied abusing three Celtic Boys Club kids despite a mountain of damning evidence and said: “I had nothing to do with that.”

The depraved monster has rarely ventured outside his home after he was jailed in 1998 for appalling sex attacks on trusting starlets at the club he founded.

Beast Torbett still refuses to own up to crimes

But nearly two decades on from his conviction the reclusive sicko pathetically STILL refuses to take responsibility for destroying the lives of young players in his care — including ex-Scotland striker Alan Brazil, 57.

Speaking outside his £200,000 home in Kelvindale, Glasgow, yesterday Torbett whined: “I’ve had a hard time of it recently. I pleaded not guilty at the time and I’m still not guilty.”

As he strolled towards his flash Mercedes, the vile predator, 69, said of Brazil: “He wasn’t in my football team at all. I said that in court.

“He’s assuming one way or another. That’s up to him but I never had anything to do with that.”

And when asked point blank if any boys suffered at his hands, he replied: “I pled not guilty in court and I stick to that.”

The Scottish Sun has published harrowing extracts from former Spurs and Man Utd legend Brazil’s autobiography where he bravely recounts horrific abuse he suffered.

The dad of three, now a TalkSPORT presenter, helped nail evil Torbett, millionaire founder of the Boys Club, at his trial in 1998.

His allegations were heard at Glasgow Sheriff Court before Torbett was found guilty of shameless and indecent conduct against him and two other juvenile players between October 1967 and March 1974.

The fiend would take kids for burgers after footie training, offer lifts in his car, invite groups of boys to his home and give them ice creams — then attack them.

Brazil told how Torbett assaulted him at his flat when he was 13. He said: “He found me on the sofa on my own in the lounge.

“I was bored and wanted to go home. He sat much closer than was comfortable and without warning put his hand between my legs. I froze.

“He started kissing my head and trying to touch the outside of my trousers, but I was wriggling away.

“I remember his horrible swollen face next to mine. He was smiling. He thought this was fun. I was frightened and very confused.”

Brazil escaped but is so haunted by the attack he vowed to kill Torbett if he ever sees him again.

He said: “It scarred me for decades and may have prevented me from playing for the team I had loved all my life, Celtic.”

Torbett claimed at the 1998 trial the accusations were false — but a jury didn’t believe him.

He said: “Anything I did all these years ago was always in the best interests and welfare of the kids.”

But Sheriff Margaret Gimblett said when he was handed a two-year sentence: “You have brought anguish and shame to one of the greatest football clubs, never mind the stress and anxiety to friends and family, including your own.

“Parents trusted you with their children who were football mad with stars in their eyes.

“Things were different 25 years ago, people didn’t talk about sex, and boys of the ages of 12, 13 and 14 years old were children. You knew that and betrayed that trust.”

Shocking claims of abuse in Scotland have emerged since former Crewe defender Andy Woodward and ex-Spurs and Liverpool forward Paul Stewart bravely went public with their experiences of being targeted as young players.

Last night Partick Thistle revealed they sacked former physio John Hart in 1992 when a youngster made allegations against him.

And yesterday it emerged former Celtic, Hibs and Falkirk kitman Jim McCafferty, 71, handed himself in to cops in Belfast over claims he abused young boys over two decades.

Last week, Rangers revealed they axed youth coach Gordon Neely in 1990 over alleged inappropriate behaviour towards a teenager.

That triggered more revelations including our story about former Hutchison Vale boys’ club player Colin Anderson, 49, who says Neely raped him aged 13.

That prompted another ex-youth player to reveal Neely, who died two years ago aged 62, groped him in a car during two years of escalating abuse in 1980s.




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It's the funny the difference in us to our American cousins 

Sandusky got a minimum of 30 years and torbett got 30 months 

Penn state stripped of everything won during the time and fined 60 million dollars and Celtic got not even a slap on the wrist 

the yanks also went after every member of staff who Knew but did nothing


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So, he claims his innocence but only comes out and says it when the media is on the story. 

Claimed his innocence at trial... let the whole thing die down, lived his  life... then has to speak up now. 


If I was accused of doing something, and I knew I was innocent, I'd be stating this every day and fighting my corner. 

Of course, if I was guilty, I would hide away and hope it all died down...

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9 minutes ago, K.A.I said:

Plush home at Kelvinside

Plush motor 

Still old but young enough to have a good bit of life left and in luxury.

Life really isn't fair at all. 

Would love to do some forensic accounting as I bet some hush money will have been paid to him by some bank in Panama.

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Just now, Gaz52 said:

Would be a shame if someone spotted him in Kelvinside and broke his kneecaps the dirty papish beast

Doubt it now, he's lived there for years and fuck all been done to him.

He probably doesn't wander around himself or go out much at all I'd imagine.

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With regards to Neely, as well as sacking him did Rangers  not do the right thing and report him to the police.

Is this too difficult for the reporter to understand and comment upon.  As the last paragraph  of the article the reader (not familiar with events) will  form the opinion that Rangers are as tainted as that lot.

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