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Its clear he is becoming a real favourite amongst us and its clear to see why, his physical style and hard working attitude is just what we like at this club. I have to admit though, I wish he would stamp out the play-acting and constant over-reacting. The Hearts player quite rightly got a hounding of us for feigning injury then getting straight up and running with the ball but Garner has been guilty of this.

This hard-man image were creating is all good, but you wouldn't get Souness, Hurlock or even Ferguson running into an opponent and lying waiting for foul.

Its never something we've liked as a support so hope he can get rid of it.

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Just now, ready1873 said:

Its clear he is becoming a real favourite amongst us and its clear to see why, his physical style and hard working attitude is just what we like at this club

It's actually because we're afraid of what'll happen if we don't like him. 

Garner is a scary, scary motherfucker 

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He's shown his worth with his style of play. I said all along we had to adapt to make the most of his strengths. We now have.

I think he's settled, happier now with how we play, and growing in confidence. I'm pretty sure goals will soon come at a decent rate.

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Nah, I've still yet to see anything to indicate he will score much. He fails to connect with much of what we put in the box and it seems like he's just poor at his timing. Same with a lot of headers.

To be fair on him though he's not really had many chances from in front of goal because there is always so many bodies in the way. He is useful too in pulling defenders around and gets them irritated with his rough house tactics. Probably gets other players fired up which has often been lacking this season.

No doubt he'll do well in this league when we get stronger but I doubt he'd do so well in big games against good European sides or maybe even the unwashed because he's not like a Miller when he was younger. He'll just become isolated or too deep to be effective. He still looks more like a poacher to me who would be best suited to having a partner near him.   

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JOE Garner is reaping the rewards of Rangers' more direct approach, says former Ibrox striker John MacDonald

IT was an Ibrox roar of appreciation rather than celebration. Joe Garner didn’t find the net against Hearts, but he is working his way into the affections of Rangers supporters.

As he trudged off after another tireless shift at the head of the Light Blues attack, the home crowd rose to their feet to applaud him from the park.

Garner has come in for some criticism since his £1.8million move from Preston North End but his work ethic and commitment have never been in question.

He may not have scored against Aberdeen or the Jambos but he has certainly played his part in helping Mark Warburton’s side to two crucial Premiership wins.

The more direct approach utilised by Warburton in the last fortnight has played to Garner’s strengths; his bustling, all-action style summing up a shift from Rangers that has been at the heart of their back-to-back triumphs.

Three goals in 15 appearances in Light Blue isn’t the kind of return that many had expected but former Ibrox forward John MacDonald has been impressed with Garner’s contribution to the cause.

“I have been watching Garner since he came to Rangers and he is not playing any differently now to what he was at first,” he said.

“But now he is getting players round about him supporting him. He was winning balls before and there was nobody there to pick up the pieces.

“Now he is winning them and there are people there to get on the end of them. It is working for Rangers now.

“He got applauded off on Saturday and it was maybe a shock for him that he got that reaction from the fans.

“He has always had that effort and that work rate and the fans appreciate that. He works hard for the team.

“We have got two results against Aberdeen and Hearts and he has been a big part of it.

“He might not be scoring goals but for a guy that is smaller than I am, he is very good in the air.

“As long as he is doing his job for the team, I don’t think the manager will mind that he isn’t scoring every week.

“If the team is winning, I don’t see him changing the side too much. The manager made five changes for the Aberdeen game and got the response from the loss at Hearts.

“I think he will stick by the same team and hopefully we can get into a rhythm now and put a few results together.”

Garner may have taken the acclaim from the Ibrox crowd but the 28-year-old was not the only star performer for Warburton’s side as they clinched a deserved win.

It was Rob Kiernan and Barrie McKay that found ways through the Hearts defensive line as Ian Cathro’s Jambos bow ended in defeat.

Victory moved Rangers four points clear of Aberdeen in the race to be best of the rest this term and the coming weeks provide them with a chance to build some top flight momentum.

MacDonald said: “It was very difficult to choose a man of the match on Saturday because there wasn’t a bad performance in the team. Everyone played well and hopefully this is the turnaround that we need.

“The last two games have been magnificent. I don’t know what the manager has said to them but it seems to have worked.

“It is a test on Friday night. We have beaten Aberdeen and Hearts and now we need to go away to Hamilton and get another result, and we have got the game away to St Johnstone coming up as well.

“If we could take nine points from the next three games we will be going into the Celtic match with a lot of confidence.”

The Hogmanay Old Firm showdown is already looming large on the horizon for Rangers but there are important hurdles that must be overcome before Celtic visit Ibrox for the first time in four years.

A lacklustre start to the campaign ensured that there would be no title challenge from Warburton’s side this term as their ambitions had to be altered.

The wins over Aberdeen and Hearts are steps in the right direction and now MacDonald hopes they can stride forward in the coming weeks and months.

MacDonald said: “It has taken us a bit of time to get used to the Premiership and the way that teams play against us compared to last year.

“Some people maybe expected too much but I always thought that if Rangers could finish second this year that would be a great achievement.

“It is about progress and then next year we can build again once the boys have gelled together and the manager has brought more players in

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Then again... Maybe it's not about Joe scoring goals.. but holding up play.. flick ons that create chances... Why do CBs come up for corners?  Because they are suddenly goal scorers?  No.  It's about creating issues in the box.. where chances are created.

Joe is playing that role.  Stop thinking he will score score +20 goals per season.  He is making a massive difference by being the out ball we have sorely lacked.  (tu)

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He gives us an outlet that we've not really had in a long time and have so desperately needed. He adds physicality, aerial ability, tenacity, endeavour and fight. However, I think a lot of that and his general rambunctious style of play actually overlooks the fact that he can also play IMO. He can hold it up, he can link it up, he can spread the play, he can pick a pass, he has vision and he makes good runs. Also he is a very selfless player. Everything he does is to the benefit of the team and it's no surprise that 2 of our best performances have come with Garner leading the line where he creates space, provides an outlet and different dimension to our attack that brings out the best in others. Obviously the gaffer and rest of the team deserve credit but he makes a key difference IMO. He's an absolute menace that defenders must have nightmares about. Fuck having to mark Garner! The only thing, right now, that seems to be missing is that clinical edge in front of goal. I do think that will come though.

New Years Eve, Ibrox, 4-0, 90th minute, would love to see Garner giving it a bit of this!


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27 minutes ago, delamonty said:

Then again... Maybe it's not about Joe scoring goals.. but holding up play.. flick ons that create chances... Why do CBs come up for corners?  Because they are suddenly goal scorers?  No.  It's about creating issues in the box.. where chances are created.

Joe is playing that role.  Stop thinking he will score score +20 goals per season.  He is making a massive difference by being the out ball we have sorely lacked.  (tu)

Stop talking so much sense ya bampot:pipe: The banning hammer will be out for you shortly if you keep this up.:p20:

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A few quotes from Garner from the weekend...........

On his battle with defenders, Garner said: “I don’t mind it. I will give as much as I get and look forward to it.

“But we have some really talented footballers there. I try and bring something a little bit different to the team and hopefully let the young lads run riot.

“You see the likes of Barrie McKay, Jason Holt and Josh Windass, when he’s playing. They are very good footballers and if I can help then I will.

“If there is anything I can do to help the lads then I will.

“I appreciated the ovation as I was coming off, but the three points were massive as well.

“Obviously, I’ve worked hard and the lads picked up the three points, which is the main thing.

“I’d love to have scored a couple of goals, but if I keep working hard I’m sure they’ll come.

“We played Hearts away and they tried to make it a physical game. I think we matched them here.

“But we’re a good side, we’ve got some good footballers, some very good young players.

“I thought Baz was exceptional on the wing and we stood up to them. We deserved the points.”

Garner made light of his now regular chats with Scotland’s referees.

He said: “It’s a tough job for refs. I’ve a good relationship with most of them. I keep seeing them most weeks and we have a bit of a laugh and a joke.”

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13 minutes ago, born a blue nose said:

Joe Garner will never have attack, his heart isn't foolish enough to attack him.

I once saw Joe Garner headbutt a giraffe

Aye but the Giraffe got it's head caught in its parachute and didn't think Garner could jump so high :thumbup:

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