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Memories of Porto


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Was at the game in Porto when we lost one nil in 1983.

Bus from Glasgow to Porto, we got stopped at the border in the north of Spain as it was literally closed for the night, few of us got bored so wandered across the bridge separating the countries, was all going well until one lad (drink may have been taken) saw a Portugese border guard asleep in a wee glass sentry box and thought it would be funny to slap the window.  Guy went berserk and there were suddenly a dozen pissed of Portuguese border guards piling out an office - we got unceremoniously marched back to Spain and handed over to the authorities for a proper blocking!

Game was almost as bad. Penned in a corner terrace with the overhang of a stand to one side. Guy was selling coffee from a big metal samovar on hs back, and the folk were buying it just to throw on us. Spent the full ninety dodging coins being chucked at us and hot coffee raining down. Post game they let half of us out and the rest were held back - when the gate reopened we found everyone penned back against ithe gate.  Looked up this long alley and there were hundreds of Porto fans waiting on waste ground. Scary as fuck, and then a big lad at the front just said we have to charge them - which didn't seem like the best idea at the time - but everyone takes of up this alley screaming and thankfully the fuckers turned and  ran away so we could get back to the buses.

Think only Dublin was worse for me in terms of trouble, have hated them ever since (well maybe apart from one night in 2003), so really hope we can do the fuckers!!

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